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Chapter 190: Ultimate Luxurious Yacht!

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Russell had already hung up, and he could tell from Victorias expression that she wasnt satisfied with the outcome of this phone conversation.

Russell was a multi-billionaire, and Victoria did not want him to flaunt his wealth and power in front of Jordan.

Otherwise, any man would develop an inferiority complex!

Victoria came to the kitchen, where Jordan placed the plates and bowls he had just used inside the automatic dishwasher.

Jordan turned around to see that it was Victoria standing behind him.

He asked, “Are you done with the phone call”

Victoria nodded, but she didnt seem happy at all.

“Jordan, Russell is a bit of a clean freak, and he thinks that the yacht you prepared isnt good enough, so he plans to drive his yacht over.”

“Is it okay if we have dinner in his yacht tonight We can bring some expensive wine over.”

‘He thinks the yacht Im going to prepare wont be good enough

‘Is he afraid that the yacht I prepare wont be worthy of his status as the richest man in Houston


Jordan chuckled in disdain.

The ignorant Russell had no idea what kind of a yacht Jordan had prepared for this evening!

‘He wants to drive his yacht over to Hudson River

‘Hah, can he do that

Jordan had already chartered the Hudson River for the night!

“Are you angry Why dont we go tonight”

Seeing that Jordan was sneering, Victoria knew that he must be displeased with Russell for doing so.

Jordan said, “Oh, Im fine.

Lets talk about it when we get there tonight.

The yacht I prepared is not too bad.

Maybe hell like it.”

In fact, Jordan had already prepared everything bright early in the morning.

However, Jordan wanted to surprise Victoria at night, so he decided not to tell her for the time being.

At 5.30 pm at the pier of Hudson river.

One significant advantage of New York City was the beauty of the Hudson River.

Hence, boarding a boat on the Hudson River at night to admire the beautiful scenery and world-class skyline was a must-do for all tourists and visitors of New York City.

There would be a long queue at the pier of Hudson from 5.30 pm onwards every day.

However, although there were also many people today, none of them were lined up.

Instead, they were all gathered together and clamoring incessantly.

“Whats going on!! Why are there no ticket sales today”

“I want to buy a cruise ticket!”

“Whats the point of buying tickets when there isnt a single boat that we can board!”

Many people gathered together.

They all wanted to get tickets for a sightseeing cruise and enjoy the beautiful river view with their friends, lovers, and family members.

However, there were no ticket sales today.

“Why are there no ticket sales today There must be an explanation!”

“I heard that the Hudson River is not open to any boats or ships today because it seems to have been chartered by the scion of a certain wealthy family!”

“Damn, who the heck is that rich!! He could actually charter Hudson River!”

There would be several cruise ships here every night, and there were sponsored advertisement posters plastered all over them.

Some of the sponsors include major banks and insurance companies.

For the sake of chartering the entire Hudson River to prevent tourists from disturbing him and Victoria, Jordan spent close to a million dollars on compensating those advertisers and sponsors for their losses!

Of course, this money was considered peanuts to Jordan.

At this moment, Russell, who was discussing business with his partner, also received a phone call.


Miller, your yacht is prohibited from sailing into the Hudson River.”

Remaining calm and composed, Russell said, “Oh, its alright, Ill just inform the superiors.

You guys just have to wait there for a few minutes.”

However, after hanging up, Russell first called Victoria.


“Huh Whats wrong We have an appointment at eight oclock.

Are you going to postpone it again”

“Oh, no, I can arrive at eight oclock sharp, but Ive just received news that Hudson River is closed to the public today, and all sightseeing cruises, including private yachts, are prohibited from entering.”


Victoria, who didnt know the truth, also gasped in shock.

Russell said, “You guys can pick another place.

Send me the name and location of the restaurant after youve made up your mind.”

After hanging up, Russell shook his head and lamented how strange it was.

At 7.30 pm, Jordan and Victoria arrived at the pier of the Hudson River, hand in hand.

It was late at night, and there were no stars in the sky, but stars were utterly unnecessary in this prosperous place.

Well, stars were not as gorgeous as the bright lights of the skyscrapers towering into the clouds.

For many, those luxurious and glittering lights were the most beautiful stars.

“Jordan, why did you still take me here Russell said that this place is closed to the public today, and even his yacht cant enter.

Wed better quickly choose a place.

Russell should be arriving soon.”

Clad in a red dress, Victoria looked noble and charming.

Her stilettos were relatively high today, and due to the angle, she seemed to be as tall as Jordan, or even a bit taller than him.

Victoria knew that Russell was fastidious about time.

If Jordan had yet to choose a restaurant by their meeting time at eight and the three of them would have to end up slowly searching for a place to eat.

Russell would definitely be displeased.

To him, time is money, and he would be absolutely disgusted by Jordans behavior.

He would even look down on him because of that.

He might also make callous remarks or highlight the stark contrast between the value of time for the rich and for the poor.

Jordan held Victorias hand tightly without letting go.

Still wearing a smile on his face, he was immersed in the comfortable feeling of enjoying the cool breeze.

“Victoria, Ive been here several times before with Hailey, and there would be lots of people all the time.

I really hate crowds.”

“Since the river is closed to the public today, its a lot less crowded.

Thats great!”

Seeing how relaxed Jordan was, Victoria panicked.

She clipped anxiously, “Quickly choose a place to eat at!”

Jordan smiled without saying anything.

He also attached great importance to the meal today.

Instead of his usual casual outfit, he opted for designer business wear.

After another 20 minutes, Russell arrived at 7.50 pm.

Russell was dressed well, and he had an imposing aura.

He was obviously a wealthy person.

“Russell, let me introduce my boyfriend, Jordan.”

“Jordan, this is Russell Miller, the president of Millennial Limited.”

Victoria stepped forward and took the initiative to introduce the two men to each other.

The two had a friendly handshake, their eyes full of murderous intent for each other!

Russell quickly let go and said with a look of displeasure, “I told you, there are restrictions today, and no yachts are allowed to enter.

Yet, you still made me come here for nothing.”

“Hey, Jordan, your time is not worth much, but do you know how much money Ill lose if you waste at least half an hour of my time”

At that very moment, an incredibly luxurious yacht, which no one had ever seen, appeared on the Hudson River!

It sparked a huge commotion as the crowd by the river began screaming!


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