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Chapter 206: Whos The Good-for-Nothing!!

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At 7pm in Saitama Super Arena.

There were 30,000 seats in the arena, and those who could get their hands on the VIP seats in the first row were exceptionally wealthy.

Cayden and Hailey were both wearing the jersey of American superstar LeBron James.

Cayden was wearing the Knicks jersey while Hailey was wearing the Lakers jersey.

They were clearly fans of Lebron James.

James was now one of the most famous players today who had many fans worldwide, and countless fans were in Tokyo just to see him in action.

When Cayden saw Victoria, he addressed her as “Aunt.”

He addressed Russell asUncle Russell. Now that he had addressed Victoria asAunt, he clearly treated Victoria as Russells wife.

“What did you call me” Victoria asked.

Since Russell acted as mediator and made peace between Cayden and Victoria, Cayden had been respectful to Victoria, so she couldnt really flare up at him.

Cayden no longer dared to provoke Victoria because she might one day become Russells wife, and he would be in trouble if she were to badmouth him.

Cayden quickly slapped himself and said, “Ah, it was a slip of the tongue.

I made you sound older than you really are, Victoria.”

Upon meeting Victoria this time, Hailey was no longer aggressive towards her.

Instead, she looked at Victoria with a kind smile.

She looked at the No.

30 Stephen Curry jersey that Victoria was wearing.

She praised, “Ah, Victoria, you like Curry I like him too.

The jersey makes you look so young.

You look like youre in your twenties!”

Victoria was a little surprised.

Previously, Hailey would be very hostile towards her whenever they met.

Why was she so polite this time

Hailey predicted that Victoria would become Russells wife.

Since Victoria would be her senior once she married Russel, Hailey couldnt offend her now.

However, although she was praising Victoria, she was scolding her in her head.

‘Hmph, Victoria Clarke, you probably didnt know that I had fun with Jordan when you were out for dinner with Russell that night!”

The thought of making Victoria a cuckold made Hailey exhilarated because she enjoyed the thrill of snatching the man of another woman!

It was especially so since Victoria had slapped her before!

Cayden asked, “I heard that youve gone to work at Perry Express, right, Victoria Why did you decide to work for our business rival My grandfather said that he can offer you any salary you want.

Come to Breezy Express.”

Victoria said politely, “Thank you for your kind intentions, Mr.


I think Id better learn the ropes at Perry Express first.”

Cayden laughed hysterically and said, “Hahaha, yes, you have never run a logistic company.

It wont be too late for you to learn and gain experience in a smaller company before joining us.”

Caydens words were full of ridicule and disdain for Perry Express.

He wasnt aware of Jordans plan at all, nor did he know that the Huxleys Breezy Express would soon be defeated badly!

Displeased to see Jordans contemptuous expression, Cayden snapped, “Jordan, Victorias father… Her fathers friend is like an uncle to me.

He helped you plead for mercy and made peace between us.

Now, you can sleep in peace knowing that I wont create trouble for you.”

Jordan sneered, thinking to himself,He sounds so cocky.

He must be waiting for me to thank him for sparing me.

Jordan said, “Thank you for your concern, I always sleep well, but you ought to be more careful.

I heard that Maggie has released a Japanese single in the past, so she has plenty of fans here.”

“You cheated her out of her feelings, be careful.

Her fans might take revenge on you.”

“You…” Cayden was diffident and fearful.

There was a sudden uproar at this moment.

The American team and the Greek team had already entered the arena and were walking to the court!


“Stephen Curry! I love you!”

“Kevin Durant! Kevin Durant!”

“Giannis Antetokounmpo!”

Everyone was calling out their favorite basketball players.

When the players entered, Hailey actually jumped up in excitement.

“Ahh! LeBron is here! LeBron! LeBron!”

Jordan knew that Hailey was very fond of LeBron James, but she wasnt a true basketball fan.

She just liked anyone who was present.

Hailey tugged at Caydens jersey and said, “Get him to give me an autograph.

Hurry up.”


Cayden grabbed a pen that he had just prepared, took Haileys hand, and walked towards LeBron James.

At this moment, LeBron James was doing drills.

“Hey LeBron, my girlfriend is your fan of yours.

Can you sign her jersey”

Cayden requested.

However, before LeBron James replied, a security officer said, “Hey, dont step into the court.

Go back to your seats.”

LeBron stared at them coldly.

He was about to play soon, so he wasnt in the mood to sign autographs for fans, not even those with VIP tickets in the first row.

After being driven back to their seats by security, Hailey was extremely displeased.

“This is infuriating.

We didnt even get a single autograph.”

Cayden comforted, “Dont worry, Honey, Ill ask for it again later at halftime.

Im sure Ill get it.”

Jordan, who was sitting at the side, smiled and shook his head.

Hailey had abandoned her former husband, Jordan, whom she thought was a good-for-nothing, and chose to marry a rich man.

Little did she know that if one of them had to be a good-for-nothing, it definitely wouldnt be Jordan!

At this moment, Jordan stood up and pulled Victoria to the half-court.

Hailey looked up in surprise and asked, “Hey, what are you two doing Didnt you hear security saying that youre not allowed to go there”

On the other hand, Cayden smiled and thought,Its good to let him go and get rebuffed.

Only then will I be at ease.

“LeBron!” Jordan shouted at LeBron James.

As expected, the security officers immediately came over and stopped them.

“Hey, whats up with you guys Dont go to the court.

Return to your seats!”

‘Haha, Jordan Steele, you idiot.

Why would they let you in if they didnt let me Youre asking for a scolding.”

Cayden gloated at the side.

However, LeBron turned around to glance at Jordan, after which he put the ball down and walked over.

“Oh my God, is that you, Jordan”

“Its been a long time since we met, buddy!”

Jordan stretched out his hand happily, and the two of them hugged each other agitatedly!

Cayden and Hailey, who were sitting among the audience, were dumbstruck!

“Why do they know each other!!”

Cayden was dumbfounded.

Back in 2003, when LeBron was less famous than he was now, the two of them trained together in the summer.

Apart from LeBron, Jordan also knew Anthony Davis!

They had known each other for more than a decade!


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