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Chapter 201: Highest Specification Of Romance

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Hearing how straightforward Jordan was, Victoria couldnt help but laugh out loud.

Victorias sister was a flight attendant.

She was very clear about the requirements that most flight attendants would have for the opposite sex.

Flight attendants were generally paid relatively high wages, especially those like Emily.

Emily usually earned at least $6,000 a month, including her basic salary plus hourly wages and allowance.

Clearly, flight attendants dont just earn a good income.

They also had broad horizons, high standards of living, and exceptional taste for the things in life because most of them had been to numerous places across the globe and seen plenty of this world.

They must have also met plenty of wealthy men.

Most of their suitors tend to also be wealthy men, and rarely would there be someone as ordinary as Wilson.

Most of the flight attendants were tall and beautiful.

Generally speaking, many of them couldnt take a liking to men like Wilson, who cant even afford a pre-nuptial gift of $40,000.


Wilson was also slightly embarrassed as he felt that he had really read too much into things.

He merely asked such a question because he thought that most flight attendants were beautiful.

As the sly old fox Russell guessed just now, Wilson had a thing for pretty girls even though he was average-looking.

At this moment, a female crew member came down from the yacht, holding up a white, feather-like Burberry shawl with both hands.

She walked towards Victoria and said, “Miss Clarke, its windy out there.

Please put this on.”

Victoria did not expect the service on the yacht to be so excellent.

It was simply like a five-star treatment.

She immediately grabbed with joy and said, “Oh, thank you.”

The shawl was also of a limited edition, and Victoria had never seen it before.

Afterward, the female crew handed Victoria another bottle of VOSS mineral water.

VOSS is a top luxury mineral water brand that Victoria thought she had drunk before.

Still, in fact, she had never consumed the type of VOSS water in the bottle that she was now holding.

The VOSS water that most people in the country had access to was produced in New York City.

However, the water contained in the bottle of VOSS mineral water that Victoria was holding was manufactured right in the Iveland municipality of Norway, the origin country of VOSS, which is also the worlds cleanest water source output.

Even in other countries, these bottles of water can only be bought in upscale places!

Victoria took a sip of water and immediately noticed that something was different.

She remarked, “The taste is different.

Its better than what I had before!”

Since Victoria had become Jordans girlfriend, she had finally gotten the chance to enjoy surprises one after another!

At this moment, Wilson suddenly asked Jordan, “Jordan, will you go there later”

“Where” Jordan asked with a puzzled expression.

Wilson blushed and said, “To sleep with my girlfriend.”

After hearing Wilsons words, Victoria immediately spat out the sip of water that she had just taken.

Victoria looked at Jordan with a dumbfounded gaze in his eyes, “Wow, Jordan, youre really crazy with fooling around, huh Youre even planning to sleep with someone elses girlfriend”

“No no, Victoria, listen to my explanation.

Its not what you think.”

Jordan was infuriated.

‘Wilson, you idiot.

I should have just kicked you to the Hudson River and left you to your own devices.

Why did I give you a bottle of red wine to let you harm me!!


With a furious look on her pretty face, Victoria walked straight towards the yacht.


Jordan was just about to chase after her, but he was stopped by the drunken Wilson who pulled him back.

“Sir, you dont have to care about my feelings.

Ive already broken up with her.

Just toy with that bitch hard!”

Jordan pushed Wilson away and said, “Toy with her, my foot! I have a girlfriend, and even if I dont, I wont take a liking to that woman.

if you want to take revenge on her, go get someone else to toy with her!”

As Jordan spoke, he quickly walked towards the yacht to chase after Victoria.

At this moment, Russell had already gotten into his Mercedes sedan.

He had drunk a lot today but not over his limit.

Having been a businessman for years, he drank a lot of alcohol and got a high liquor level.

There was no way he would let a young man beat him to drinking since he had always known when to stop.

After getting into the car, Russell, sitting in the backseat, asked the driver in front of him.

“Where did you put the information about Jordan that I asked you to find out Quickly let me take a look.”

In fact, since Russell knew that Victoria had a boyfriend, he had someone look up Jordans information.

However, when the information was delivered, Russell happened to be busy with business, so he didnt read it and instead let his chauffeur do so instead.

Thus, he told the chauffeur to explain it to him simply.

He thought that Jordan was just a nobody.

However, through todays meeting, Russell realized that Jordan was either the most pretentious expert in the world or the most impressive one in the world!

“Since Jordan can get such a luxurious yacht and find out about a strangers job within a few minutes, and even make such a bold claim as to want to change the situation of society…”

“This guy is definitely not simple!”

The chauffeur slowed down and took out a stack of documents from the glove box on the passenger side before handing them to Russell.

After Russell took it, he turned on the lights in the back of the car and looked at it carefully.

“Jordan Steele, live-in son-in-law of the Camdens for three years, worked as a takeout deliverer but got sacked later.

He then parachuted into the Ace Corporation as president.

Cayden Huxley attacked Ace Corporation, and Jordan Steele spent billions to go against him!”

Seeing this, Russell could not help but be taken aback.

“That punk Jordan has spent a few billion dollars before!”

That just further proves that Jordan was not talking big when he said he would spend billions to get foreign women to marry the men here!

“After being expelled from the Steele family, he came to New York City with Victoria Clarke.

All the expenses incurred so far were paid by Victoria.”

“Steeles… Which Steele family Could it be that Steele family”

There were countless people with the last name Steele in the country.

Still, there were probably only one or two families that could let their descendants casually spend a few billion bucks.

Coincidentally, Russell knew of one!

In fact, the Steeles were a mysterious family that ran their businesses mainly in New York City and the capital.

Only the businessmen in these two cities knew more about them.

As a businessman from Houston, Russell was clueless.

However, he happened to have investigated the Steele family because of some special matter!

Russell squinted with a complicated expression on his face that was difficult for anyone to decipher.

Russell then made a call to someone and asked, “Don, are you still in England Help me investigate that mysterious Steele family.

I want the information of all the members of the Steeles!”

“The entire United Kingdom is about 240,000 square kilometers, investigate every single square kilometer.

I dont believe that I cant find out where the Steeles live!”

“Spend as much money as you need.

Money is not a problem! I have to find out who Jordan Steeles father is!”

On the other hand, Jordan quickly chased after Victoria and hugged her slender waist from behind.

“Honey, are you angry”

Victoria humped coldly.

“What are you here for Go sleep with that mans girlfriend.”

Jordan told Victoria all about what had just happened.

After hearing his explanation, she lamented, “Wilson is so pitiful.

Fortunately, youve seen his girlfriend before.

Otherwise, itll be too late for regrets after he gets the $40,000 and marries her.”

Jordan chuckled and said, “Lets not talk about them anymore.

Ill take you to a nice place.”

Jordan took Victorias hand and brought her to the top of the bow right in front of the yacht, where there was a bow-shaped observation deck.

It was the best place on the yacht to enjoy the scenery.

“Oh my god, this place is wonderful.

I want to spend the night here tonight!” Victoria said gleefully.

Jordan hugged Victoria and said, “Sweetie, this yacht is yours now.

You can sleep anywhere you want on this yacht.”

Jordan had been freeloading off of Victoria during the past period.

Now, he had to compensate Victoria with the most upscale romantic gesture in the world!


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