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Chapter 184: Jordan Is Just A Safety Blanket!!

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Victoria cleaned up in the restroom and soon returned to the private room.

After getting a clear idea about the relationship between Victoria and Russell, Cayden didnt ask any more questions and found an excuse to go to the restroom again.

When he reached the restroom, Cayden dialed Haileys phone number.

“Hello, Honey, what you are doing Have you had dinner yet You really should have come with me to this dinner today.”

Cayden showed Hailey lots of concern.

Hailey was still furious now and had yet to forgive him.

She said coldly, “Im not going to go with you, lest I hinder you from getting intimate with that celebrity.”

Cayden frantically said, “Darling, I really havent contacted any more celebrities, and I promise I wont do it again.”

Hailey humphed coldly and said, “Suit yourself.

I cant control you anyway.

Im hanging up.”

“No, no, no, dont hang up first, Honey.” I have something to tell you about your ex-husbands girlfriend, Victoria Clarke.”

“Victoria What happened to her”

As soon as Victorias name was mentioned, Haileys cold and indifferent tone immediately became serious.

She was from Orlando, so she hadnt been paying any attention to these people from New York City.

However, Victoria had something to do with her.

Victoria had slapped Hailey before and even got together with her former husband.

The two were absolute arch enemies.

Cayden chuckled and said, “That bitch Victoria seems to be all highly mighty on the surface, but it turns out that she had actually once been a mistress and a kept woman for three years!”

Hailey also perked up after hearing this.

“She was a kept woman No way! She doesnt look like a girl who would be a kept woman but a strong woman who would have a boy toy instead.”

Cayden laughed and said, “How can that be false She was the mistress of Russell Miller, the richest man of Houston who is also my grandfathers sworn brother! I was having dinner with him and Victoria, and Russell just told me himself!”

Hailey also learned about Russell just an hour ago.

Just now, Cayden invited Hailey to have dinner with Russell, the richest man in Houston.

However, Hailey was not willing to go out with Cayden.

The fact that he was cheating on his wife was known to everyone, so going out with him would mean forgiving him completely, and that would make her look cheap!

Hailey was utterly stunned, and she asked, “Your grandfathers sworn brother Doesnt that mean that this Russell is in his seventies Oh my God, Victoria Clarke really doesnt have a bottom line at all.

She actually got involved with such an old man who has one foot in the coffin What can a man in his seventies do She ought to have made better choices.”

Cayden explained, “No, no, Russell is not that old.

Hes only in his fifties.

I usually address him as Uncle Russell.”

“Oh, I got a great shock.

Id be disgusted if Victoria Clarke has really slept with an old man in his seventies for three years.

Well but, fifty-something is pretty old too!”

40 years old was the age limit of men that Hailey could accept.

In fact, it was the same for Victoria.

Russell made Victoria his mistress when he was in his forties, and at that time, he still exuded a mature charm.

“By the way, why are you guys dining together” Hailey asked curiously.

Cayden answered, “Remember how Ive been boycotting Victoria previously and making sure that she cant get a job anywhere She had no choice but to turn to her old flame for help.

They intend to talk things over today so that I will no longer target Victoria and Jordan again.”

“Honey, lets not mess with Victoria again in the future.

Shes really not simple.

Russell just said that he wants to marry her!”

“Russell is a big shot that my grandfather admires.

There not many people of his age in the country who have as much money as him.”

Hailey was surprised, and she asked, “You said Russell wants to marry Victoria What about Jordan then”

Cayden laughed and said, “Victoria will definitely dump Jordan Steele! Shes such a scheming woman.

How can she settle for a penniless man Even a fool would know who to choose between a courier delivery man and a big shot whos worth billions!”

“Victoria drank a lot today, and she kept chugging white wine.

I reckon that she wont be returning to Jade Villa tonight.

Haha, poor Jordan is going to be made a cuckold again.


Jordan had crippled two of Caydens fingers, so of course, he was glad to see Jordans girlfriend doing such a thing.

However, Hailey was furious to hear his words.

“What are you laughing at Didnt you also cheat on me!!”

“Uh… Honey, why are you raking up this matter again”

Cayden was helpless.

Hailey said, “Okay, Im not going to talk to you anymore.

Make that bitch Victoria drink a few more glasses of wine.

Follow her after dinner and check out where shes headed to.

Tell me in advance whether or not shes coming home.”

“Yes, Honey, I will complete the task!”

Cayden chuckled.

After hanging up the phone, Hailey started back and forth in the villa angrily.

She wasnt gloating or making fun of Jordan and Victoria, but she was enraged.

“Very well, Victoria Clarke, your level is really higher than mine.

Its no wonder Grandma keeps saying that I should learn from you.

I really need to acknowledge you as my teacher!”

“You coaxed my ex-husband and pretended to like him on.

On the other hand, you got engaged to a multi-billionaire!”

“Why do you deserve to have both Jordan and a multi-billionaire!! These should all belong to me!”

Hailey began to yell hysterically.

Haileys plan was to enjoy Jordan as a handsome, young, devoted, caring safety blanket and use him as a backup while finding herself a rich husband.

However, Victoria snatched Jordan away.

Hailey would be fine with it if she really loved Jordan, but she did not expect Victoria to be toying with Jordan!

“A cheap woman like you is not worthy of toying with my husband!”

Although Hailey had cheated on Jordan, she still liked him after marrying him for three years.

Hence, she couldnt watch Jordan being cheated on like this.

So, Hailey immediately changed into an innocent-looking outfit, which was Jordans favorite, and then scurried to the villa next door, where she knocked vigorously on the door.

“Jordan! Jordan! Im Hailey.

Open the door!”

Jordan frowned, came to the door, and looked at Hailey through the monitor.

Indeed, Jordan liked her outfit, and looking at her on the screen made him feel like he had gone back in time.

However, Jordan did not open the door for her.

“What is she doing here and looking for me for Could it be that she regrets and misses me again Hmph, if she had known, why do it in the first place!!”

To his surprise, Hailey gave him a video call when she realized that he wasnt answering the door.

Hailey heard the ringing of Jordans phone through the door.

“Jordan, I know youre in there.

Quickly open up!”

Hailey ordered.

Jordan had no choice but to open the door, but his attitude was still cold and indifferent.


Huxley, its not appropriate for you to come to my place at this late hour, is it Victoria and I are already getting ready to go to bed.”

Hailey still looked as beautiful as ever, and she said in a cold voice, “Psht, who are you fooling Victoria is really going to sleep, but not with you!”


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