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Chapter 186: Revenge!

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Dumbfounded, Jordan looked at Hailey with his eyes and mouth wide open.

Of course, he understood what Hailey meant.

Hailey had always been spoiled rotten.

Even after marrying into the wealthy and powerful Huxley family, she was still as arrogant as ever.

She would never be able to tolerate Cayden having extramarital affairs with celebrities while being married to her.

Hence, Hailey wanted to take revenge!

At this moment, she felt that Jordan also needed to take revenge on Victoria!

The two of them were a married couple in the first place, so what happened next was just a matter of course.

It was nothing strange!

However, Jordan let go of Haileys hand and said, “No, I cant do that.

Victoria might have just encountered a sudden mishap, or her phone is just out of battery.”

“She wont betray me!”

Hailey was furious, and she raised her fair and tender hand to give Jordan a light smack on the shoulder.

“Why are you so silly!! Shes gone to look for her old flame.

How could her old flame help her without getting anything in return”

“Cayden and that old man poured Victoria a lot of wine.

Shes probably drunk now, and that old man has probably carried her to the hotel room!”

Hearing what Hailey said, Jordan clenched his fist while his face became flushed.

The thought of that scene made him feel devastated!

He really wanted to question Victoria and ask her why she wanted to go and beg her old flame and why she couldnt just wait for a couple more days!

Soon, Jordans fourth sister would come to New York City to take over as the CEO of Perry Express.

When she does, Victoria would be able to start working at Perry Express and be promoted to the CEO position in a short period!

Hailey was bent on getting revenge on Cayden, but she didnt have a suitable candidate except for Jordan.

Hence, Hailey continued to spite Jordan.

“Jordan, youre just so kind.

Thats why youre being bullied by women, do you know Victoria Clarke is just toying with you.

Do you know why she asked you to be her boyfriend Its all because youre too kind!”

“Ive betrayed you, but you can still forgive me.

Women just adore men like you!”

“She decided to woo you because of your excellent personality!”

Jordan was enraged.

“Shut up! I forgave you at that time because you were lying to me, and I thought that nothing happened between you and Tyler!”

Hailey was not guilty or ashamed at all.

“Youre so gullible when it comes to women.

Of course, Id lie to you!”

“How dare you date a 30-year-old woman like Victoria Clarke Youre just going to get toyed with by her!”

Both of them were infuriated.

After a few moments of silence, Hailey continued, “Oh, I get it.

Its not that you dont want to take revenge on Victoria, but youre just afraid of my husband, arent you”

“Oh, why would I be afraid of Cayden” Jordan chuckled.

Hailey had no idea what Jordan had done to her husband at all!

Jordan was the cause of Caydens infertility, but of course, there was no need to let Hailey know about this matter for the time being.

Hailey said, “If youre not afraid, what is the reason Do you remember when we were still married, and you beat Cayden up into a pulp, which caused him to end up hospitalized Do you remember how I used to dress up bright early in the morning every day and go to the hospital to beg him for mercy”

“And Im not afraid to tell you that he and I would get intimate in the ward every single time I visited him.

He didnt give a hoot that I was your wife!”

“Now that Im Caydens wife, dont you want to take revenge on him”

Jordan was infuriated, and he immediately recalled that morning where Hailey put on a pretty, low-cut dress and spent more than half an hour doing her makeup before going to the hospital to see Cayden!

‘This cheap bitch Hailey!!

She was now wearing an ethereal, white-colored dress which made her look like a pure and noble goddess.

Jordan had anger written all over his face, and he really wanted to rip off Haileys pretentiously innocent facade!

“You dont deserve to wear such a pure dress!”

Jordan was about to rip off Haileys dress, and he even wanted to throw dirty water on it!

Haileys love for her clothes was as great as the lover pet lovers had for their pets.

She frantically retreated, only to trip and fall.

Seeing that Hailey was about to fall, Jordan began to get a little worried about the safety of the fetus she was carrying and quickly reached out to hold her.

He propped himself up against the ground with his right hand, and fortunately, she didnt fall.

Jordan closed his eyes and breathed a sigh of relief.

Things would get really troublesome if she were to fall and hurt the fetus.

At this moment, Hailey, who was bent on taking revenge on Cayden, took the opportunity to give Jordan a few quick kisses.

Jordan thought about Victorias current situation and didnt utter a single word about it.

However, he didnt let Hailey continue.

Soon, he supported himself against the ground with his right hand and helped Hailey up.

After Hailey got up, she was much more satisfied and stopped pestering Jordan.

Instead, she wandered around Jordan and Victorias home.

“The decor in here is not bad.

How much did you buy this villa for”

Holding the glass of water in hand and sipping on some water leisurely, Hailey scanned her surroundings in the living room.

She was totally behaving like she was the mistress of this house.

Jordan didnt answer her and simply said, “Its late.

You should go.”

With a satisfied smile on her face, she put down her glass of water and said, “I dont need you to chase me out.

I can leave on my own.”

Jordan suddenly called out to her again, “Hey…”

“I hope you wont say a word to others about what just happened.”

With a smile on her face, Hailey said, “Dont worry, I just want to take revenge on Cayden.

Hes treating me really well now, and hes very apologetic.

Even if you want to woo me again, there is no way I will divorce Cayden.”

“Thats good.”

Jordan also hoped that it was really the case because he no longer wanted to have an emotional involvement with Hailey.

“Im leaving.

Ill come to look for you another day.”

Hailey left in satisfaction.

Hailey had turned from an innocent college student to a woman who derived pleasure from cheating on her husband.

Jordan was in no place to criticize Hailey either.

“Im gradually going to become the type of person that I hate the most!”

Jordan felt that his mentality had also changed.

If it werent for Haileys pregnancy, he might not have been able to resist his urges!

This is just what the world is like!

Regardless of gender, humans tend to become eviler and eviler and lose their moral bottom line as they age!

At 10:30 pm, Victoria returned to the villa, reeking of alcohol.


Victoria had obviously drunk a lot of wine, but she was still quite clearheaded.

Besides, she wasnt walking on an unsteady gait either, and she could still maintain her balance.

“Im back.”

Jordan didnt act too paranoid either, perhaps because he had also done something that would let Victoria down.

He vaguely felt that they would be breaking up tonight!

“Uh, Im going to take a shower.

Can you make me some tea for my hangover I have something to say to you.”

Victoria said in a gentle voice.

Jordan sized up Victoria while countless messy thoughts ran through his mind.

For example, he wondered if her clothes had stayed on her body for the past few hours.


Jordan went to the kitchen and made Victoria some ginger lemon tea to cure her hangover.

Victoria had just returned from the bathroom after taking a shower, which really made her feel much more refreshed.

After drinking the tea, the effects of alcohol seemed to have worn off.

On the other hand, Jordan had been remaining seated on the couch and waiting for Victoria to give him an explanation.

Previously, Hailey told Jordan to get ready to get dumped by Victoria because the latter would reconcile with that old man, her old flame.

Jordan was in an extremely complicated mood because he didnt know if Victoria would initiate a break-up.

Both of them had done wrong to each other.

He didnt want to break up with Victoria!

At this moment, he finally realized that he had already completely forgotten about Hailey and had fallen for Victoria instead!

“Honey, let me tell you something but dont be upset, okay”

Victoria sat next to Jordan in her pajamas, and the fragrant scent of her shampoo wafted up to his nose.

Jordan nodded.

Victoria said, “Do you still remember what I told you about me being the mistress of a man in Houston for three years”

“I met him today.”


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