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Chapter 198: The World Shouldnt Be Like This!

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Wilson, who was already drenched and soaking wet, carefully grabbed Jordans cell phone.

His eyes widened in shock when he saw the photos that Pablo had sent!

He stretched out his fingers and kept zooming in on the photo in a bid to confirm if she was really his girlfriend!

He kept trying to find differences between the woman in the photos and his girlfriend, but to no avail.

He was just deceiving himself.

The woman in the photos was undoubtedly his girlfriend.

“So shes a hostess and not a clothing store assistant”

Wilson was highly vexed and aggrieved as he didnt expect his girlfriend to deceive him.

When he saw the words that Pablo had typed at the bottom, he broke down immediately!

“She went to a hotel”

Wilson was working in New York City, so he rented an apartment, in which his girlfriend had been living with him for the past few months.

At this very moment, Wilsons cell phone rang, and it was a call from his girlfriend, Lauren Cox.

Wilson quickly answered the phone.

“Hey, honey, where are you”

It was still the melodious voice that he was familiar with.

Wilson knew about her past, but he wasnt furious.

Reason being, as opposed to her past, he was dying to know where she was now!

He wanted to know if she had really checked into a hotel room and whether or not the wealthy scion she was waiting to sleep with was Jordan!

Wilson replied very calmly, “Im on Hudson River.

Theres an incredibly luxurious yacht here.

Do you want to come over and take a look”

Lauren said, “Oh, Ive seen some pictures of it on Instagram.

I wanted to go over to take a look too, but my best friend has suddenly came to New York City to visit me so Ill be staying in a hotel with her today.

I wont be going back.

Youll have to sleep alone tonight.”

She really went to a hotel!

She even lied that she had gone together with her best friend.

“By the way, have you raised enough money for the gift Have you gotten $40,000 My mom said that you can forget about marrying me if you cant give her $40,000,” Lauren continued.

Wilson flew into a sudden rage and hollered, “Im not going to f***ing marry you!”

After saying that, he threw his cell phone out of the window of the yacht into the river.

After doing so, Wilson knelt on the ground, weeping incessantly.

Jordan grabbed his cell phone, afraid that Wilson would toss it into the river too in a moment of impulse.

He then patted Wilson on his shoulder and comforted, “You dont have to worry about not being able to get a wife.

Being a graduate of a prestigious university and quite the charmer, youre such a great catch.

Wouldnt it be better if you marry another girl who has the same education level and values as you, as compared to Lauren Cox”

Jordan picked up a bottle of red wine and handed it to Wilson.

“Go take a shower downstairs and let off some steam.”

Drowning his sorrows in wine was indeed what Wilson needed.

He said, “Thank you, Sir!”

Wilson then headed downstairs.

After Wilson left, Russell came over and asked, “Is his girlfriend a hostess”

Jordan tapped on one of the pictures on his cell phone and showed it to Russell.

He then said, “Mr.

Miller, you almost did a bad thing out of good intentions.

If you had really given him $20,000 to marry that woman, wouldnt he regret it for the rest of his life”

Russell said coldly, “Do you think what you did was right”

“Was it not” Jordan asked.

By letting Wilson find out the truth, he saved him a ton of unnecessary expenses without any problems at all.

Russell lit another cigarette and said, “Jordan, youre still too young! Let me tell you what this world is like!”

“Even if that girl used to be a hostess, theres nothing wrong with them getting married!”

“You should be able to tell that Wilson has a thing for pretty girls, and his family members must have also introduced plenty of girls with the same education level with him, but why didnt he agree to date them Why did he insist on this girl”

“Its because shes beautiful! Just imagine if theres a girl whos also beautiful and just like him, is a graduate of a prestigious university whos also making several thousands of dollars a month and also comes from the same family background as him…”

“Let me ask you, why would such a girl take a fancy to Wilson! Do you know how many options such a girl can have!!”

“Wilson can only deserve a woman like his girlfriend if he wants a pretty woman!”

“Pretty women from noble families belong only to rich and powerful people like us! If each of us has ten of such women, those guys wont be able to get a single one!”

“This is the reality!”

Russell seemed to be really a little drunk.

Ever since they boarded the yacht, he had felt that Jordan was suppressing him.

He didnt want to let Jordan outdrink him, so he had been drinking.

Although Russells words made Jordan displeased, he knew that Russell was absolutely right.

The current situation of society was indeed as such.

Russell poured himself another drink and continued to speak.

“Do you think his girlfriend doesnt deserve a house and $40,000 I can bet 20 million that with this girls beauty and skills in coaxing men, shell still be able to find a man who is willing to give her those things and marry her after Wilson dumps her!”

“There are more women than men these days, and pretty women are rarer.

If you dont want to marry her, there are lots of people who would marry her!”

“Women are rarely left on the shelves.

Its only whether theyre willing to get married or not! Only men will end up not being able to find someone to marry!”

Jordan pressed his hands against the table quietly.

He didnt argue with Russell and instead looked in front with a deadpan gaze.

He muttered, “The world shouldnt be like this.

Society shouldnt be like this!”

Seeing how emotional Jordan was, Russell reckoned that it proved the truth of his words.

Only then did Russell lower his voice and said to Jordan from the bottom of his heart, “Kid, youve just asked me how capable I was when I was 20 years old.”

“Like you, I had nothing to my name.

At that time, there was someone I loved too, but she wasnt willing to marry me, so she married another man who was much older than her.”

“From then on, knew that only men who are capable, rich, and powerful can get the woman they love!”

“So, I found a rich woman and became her live-in husband.

After years of working hard, I finally broke free from that derogative title and made a name for myself.”

“Jordan, I know Victoria likes you very much.

If youre still the president of the Ace Corporation now, I wont meddle with your affairs.

When you get married, Ill give you a big gift!”

“However, if youre just a courier delivery man, Im sorry, but Ill take Victoria away from you regardless of whether youre willing or not!”

Russell had already said all the words that he meant from the bottom of his heart!

However, Jordan was still pressing his hands against the table and seemingly distracted.

He muttered, “The world shouldnt be like this…”


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