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Chapter 207: Hailey: Jordan Is So Dashing!

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LeBron laughed out loud in joy and looked at Jordan.

“Haha, Jordan, its been ten years since weve met, huh You were still a kid when I first met you.”

“You werent an adult at that time either,” Jordan said.

LeBron laughed and said, “Youve changed so much.

I almost didnt recognize you.”

If Jordan had not gone to see him and Wade in the NBA Finals in 2011, LeBron wouldnt have recognized Jordan at all.

Jordan teased, “You havent changed much.

When I first saw you, I thought you were in your thirties, but now, you still look like youre in your thirties.”

“Haha.” James chuckled and reached out to grab Jordan with his big hands as they started playing around with each other.

LeBron suddenly asked his teammate for the basketball and tossed it at Jordan.

“Buddy, I havent seen you for ten years.

Let me see how much youve improved in basketball now!”

LeBron turned around and told his teammates who were training to make way because he wanted to go one-on-one with Jordan!

Jordan grabbed the basketball and said awkwardly, “Oh, LeBron, cut it out.

I havent been playing basketball for a long time.”

Jordan had undergone rigorous basketball training when he was very young.

Still, his goal was not to become a basketball player, so he gave up after a few years of training.

LeBron still remembered Jordans flair and talent in sports that far exceeded his age.

“Come on, youre at the prime of your life, dont be modest!”

LeBron really wanted to know how good Jordan, who was at the peak of his fitness now that he was in his twenties, would be.

“Okay.” Jordan also wanted to take this opportunity to show Victoria his skills.

Hence, Jordan started dribbling the ball and went one-on-one with James.

The entire audience shifted their attention to them.

Facing James, Jordan slowly dribbled the ball.

At the same time, LeBron stretched out his hand and pretended to try and intercept Jordans ball, but in fact, his body weight was not shifted.

Jordan suddenly began to change direction and passed LeBron beautifully!

“Oh, this kid is really fast!”

Kevin Durant was surprised when he saw it from the side.

After passing James, Jordan sped up again and charged straight to the basket!

In fact, he could completely shoot now.

Still, he wasnt a professional athlete, after all, so he rarely trained, and the probability of missing was extremely high.

Furthermore, he wanted to pull off a dunk in front of Victoria and Hailey!

Yes, he could perform a dunk! He could do it in all fancy ways!

Jordan ran to the basket from the left and swiftly switched the ball to his left hand in the instant that he leaped up.

While leaping high upward, he switched the ball from his left hand to his right hand.

He then dunked the ball into the hoop with both hands!


“What kind of action is this!!”

“This kid is only about 1.8 meters tall, right He can actually dunk”

“Its not unusual for a 1.8-meter tall person to be able to dunk, but to be able to pull off this move is really impressive!”

The entire audience was astonished! Even the American team, comprised of some of the best basketball players in the world, was stunned!

LeBron kept his mouth wide open and said, “This is Michael Jordans Carolina-style dunk! Geez, this kid is really talented.

I knew it!”

James had seen Jordans physique as a teenager, and it was even better than his when he was the same age!

Victoria was completely dumbfounded, and she asked, “Is that… Jordan My boyfriend”

She felt like she was totally watching an alien perform a stunt.

Cayden also swallowed his saliva in shock and secretly thought to himself,Does this punk have springs for legs

In fact, Cayden, who was 1.85 meters tall, could only barely dunk too.

Those who had tried dunking before would know that if one can only barely pull off a dunk, it would be impossible to perform a windmill dunk.

Moreover, the stunt that Jordan had just performed was much more complicated than a windmill dunk!

Hailey bit her lip in excitement and said, “Jordan is so suave…”

At this moment, she wished that Jordan was still her husband!

She would then be able to jump into Jordans arms and praise him in front of everyone before telling LeBron, the superstar basketball players, and the 30,000 fans in the audience that this expert dunker was her man!

On the court, James smiled and walked towards Jordan.

“Haha, your strength is still so explosive, I cant even pull off such a move.”

“Seriously, if you can grow to over 1.9 meters, you can definitely achieve an impressive career in the NBA, like me!”

Jordan smiled and said, “Maybe.”

The Steeles were a mysterious and powerful family that would never allow their heirs to dabble in careers in the entertainment and sports industries because it was too flashy.

In case they become superstars, their family, too, will be discovered by more people.

“By the way, I came over to get an autograph for my girlfriend.” Only then did Jordan remember the main purpose of his action.

When the Golden State Warriors were in the limelight two years ago, Victoria was captivated by Stephen Curry because she thought he was rather adorable, so she sought out his autograph and a photo.

Jordan didnt personally know Stephen Curry, so he was afraid that the latter wouldnt agree.

Hence, he wanted to try and get it through LeBron.

LeBron looked at Victoria and remarked, “Wow, are you Jordans girlfriend Youre gorgeous.

Nice to meet you.”

LeBron took the initiative to greet Victoria and kissed her on the face as a greeting.

When Hailey saw her idol behaving so intimately with Victoria.

she stomped her feet with jealousy!

James took a look at the jersey Victoria was wearing and said, “Oh, it looks like youre not here for my autograph.”

However, LeBron nevertheless signed Victorias jersey together with Stephen Curry.

They even took a group photo.

Then, the two returned to their seats, satisfied.

When Victoria returned to her seat, she took out her phone and posted the group photo she had just taken on Instagram.

At this moment, Hailey was simply dying of jealousy!

“If Jordan and I didnt get divorced, I would be the one taking pictures with LeBron and posting it on Instagram now!”

‘That bitch Victoria is clearly going to marry Russell soon, but shes still hogging my ex.

Hailey really wanted to take revenge on Victoria once more!

Soon, the game was over, and the US team breezed past the Greek team.

After the game, LeBron took the initiative to invite Jordan for some fun on their yacht.

Most of the athletes who came to the Olympic Games stayed in the Olympic Village.

Still, these American basketball players often stayed in luxury yachts instead of adhering to the official arrangements.

Jordan looked at Victoria and said, “Come on the yacht with me.”

Victoria shook her head and declined, “No, their yachts are full of men.

Apart from Curry, I dont know any of the other athletes.”

“Jordan, you go on your own.

I want to go back to the hotel to rest.”

“Alright.” Jordan didnt force her but instead sent her back to the hotel to rest before heading to the yacht alone to search for James.

Hailey happened to overhear their conversation.

‘Jordan and Victoria wont be together tonight…

Haileys eyes lit up, and she seemed to be plotting something.


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