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Jordan was reminded of Hailey at this moment.


Hailey was a materialistic and money-minded woman who wouldnt hesitate to ditch her husband once he was penniless!


Wilsons girlfriend was the same too.

If she really loved him, she wouldnt force him to pay the remaining amount of $20,000.


Wilson stayed silent after being taught a lesson by Jordan,


He had said those exact words to his girlfriend before!


He had also asked her the same question!


He asked her if he could just give $20,000 and why she insisted that he gave $40,000 before she would be willing to marry him.

He also asked if she loved him or not.


However, it was pointless because she could righteously and justifiably tell him that she wouldnt marry him unless he gave her $40,000.

She even demanded that he buy the house in full under her name!


Russell took a sip of wine, put the glass down, and said, “Jordan, what are you doing Not only are you not helping Wilson, but youre also even encouraging him not to give his girlfriend a single cent”


“Arent you forcing them to break up then Dont you know that you shouldnt be breaking a good couple up”


Jordan asked Russell, “Do you think demanding for him to give a house, a car, and a monetary gift of $40,000 before shes willing to marry him, is reasonable”


Russell said, “Of course its reasonable.

$40,000 is quite a small amount! If I were in his place, Id give at least $200,000!”


“You dont even own a house.

Wouldnt your girlfriend suffer after marrying you”


“If you cant even afford tens of thousands of dollars, youre a loser!”


“Only a man who is incapable will resent the idea of giving your partner money before marriage!”


Jordan could not help but sneer.

Russell was rich, so of course, hed be glad to say that.


If Jordan was really a poor man, he might really think that what Russell said made sense.

Still, he had met too many types of people and seen too much to be intimidated by Russells twisted logic!


Jordan pointed at Russell and said, “No wonder the young girls nowadays are so materialistic and despise men who are of the same age as them.

Theyve all been brainwashed by old men like you!”


“Old rich men like you who hold high societal positions continuously instill such thoughts into young women by telling them that they should pursue luxurious things even if its not within their means to do so.”


“You guys can then overcome the disadvantage of being an older man and be cradle snatchers.”


“Russell Miller, I initially thought you were a socially responsible entrepreneur, but now I realize that you are such a shameless person!”


Russell also got rather worked up.

“You… bull**! Youre penniless and incompetent, but youre blaming it on others If you were capable, who would be able to snatch your wife”


Russell was feeling diffident enough, but Jordans words had hit the nail on its head.


In the past few years, he had dated many young and beautiful women, including some who had husbands or boyfriends, all thanks to his wealth and status.

Some of them even loved their significant others very much.


Just like what Jordan said, Russell would talk about expensive villas, sports cars, travel tours, and upscale luxury goods from time to time.


He would tell these women that they ought to have these material possessions or else they would live their lives in vain.


He also told them that they shouldnt marry a man who could not give them these things.


Under the subtle influence, Russell didnt have to go out of his way to court those women at all.

After having instilled those thoughts within those women, it was only a matter of time before they would sleep with them.


In fact, Russell had used the same method to coax Victoria and convince her to become his woman!


That wasnt all.

During those three years that Victoria had been his mistress, Russell had also been continuously instilling those thoughts into Victorias mind and telling her that she ought to marry a capable man.


That was the reason that Russell was so confident that Victoria and Jordan wouldnt last six months.




Jordan was naturally capable, and he was excellent in martial arts, fighting, piano, and other fields.


However, it was based on the premise that he had gone through professional training and worked extremely hard.


What could an ordinary man in his twenties like Wilson achieve at such a young age


Jordan asked Russell, “What were you capable of when you were in your twenties”


Russell didnt say anything this time because he had nothing to his name in his twenties.


He only slowly rose to prominence when he was around 40 years old.


Jordan looked at Wilson and asked, “How many years have you been dating your girlfriend Did you guys go to the same college If so, I suggest you discuss this with her again.

If she decides to give up on your relationship for the sake of $20,000, you dont need a woman like her!”


Wilson shook his head and said, “No, I met my girlfriend on a blind date.

She comes from a humble family and doesnt have a high education level either.

She used to work as a sales assistant at a clothing store, but shes now unemployed.”


Jordan was stunned for a moment because she was obviously inferior to Wilson in terms of societal status.


Jordan asked, “She must be beautiful, right”


Wilson nodded in embarrassment.


Jordan sighed.

‘Yet another man who let the beauty of a woman rule his head. Jordan was in no place to criticize him for that because he also loved pretty women!


“Can I take a look at some photos of her”


Jordan was a little curious as to what kind of a woman would spur a college graduate to kowtow to another person to get enough money for her family just so he could marry her.


Wilson took out his phone and showed Jordan some photos of his girlfriend, whom Jordan felt was actually rather average-looking.


Perhaps because Jordan had dated gorgeous women like Hailey and Victoria, his standards had been raised.


However, such beautiful women were idol-like existences to ordinary men.


Jordan looked at a few more photos of her, but he suddenly felt that she was somewhat familiar-looking.

It was as if he had seen her somewhere before.


Just now, Wilson said that both he and his girlfriend were from Orlando.

Having lived in Orlando for three years, Jordan thought that he might have really met her before.


“Whats your girlfriends name” Jordan asked.


Wilson answered, “Lauren Cox.”


Jordan immediately picked up his phone and called Pablo.

“Ask Salvatore if he knows a 25-year-old woman named Lauren Cox.”


In less than five minutes, Jordan repeatedly received text message notifications.


Pablo had sent him several photos.


Jordan opened the messages to see that they were photos of Lauren Cox, Wilsons girlfriend.

In those photos, she wore heavy makeup and a white dress and drank with lots of men!


“She used to be a hostess at Gold Mine club.


Jordan, have you taken a liking to her”


“Shes in New York City right now.

Salvatore gave her $500 to accompany you.

Theyve already gone to check into a hotel.

Ill send you the room number later.”


Pablo added.


It was no wonder that Jordan found her familiar-looking!


Previously, Jordan wanted to be the emperor of the Orlando business world and monopolize industries such as the food and beverage business, karaoke joints, and other businesses.


He had also acquired all sorts of night entertainment joints.


Strictly speaking, Lauren was Jordans former employee!


Jordan remained silent and handed his phone to Wilson.

“Take a look at it yourself, see what kind of woman you spent your parents hard-earned money on.

Did you study for over a decade just to marry such a woman!!”


Wilson spent close to a million dollars on the house and a car and even had to raise money for a gift to her parents, all to marry a woman like her.


Yet, Jordan could sleep with her for just $500!


‘Your girlfriend is so cheap!


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