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Chapter 187: Victoria Didnt Betray Him!

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Inside the living room of the luxurious villa, there was complete silence except for the sounds made by the fully automatic robot vacuum that was scooting around aimlessly.

Victorias words verified the information that Hailey had given him—Victoria was indeed with her old flame just now.

According to Hailey, Victoria would choose to dump Jordan and marry that old flame of hers.

Just as she promised, Victoria was not a woman who would cheat on her significant other and then hide it from him like Hailey did.

If she had really done something wrong to Jordan, she would have taken it upon herself to admit it and initiate a breakup.

Understanding Victorias character well, Jordan guessed that the next thing Victoria would do was apologize, come clean that she had cheated, and initiate a breakup!

Jordan had initially already thought about how to respond.

He would accept everything calmly and agree to the breakup.

After Victoria breaks up with him, he would show her his true capabilities and point at the office tower of Perry Express while saying to her, “That was initially meant for you!”

He would make her regret breaking up with him and put her through what Hailey had once experienced.

However, at this moment, he could not stay composed.

Although he had just spent a crazy 30 minutes in the bedroom with his gorgeous ex-wife Hailey, he did not have the slightest emotional attachment to Hailey now.

Hailey could no longer occupy a place in Jordans heart because Victoria had taken her place!

Jordan had utterly fallen in love with Victoria, who was a few years older than him.

In this instant, Jordan recalled countless images of the two of them in the past.

When Victoria first saw Jordan, she knelt down in front of him in horror.

When Jordan stepped down as president of Ace Corporation, Victoria wept as she couldnt bear to see him go.

When he ended up in the police station for beating someone, Victoria went around getting help for him using her connections as if she were his wife.

After coming to New York City, Victoria bought a villa and told Jordan she would provide for him.

Jordan didnt want to lose such a good girlfriend!

“Him and I…” Victoria said slowly.

However, Jordan did not let her finish and simply pulled her into his arms!

Victoria, who was wearing a nightgown that accentuated her figure, was so cold that she shivered.

Jordan hugged Victoria tightly and first spoke emotionally.

“Dont tell me.

I dont want to hear what happened between you and him.”

“Victoria, dont leave me.

I can give you what that man can.

Ive finally fallen in love with you, and I dont want to lose you like this…”

It was the first time that Jordan had ever pleaded with Victoria so earnestly.

Victoria was stupefied because she didnt know why Jordan would say that.

Jordan clearly meant that even if something had happened between her and Russell just now, he didnt want to know a single thing about it because it didnt matter to him!

Just wanted to continue being in a relationship with Victoria!

“Oh my God…”

Victoria was moved to tears after figuring out what Jordan meant because she didnt expect Jordan to love her so much too!

Victoria smiled and teared up.

“Silly, what nonsense are you spouting Why would I leave you, honey”

Jordan moved his body back and looked at Victoria.

he asked, “Arent you going to initiate a breakup with me”

Victoria was once again caught between laughter and tears.

“Why would I break up with you I love you so much, and it was so difficult for me to woo you.

How could I break up with you”

“But you and that man…” Jordan was a little confused.

‘Could it be that Haileys claim that Victoria is going to dump me isnt true

‘Could it be that Victoria is not really going to marry Russell too

Victoria explained, “Heres what happened.

I happened to run into him after leaving the bookstore yesterday.

He heard about me being targeted by the Huxleys in New York City, and it happens that he and Arthur are sworn brothers who share a very close relationship.

So, he specially came to New York City to help me make peace with the Huxleys.”

“I just had dinner with him just now, and the Huxleys and Cayden have promised that he wont make things hard for us again.”

“Jordan, I know that I should discuss this matter with you first.

After all, that man is my ex-lover, and you must feel uncomfortable about having him help me.”

“However, at the moment, hes the only one who can solve our problems.

The Huxleys are so powerful, Im perturbed that something might happen to you in New York City…”

Victorias worries were definitely not uncalled for.

If Cayden told his father and grandfather about his infertility, Jordan would probably have to experience at least three assassinations on his way to work every day!

Jordan asked, “Did he take the initiative to look for you You didnt go and beg him”

That was different from what Hailey said.

Victoria said, “How could I have gone to beg him Wouldnt that make you upset I said that I dont care even if I have to end up begging on the streets with you in New York City!”

Jordan finally felt a lot less sad.

It turned out that Russell was the one who had taken the initiative to contact Victoria!

Victoria did not take the initiative to do anything!

“Why didnt you answer my call just now then When I tried to call you again, you switched off your cell phone.

What… were you doing at that time”

Jordan asked straightforwardly.

Victoria said, “Did you call me I didnt know.

My cell phone had been on the table the entire time, and I didnt even know it was switched off.

I thought it was out of battery.”

“Oh, I see, it could have been Cayden! He keeps coming up to me and giving me a toast.”

“Honey, believe me, Ive just been at a dinner, and we werent the only ones there.

There were also people like Arthur, Shane, and Cayden Huxley.

I swear to God that I didnt do anything except eat with him!”

Victoria lifted the finger of her right hand.

Jordan grabbed her slender outstretched finger with a smile on his face and said, “I believe you.”

Jordan knew that Victoria would never betray him, unlike Hailey!

After the truth came to light, Jordan was elated!

However, after being happy, Jordan was overwhelmed with a sense of guilt!

Reason being Hailey took advantage and secretly kissed Jordan a few times when he was helping her up.

Fortunately, Hailey was two months pregnant, and intercourse would result in a high risk of miscarriage.

Hence, Hailey restrained herself.

That was probably the only thing Jordan felt fortunate about.

If Hailey was not pregnant, it was hard to guarantee what would have happened just now.

Jordan thought about the matter between him and Hailey just now, but he chose not to tell Victoria about it.

His feelings for Victoria were the same, and telling her about it would only make her miserable!

Jordan swore that he would definitely make it up to Victoria.

Jordan recovered from his senses and asked, “You havent seen him in seven years before this, right How do you feel after meeting him again”


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