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Chapter 199: I Want To Change The World

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He muttered, “The world shouldnt be like this…”

‘Women shouldnt be like this!

In Titanic, the love story of the poor boy, Jack, and the rich girl, Rose, touched the world!

It was re-released 8 years ago and exceeded 2.2 billion dollars in box office collection!

That just proved that everyone agreed that love had nothing to do with money and status!

However, why were things different in reality

Russell smoked a cigarette and looked smugly at Jordan, who seemed out of sorts, with a bizarre and sly smile on his face that was hard to decipher.

He should have asked the same question thirty years ago.

Still, now, he would no longer question this society because he was considered to have paid his dues and gotten what he deserved.

Russell took a puff out of his cigarette and exhaled a smoke ring.

He said, “Kid, let me teach you another thing.

Dont bother about what this society is like.

All you can do is adapt to it!”

“If the women of this land just love money, all you have to do is just become rich!”

‘Adapt to this society Accept this reality

‘No, thats something that ordinary men would do!

‘What is my status!! Why should I adapt to this stupid rule!!

Jordan suddenly slapped the table, straightened his back, and then exclaimed, “Im not going to cater to the nonsensical views about women of modern society! I-I want to change the situation of society!”

Russell froze right on the spot.

At this moment, Jordan was like a lion that had suddenly awakened as he seemed to be emitting a bright ray of light!

“You… what did you say You want to change the women of society Do you know what you are saying!”

Russell felt that this young man was too arrogant.

‘How dare he say such things!!

Even if there were ten of Russells, they wouldnt be able to achieve it, let alone Jordan!

Jordan said, “Im not bragging, the reason that some women have the audacity to be so unrestrained as to demand that their significant other buy a car and a house, and give them a huge monetary gift before theyre willing to get married; some even cheat as they please, precisely because there are fewer women and more men!”

“Especially for beautiful women, even if theyre divorced and have children, theyd still have a bunch of men to choose from!”

‘The same goes for Hailey Camden!

She was married to Jordan, then to Tyler, and lastly to Cayden.

Even when she got divorced, she could still easily find a wealthy scion to marry because of her beauty.

That was the reason that she dared to be so unbridled as to cheat on Jordan when she was married to him.

On the day of her marriage to Tyler, she even leaped into Jordans arms.

Now, she even cheated on Cayden, even though it was for revenge.

Russell approved of those two statements that Jordan made because he actually hated that beautiful women received preferential treatment in todays society.

He was now divorced and had kids, so he didnt plan to have any more kids in the future.

Hence, he actually didnt really want to marry Victoria.

Given Victorias current charm and capability, there would definitely be a bunch of billionaire bosses lined up waiting to marry her even if Russell didnt.

Hence, there was actually no need for Russell to give her a proper status at all.

“How can you change the status quo then” Russell asked.

Jordan looked to the east and said, “Get women from other countries to come over!”

“Women from islands are gentle and virtuous.

Theyll always bring wonderful and positive energy to their significant others!”

Jordan then pointed to the North again and said, “Women of Ukraine are pretty, and they have excellent figures.

Any one of them has an excellent aura!”

“Women from North America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia, also have unique characteristics.”

“Many of them wont demand us to buy a house and a car.

Only when theyre here will these women feel threatened and stop having Princess syndrome! They will then know where they stand!”

Jordan poured himself a glass of red wine and downed it in one go.

He then exclaimed, “Young people choosing not to get married has already become a huge problem in this country.

The declining population growth has resulted in a decrease in labor and economic growth!”

“No one is willing to have kids these days!”

“Many women just want to marry rich and handsome men, but how many of such men really exist”

Jordan was not thinking only of himself.

It was true that he had been betrayed by Hailey.

However, if he really hated Hailey, he could have killed her and continued to enjoy life himself with his ability.

Moreover, as long as Jordan revealed his true identity, neither Victoria nor his future girlfriend would dare betray him again.

However, he didnt wish to do that.

He wanted to stand up for the men who came from humble backgrounds!

Jordan was a wealthy man who would definitely live comfortably for the rest of his life no matter what, but how about the other men in society

Perhaps many people will not understand why Jordan insisted on keeping his identity a secret and continued dating Victoria while drawing a monthly wage of a couple of thousands of dollars.

Well, because why not!!

Love is not about status, position, money!

Jordan was precisely trying to challenge this nonsensical mindset that had been deeply ingrained in the minds of many!

He wanted to make men wake up and realize this!

Russell laughed cynically after hearing his words.

“Youre right, but do you know how much money it would cost to get a woman from abroad to come over”

“Ill spend billions!” Jordan exclaimed loudly.

Russell was stunned, and he almost dropped the cigarette in his hand onto the ground.


‘Is Jordan going to spend billions just to help ordinary men get a wife and change the arrogant attitudes of many women

‘Does this kid… have a few billion dollars

Jordan was dumbstruck, and he wondered if Jordan was just bragging.

However, seeing how confident Jordan was, Russell felt that he had something to back himself up.

For the next two minutes, both Jordan and Russell simply looked at each other quietly.

Soon, Victoria stepped on the stairs and made her way up.

She was initially worried that the two men would argue or get into a physical fight.

Still, as soon as she did, she realized that the scene was surprisingly quiet.

Victoria walked towards Jordan and asked softly, “Jordan, is everything okay”

Jordan came back to his senses and said with a smile, “Yeah.”

After that, he lifted his glass and said to Russell, “Mr.

Miller, thank you for reminding me today.

I suddenly have a goal now, and I know what to do next.”

After being betrayed by Hailey and giving up the business trial, he initially lost all his fighting spirit and was at a loss for what to do.

However, he now had a new goal!

He wanted to let every man pursue love!


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