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Chapter 203: Jordan Is A Pretty Boy

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Victoria was surprised and flattered.

She had always imagined that Gates would at most just symbolically shake her hand, and so she didnt expect him to greet her in such an intimate way.

That just proves that he really shared a close relationship with Jordan, so much so that he didnt treat her as an outsider.

Victoria was a little nervous because she had never been so up close to such a famous big shot.

Victoria quickly returned the greeting with a courteous kiss and a smile on her face.


Gates, its a pleasure to meet you.

Youve made a great contribution to the world, and Ive been looking forward to meeting you.”

Victoria was a little excited, too, because the Windows software developed by Gates had long become a household name, which was used by almost everyone.

Gates could tell that Victoria was a little nervous, so he patted her on the shoulder and said, “Young lady, you dont have to be nervous.

You two are no outsiders to me.”

He then took the initiative to introduce Victoria to his daughter.

“This is my daughter Jennifer, and the gentleman next to her is her fiancé, Nayel.”

Victoria and Jennifer also exchanged kisses to greet each other.

Jennifer was only 25 years old, which was about Jordans age.

However, Victoria didnt know that Gates had intended for Jennifer to marry Jordan because they had known each other since they were children.

Besides, Jennifer had always liked Jordan, who often traveled around the world.

She found his lifestyle really cool.

Jordans grandfather forced him to marry Hailey three years ago, causing the matter to be put on hold.

Since then, Jennifer started dating other men.

“Lets go.

Ill take you guys to dinner.”

Since they had arrived at the island, they naturally had to enjoy the local cuisine.

Gates took Jordan and Victoria to Anchor Bay, which was the best restaurant on the island.

While enjoying the food, Victoria felt that it was a rare opportunity to dine with the man who used to be the richest man in the world.

Hence, she asked Gates, “Mr.

Gates, can I take a picture with you and post it on Instagram”

Victoria wanted to take a photo of herself having dinner with Gates and then upload it to Instagram.

Many people think that genuinely wealthy people would prefer to keep a low profile and avoid flaunting their wealth.

At the same time, those who show off their fancy cars and designer bags are actually just pretending to be wealthy second-generation heirs.

Those who were genuinely rich wouldnt care for these.

It was a complete misunderstanding!

Those who are well-to-do are a group of people who have higher material requirements and prefer to flaunt their riches.

They do not show off their luxury cars, not sun designer bags, because to them, those goods are just designer bags that are not worth flaunting.

In the past, Victoria had never shown off her purses and cars on Instagram.

Her followers were all people who could afford these luxury items, so no one would be envious of her even if she did.

However, a photo with Bill Gates would be different!

There are many rich people in the world, but who can have the opportunity to have dinner with the famous Bill Gates

Gates said with a smile, “Of course, its my honor to appear on your Instagram feed.”

Jordan was also glad to satisfy Victorias little need for vanity.

He took out his cell phone to take a photo.

He then uploaded the photo to Instagram for Victoria.

Soon, her post was liked by many people, and she even received private messages.

“Victoria, there is a message.” Jordan reminded Victoria while holding her phone.

Victoria was chatting with Gates gleefully, so she said, “Help me take a look at it.

Ill reply later if its nothing urgent.

Victoria was open and aboveboard.

She had nothing to hide from Jordan.

Jordan also looked at the contents of the message Victoria had received.

The first one was from Stella.

“Girl, what are you doing in Tokyo Youre even having a meal with Bill Gates.

Your social circle is so high-end.”

“When will you come back When you do, join my company again.

Im sorry for what happened in the past!”

Jordan humphed coldly.

Russell had already made peace with the Huxleys on Victorias behalf.

Now that Victoria had met and befriended Bill Gates, it seemed a little too late for Stella to say that she wanted to be on Victorias side!

A short while later, a man named Arnold also sent Victoria a text— “Victoria, are you in Tokyo with your boyfriend Are you two there to watch the Olympics”

“Im also going to accompany my wife and children to Tokyo to watch the Olympics in a few days.

Can we meet then”

Jordan did not know who Arnold was or what he did for a living.

Moreover, Victoria had many friends.

At this moment, Victorias sister, Emily, also sent a message.

“Vicky! Youre living the high life now, huh!! Youre actually hanging out with Bill Gates! When will you take me with you Ahhhh, I dont even dare to say hello to these mega-rich bigwigs when Im serving passengers.”

“Also, now that our parents are no longer around, Im counting on you for my marriage.

Quickly set me up with a guy!”

“Pretty boys like your boyfriend would be great.

Guys like him are just my type.


“Pretty boy”

Hearing Emilys description of him, Jordan was speechless.

‘Im a masculine man, since when did I become a pretty boy

Jordan was younger than Victoria and did seem like a meek pretty boy whod be obedient and know to coax her well.

However, in reality, Victoria was the one who often acted coquettishly.

In front of Jordan, she was just like a little girl.

Jordan replied directly with Victorias cell phone.

[Jordan is not a pretty boy! Show some respect to your brother-in-law!]

To his surprise, Emily quickly replied: [My sister never uses exclamation marks when texting me, who are you!!]

Jordan was dumbfounded.

‘This pair of sisters are so familiar with each other. Jordan had merely used a few more exclamation marks, yet Emily knew that it wasnt Victoria who replied.

[Are you a *milk* *boy* *evil laughter*]

Emily sent another text with three emojis.

She was obviously trying to say, “Are you a young pretty boy”

Emily already guessed that it was Jordan who was replying.

[Whats your number Ill add you.]

Emily asked without waiting for Jordan to confirm anything.

Jordan locked the phone and stopped replying, not daring to give away his number to Emily without Victorias permission.

After all, Emily was a pretty girl with a good temperament and figure.

She was about the same age as Jordan, too, and it would easily lead to a misunderstanding.

Jordan didnt know that his ex-wife, Hailey, had seen Victorias Instagram post!

When the Camdens cooperated with the Ace Corporation to develop Hailey Residences, Hailey and Victoria followed each other on Instagram.

Still, they didnt unfollow each other despite all the incidents.

In Jade Villa, New York.

When Hailey saw Victorias Instagram, she was hopping mad.

“What is she doing having dinner with a wealthy man like Bill Gates Im so jealous!”

“She must have gotten to know him through that old man whos her sugar daddy!”

“I wonder if Jordan has gone to Tokyo with her.

I have to call him to find out!”


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