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Chapter 191: This Is Not The Scene I Expected!

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An extremely luxurious green yacht suddenly appeared on the Hudson River!

The yacht was about 110 meters high, and the overall design was relatively high-tech.

It had utterly subverted the crowds knowledge of cruise ships and yachts!

It was tantamount to a Ferrari sports car appearing in front of people of the olden days who had only ever seen tractors!

The tourists on both sides of the Hudson River were stunned and fascinated!

“Oh my God! What is that thing! Is it an alien warship Is it a UFO Its so futuristic.


“Its a mirage! It must be fake! Theres no way a yacht can look like this!”

“Oh, God! If Im not mistaken, this should be the worlds first hydrogen-powered yacht, Aqua!”

“Aqua Oh, I know, its the yacht belonging to Bill Gates, who was once the richest man in the world! I heard he spent close to a billion dollars on it! How wealthy!”

“Damn, didnt they say it would take two more years for this yacht to be launched Has it already been launched The person who chartered the Hudson River today is also Bill Gates, right Impressive, I love it!”

Countless tourists and onlookers held up their cell phones to snap several photos and videos of the yacht and uploaded them onto Tiktok and Instagram.

Victoria and Russell, who were on this side of the pier, stared in awe at the incredibly luxurious superyacht off in the distance.

“Jordan, that yacht is…”

Victoria pointed at the yacht in the distance and looked at Jordan.

At this moment, her breathing seemed to have become heavier as she gasped intensely.

Jordan said with an indifferent smile, “Yeah, thats the yacht I prepared.”

“No way!” Russell refuted hostilely.

He had called and asked a big shot in charge of the Hudson River, who informed him that the person who chartered the Hudson River tonight was extremely wealthy and powerful.

He thought that there was no way Jordan, the supposed courier deliveryman, could be that person!

Victoria argued with reason, “My boyfriend never brags about anything! Jordan, I believe you!”

At this moment, Victoria understood why Jordan kept telling her to wait here.

Moreover, Victoria also knew that Jordan could have used his identity as a Steele to do this!

Russells face was extremely sullen, and he began to speculate if it was possible that Jordan really wasnt lying.

‘Is this punk a big shot in disguise

He initially planned to drive his $8 million yacht over to humiliate Jordan to make him self-conscious enough to leave Victoria on his own accord.


However, he didnt expect Jordan to have prepared a yacht worth almost a billion dollars!

‘Damn it, hes put up such a grand show!

All three of them gazed at the yacht in the distance, and Russell suddenly noticed that the yacht had stopped.

Russell laughed and said, “Jordan didnt you say that you prepared that yacht Then they should know where we are.

Why did they stop there instead of moving over”

Victoria wondered how long they would have to walk if they had to walk to the yacht, which had stopped had quite a large distance away.

Victoria looked at Jordan and said, “Should we call the crew on the yacht and ask them to drive it over”

Jordan shook his head and said, “No need for that.”

Afterward, Jordan looked at Russell and said, “Mr.

Miller, our appointment is at eight.

Rest assured, we can definitely board the yacht on time at eight.

I guarantee that we wont delay your precious time by a minute.”

“Hmph.” Russell humphed coldly.

‘Lets see how we can board the yacht on time!

Afterward, he looked at the time to see that it was already 7.52 pm.

In the next five minutes, Jordan still didnt do anything.

More and more people gathered on both sides of the Hudson River, and they were all continuously taking photos of the yacht.

There were even many who were calling out Bill Gates name.

At 7.58 pm, Victoria began to panic.

She shook Jordans arm and said, “Jordan…”

Given the distance between them and the yacht, they probably wouldnt be able to get on the yacht within two minutes at all.

Russell pointed at his watch and said coldly, “Its almost eight oclock.

If someone cant fulfill his promise, I think we can forget about dinner this evening!”

At this moment, a gasp of amazement suddenly sounded near the yacht!

“Damn it! What is that thing! Its a helicopter! A helicopter flew out of the yacht!”

“That should be the worlds first electric helicopter! How extravagant, theres actually a helipad on the yacht!”

“A helicopter! What a cool helicopter! Its got six fans spinning on it!”

“Boy, thats called a propeller! Smile, Ill take a picture of you with the helicopter!”

Everyone marveled at the helicopters takeoff, but no one knew where it was going!

Indeed, the helicopter was coming to pick up Jordan and the two of them!

Huff… huff…

A violent wind blew over, causing Victorias red dress to flutter, and she almost had a wardrobe malfunction.

On the other hand, Russell could not open his eyes, so he ducked backward.

Indeed, he was old.

“The helicopter is coming to pick us up.

Lets go.”

After saying that, Jordan held onto Victorias hand and went up the helicopter.

“Go there by helicopter”

Russell was stunned.

He was both amazed by the mode of entrance that Jordan had set up, and on the other hand, he also had some concerns.

The helicopter didnt touch the ground, so it required some physical ability to climb up to the helicopter.

Jordan and Victoria were both young and fit, so they managed to go up easily.

However, Russell was already in his fifties.


Miller, do you need me to give you a hand”

Russell looked extremely disheveled and wretched as he made his way up.

Jordan had also deliberately set this up to rub it in Russells face that he was much fitter.


He was younger too!

So what if Russell was rich

There were many things that he could no longer do!

After Russell came up in a disheveled state, he remained quiet.

At eight oclock, the helicopter landed on time on the helipad on the yacht.

The three of them stepped out of the helicopter and looked at the luxurious yacht in front of them from above.

Jordan looked at Russell and said, “Mr.

Miller, Im very punctual, arent I I heard from Victoria that you dont like the yacht I chartered, why dont you take a tour around this yacht If you still think it isnt good enough for you, we can pick another place.”

The yacht was nothing but luxurious!

Russell had never seen such an upscale yacht!

Of course, he couldnt dislike it!

Russell looked at Jordan and asked, “How did you manage to charter this yacht It seems to be the only one in the world!”

Victoria also gasped in shock when she heard that.

Jordan chuckled and said, “Yes, this yacht belongs to a bigwig whos away on a trip on an island, so he lent it to me.”

“How did you know such a bigwig!” Russell questioned incessantly.

There wasnt a need for Jordan to answer that question at all!

Victoria suddenly saw an infinity pool on the deck below, and the stone steps in front of it were actually bubbling with water like a tiny cascading waterfall.

Victoria took Jordans hand excitedly and exclaimed, “Jordan, I want to go to the pool and take a photo there!”

“Okay, Ill take some photos for you.”

Jordan and Victoria walked down quickly, hand in hand, leaving the old Russell alone on the helipad.

“This is not the scene I expected!!!” Russell was indignant!


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