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Chapter 205: Recruiting In Japan

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Audrey was thrilled to see her brother, Jordan, but she had to pretend that she didnt know him in Victorias presence.

However, after not seeing him for such a long time, she couldnt bring herself to pretend like he was invisible.

Hence, as soon as she came forth, she cued Jordan a little.

Victoria hurriedly introduced, “Oh, hes my boyfriend, Jordan Steele.

Hes very young, isnt he Haha.”

Audrey shook her head and said, “Hes indeed young, but his looks are average.

Hes somewhat not worthy of you, Miss Clarke.”

‘Audrey you mischievous girl…

Audrey and Jordan were half-siblings who shared the same father.

Since their age difference was slight, they often played with each other when they were kids.

Hence, they were pretty close to each other.

However, in the last three years, Jordan has been almost out of touch with her.

He would occasionally chat with his sister and show her some concern.

Jordan didnt expect Audrey to mock him as soon as they met.

Jordan replied hostilely, “Youre not that good-looking yourself!”

Anyway, they were born to the same father, so if she said he was ugly, it meant that she was ugly too.

Victoria never thought that the two of them would insult each other as soon as they met, so she was so frightened that she turned pale and sat up straight immediately.

“Calm down! Calm down! Lets not argue.

Jordan, simmer down.

Miss Audrey, it seems a little inappropriate for you to bluntly make such comments about my boyfriends looks, isnt it”

It appeared to Victoria that this young woman in her early twenties was too insensible to say it out loud, even if she thought Jordan was ugly.

Besides, Jordan wasnt ugly either.

Audrey laughed and said, “Look how nervous youre getting.

I was just teasing your boyfriend on purpose.

I know hes very dashing.

Hey hunk, my apologies.”

Audrey took the initiative to admit her mistake to Jordan.

Glad to hear that, Victoria patted Jordans shoulder and said, “Miss Audrey has apologized to you.”


Jordan turned his head to the side arrogantly.

Victoria didnt realize that it was an act staged by the siblings.

Perhaps because there were too many people around her who wanted to find trouble with Jordan, she was paranoid and worried all the time.

Victoria walked to the side and asked, “Miss Audrey, you called at such a late hour.

Do you have any important instructions for me”

Audrey nodded and asked, “Youre in Tokyo now, right”

Victoria nodded and asked, “Yes, my boyfriend and I are here to watch the Olympic games.

Can I report to work in a few days”

Audrey said, “Yes, thats fine.

It just so happens that I have a job for you to complete in Japan.”

“Please go ahead, Miss Audrey.”

“We have to recruit a new group of couriers from Japan for our company.”


Victoria was confused as to why Audrey wanted to recruit people from Japan.

Everyone knows that the labor isnt that expensive in the country, but hiring foreign labor would be relatively high.

Besides, Japan was a developed country where wages were relatively high.

Even an elderly bus driver would typically make several thousand a month.

It was rare for people from Japan to go to the U.S.

to work low-level jobs.

Generally, wages in Japan are higher compared to many countries.

For instance, back in the 90s, the average persons monthly salary in China was only about forty dollars.

In Japan, it was a few thousand dollars!

At that time, it was common for stowaways to sneak across to Japan and work for a couple of years before returning to their home country to buy real estate properties.

With no education and a lack of intelligence, many of them managed to earn millions just from real estate, allowing them to live carefree for the rest of their lives.

Even in recent years, people would still sneak to Japan to work, usually on cruises.

It was commonplace for tourists to find a couple of extra passengers on the ship…

Although Victoria had never run a logistics company, she was well aware that the costs of recruiting employees from Japan would be relatively high.

Despite having her doubts about this, Victoria didnt retort immediately and instead asked, “What kind of people are you looking to recruit, Miss Audrey”

Audrey replied, “Im looking for unmarried women who dont have to be too good-looking or speak fluent English, but they must like our country and the men in our country.

They must also be willing to marry American men.

Lets start by recruiting a thousand of them.”

This requirement was obviously set by Jordan.

He had told Audrey of his plans after that argument with Russell the other day.

After hearing Jordans crazy idea, Audrey said to him, “How noble of you.”

Jordan was distraught for the men in the country who couldnt find a woman to marry!

However, a more important rationale behind his plan was to lower the self-confidence of beautiful women like Hailey.

Women with different charms from different countries who are open to dating men in the U.S.

The men might stop lowering themselves to second-class status when there is more competition.

Beautiful women like Hailey would no longer dare to disrespect love as unrestrainedly as she does now!

Victoria began to get a headache, so she asked, “Miss Audrey, the costs of recruiting a thousand young Japanese women to work as couriers in the U.S.

might be very high.

Why do you want to do this”

Audrey said, “One is to share the pressure for the country, and the other is to use this approach to compete with Breezy Express.”

“You dont have to worry about the money.

Just try to keep the costs to the minimum.”

Because it was her first task at Perry Express and Audrey had clearly stated her reasons for doing so, Victoria agreed immediately.

After ending the video call, Victoria looked at Jordan and said, “Honey, Ill have to trouble you to come along with me to recruit some women from Japan.

We have to recruit a thousand of them while keeping the costs as low as possible.

God knows how long it will take to reach the quota.”

Jordan laughed and said, “Its okay.

We have plenty of time anyway.

We can recruit while watching the games.”

In the next few days, Jordan and Victoria went to other cities for a tour and to facilitate peoples recruitment.

Soon, five days passed, and the Olympic Games officially began.

The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games was spectacular.

Hailey and Cayden had also arrived in Tokyo on this day, but Jordan didnt run into them.

Two days later, the Olympic mens basketball tournament ushered in the first match.

It was the United States vs Greece.

The U.S.

mens basketball team had formed a star-studded team with players like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Leonard, Paul George, Kyrie Irving, Russell Westbrook, Damian Lillard…

They were all top basketball stars in the world!

The U.S.

mens basketball game was one of the must-see events of the Olympic games.

The seats were all filled!

Jordan and Victoria appeared at the venue of the games.

They had bought first-row VIP tickets.

However, to their surprise, Cayden and Hailey also bought the first-row VIP tickets.

Their seats were coincidentally right next to Jordan and Victoria too!

“Hey, Aunt Victoria, what a coincidence!”

When Cayden saw Victoria, he actually called herAunt!


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