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Chapter 194: Must Men Provide For Women

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Cayden said with a look of disdain, “Handsome My foot.

Hes already so old.

Even when he was younger, he wasnt considered handsome either!”

In Caydens opinion, Russells looks were rather average, and he was being nice enough by not calling him ugly.

Cayden couldnt understand why Hailey would praise Russell for his handsomeness.


Hailey retorted, “What do you know A mans suaveness is not only based on his looks.

Look at Uncle Russells imposing aura and the domineering way hes taking control of the situation at the dining table.

Hes so charming!”

When Hailey looked over just now, she didnt think that Russell carried the charm of a mature and domineering man.

After hearing Caydens introduction of Russell, she suddenly felt that he had lots of positive attributes.

Many women tend to find rich and powerful men exceptionally charming and attractive even though they are average-looking or ugly.

The yacht was moving slowly, and soon, Hailey could no longer see Jordan and the others from the spot she was standing at.

Hailey put down the binoculars and secretly thought,Poor Jordan, hes going to be humiliated by Russell today.

I wonder if hell break up with Victoria when he returns tonight.

‘If he breaks up with Victoria, I can tell him not to leave New York City.

Well, Cayden goes out early and comes home late at night every day.

Its not a bad idea to look for Jordan whenever Im bored.

Hailey began to develop the idea of using Jordan as a backup lover again.

On the yacht.

The trio was now chatting and laughing.

Things were no longer as awkward as they were when they first met.

While cutting his steak, Russell pretended to ask casually, “Jordan, youre so young.

I would have thought that youre still a student if I didnt know you.”

“By the way, which college did you go to”


In fact, Jordan had attended several other universities, and he majored in a different subject at each one.

He studied business administration at Stanford, music at Berkeley, and design at E**OD.

He was taught by the best teachers at the top universities in the world.

However, since Russell was a businessman, Jordan said that he attended university at Stanford.

Russell was stunned.

“Oh, my daughter went to the same school as you.

But since you graduated from a prestigious university, why did you end up being a courier delivery man”

“There may be university graduates everywhere in New York, and finding a job here may be tough, but Stanford is quite a competitive university.”

Jordan answered truthfully, “Ive only studied there before, but I didnt graduate with a degree.”

Unlike other students, Jordan had no time to waste, given his mode of education.

In fact, he even skipped the admission procedure and went straight to class.

He would leave school immediately after class too.

A degree from Stanford University was just a piece of scrap paper with no prestige to speak of in the eyes of the Steeles.

“You didnt graduate”

Russell chuckled and said, “You should go back to school then! Its hard for you to make a living without a degree these days.

Youre still so young.

If you continue to get a graduate degree and then a doctorate, you will surely lead a very stable life in the future.”

“If you do, Victoria will feel safe about dating you.”

Victoria was now 30 years old, and if Jordan left to pursue an education now, she would be almost 40 years old by the time he returned!

‘Can she afford to wait

‘A normal woman would have married someone before she grows too old!

Russell looked like he was making considerations for his own good, but he harbored lots of scheming thoughts.

Jordan smiled and said, “Were leading a very stable life now.”

Russell smiled and asked, “Are you You earn only a couple of thousands of dollars a month.

You probably cant even afford to get Victoria some branded lipsticks, huh”

Victoria took the initiative to speak.

“I dont need him to buy me any lipstick.”

Jordan looked at Russell and said, “Victoria can buy her own lipsticks.

I dont have to worry about that.

Men and women are equal.

Who says that men must provide for women”

Russell laughed and shook his head.

“Young man, I really didnt expect you to have such a terrifying and irresponsible mindset.

Men providing for women has always been the natural order of things since ancient times.”

“What kind of man is a man who cant provide for a woman!!”

“Moreover, Victoria is so beautiful.

Can you bear to make her work hard every day to be the sole breadwinner of the family”

Jordan took a sip of wine and said, “Mr.

Miller, are you trying to say that a beautiful woman should be kept at home with dozens of servants waiting on her and do nothing all day”

“Do you think Victoria is the kind of woman who would be willing to stay at home as a housewife”

Russell replied assertively, “Its precisely because Victoria is a capable woman that you must be even more capable to be worthy of her and give her happiness!”

The more they talked, the more intense and heated the conversation became.

Victoria began to panic a little too.

Just as she was about to stop them, Victorias phone rang.

It was a video call request.

Victoria was an aloof and highly mighty woman.

Although she had many acquaintances and friends, no one dared to drop her video calls out of the blue.

Those who would do so were usually extremely close to her.

Victoria glanced at her phone and said, “Its Emily.”

The person who called was Victorias sister, Emily.

Victoria immediately accepted the video call request.

Sitting beside Victoria, Jordan could also see her phone screen.

A pretty young woman wearing a flight attendant uniform appeared on Victorias cell phone screen.

The girl seemed to be roughly 25 years old, which was about the same age as Jordan.

Her hair was tied up into a bun, and her name tag was on her uniform.


Her voice was rather cute.

“Emily, its rare of you to be dropping me a video call.

Arent you on duty”

“I just returned with my flight.

I saw your picture on Instagram.

Its beautiful.

Where are you now”

“Is that Emily”

Russell suddenly asked at this moment.

Victoria nodded and pointed her phone camera at Russell.

“Wow, Uncle Russell is here too! What are you two doing together”

Emily clearly knew Russell, too, and she even called his name happily without any awkward feelings.

It was because Emily didnt even know that Victoria had been Russells mistress back then.

Emily always thought that Russell took care of Victoria as an elder.

Russell and Emily briefly greeted each other, and it was evident that Emily still respected Russell as her fathers friend.

Victoria explained, “My boyfriend invited Uncle Russell for dinner, so were eating together now.”

After hearing this, Emily said excitedly, “Boyfriend Victoria, you have a boyfriend! Quickly show me who he is.

I want to see your boyfriend!”

Emily seemed somewhat exhilarated and adorable.

Victoria had no choice but to turn her camera to Jordan.

Jordan smiled and reached his hand out to greet Vicky.

“Hello, Emily.”

Emily was stunned for a moment.

“Wow, Vicky, youre dating a young hunk! Are you sure he isnt your boy toy How much did you spend If one day you dont want him anymore, can I have him I want a boyfriend like him too!”

Jordan was speechless.


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