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Chapter 209: Hiding In The Closet!

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It was Caydens voice!

Hailey was so frightened that her expression changed drastically!

The expression on her face was exactly the same as the one she had when Jordan caught her red-handed in a hotel room with Tyler in the Roxy Hotel!

Jordan was “fortunate” to have once again seen such a look on Haileys face!

He couldnt help but recall that scene that would sometimes jolt him awake from his dreams!

However, Jordan was the one who was catching his cheating wife outside the hotel room the last time!

This time, Jordan was inside the hotel room and was in Tylers position!

Jordan glanced at Hailey, who was now wearing a thin, spaghetti-strap nightgown and looked highly sultry.

If Cayden were to come in at this moment and see Jordan and Hailey, he would definitely think that they were having an affair!

Hailey had naturally thought of this too, which was why she was panic-stricken!

When Jordan first discovered her adulterous affair back then, she was merely a little shocked.

However, a second later, she acted as if nothing had happened, and even turned the tables and reprimanded Jordan.

However, things are different today.

There was no way she could offend Cayden.

Once he found out that she had betrayed him, the Huxleys would not let her off!

Moreover, the Camdens would all be implicated too!

Hailey quickly pulled Jordan and whispered, “Jordan, my husband is back.

Hurry up and find somewhere to hide.

We wont be explaining this clearly no matter how we try.

If he sees us now, hell get the wrong idea all the same!”

Jordan was hesitating whether to help her or not!

In fact, since Cayden hooked up with Hailey while she was married to Jordan, he ought to have paid him back in his own coin.

However, if Cayden misunderstood an affair between him and Hailey, Cayden would definitely tell Victoria about it.

When the time comes, and Victoria questions him, how would Jordan answer

Yes, he had indeed done nothing with Hailey today, but what about their previous meetings

Jordan couldnt lie to Victoria, and once she finds out that he had let her down because he didnt trust her, shed definitely be heartbroken!

“Please.” Hailey looked pitiful.

Jordan nodded.


He wasnt doing this to help Hailey but to keep Victoria from being sad.

Hailey finally heaved a sigh of relief and pulled Jordan to the bed.

Pointing to the bottom of the bed, she said, “Hide underneath the bed.”

Jordan immediately refuted, “Im not hiding under your bed!”

In Jordans opinion, it was a very humiliating thing to do.

“Go hide in the closet then.”

Hailey arranged for him to hide in the closet next to the bed.

“Honey, are you there”

Cayden exclaimed again from outside.

“Hurry up, get in, quick.”

Hailey urged Jordan.

Fortunately, there was a large closet in the presidential suite so Jordan could hide in it easily.

“Stay inside the closet, dont make a single sound.

Thatd be better for everyone.”

Hailey admonished Jordan again.

“Got it.” Jordan closed the door of the closet and stayed inside quietly.

As soon as he entered the small and dark space, Jordan thought to himself in disdain, Damn it, Im the esteemed scion of the Steele family.

Yet, Im hiding in the closet of someone elses hotel room as her lover.

Im really speechless!”

At this moment, Hailey had already dashed to the door to open it.

As soon as she did, the irritated Cayden questioned, “Why did you take so long to open the door…”

Before he finished his sentence, he saw what Hailey was wearing and got a great shock.

“Honey, you… look gorgeous.”

Hailey had especially dolled herself up for the rendezvous with Jordan, so even Cayden was stunned by her beauty even though he saw her every single day.

“Honey, when did you buy this robe How come I havent seen you wear it before”

Cayden asked.

Hiding in the closet, Jordan had also heard Caydens words.

He secretly thought,I bought this nightgown for Hailey back then.

Im surprised she didnt dispose of it and is instead wearing it in front of Cayden Huxley.

Jordan was somewhat appalled.

“Uh…” Hailey stammered and asked, “Honey, why are you back so early Its only ten, werent you guys planning to have fun until midnight”

Without explaining at all, Cayden looked at the ethereal, fairy-like Hailey and picked her up in his arms.

“Hey, what are you doing Put me down.”

Hailey was scared because Cayden was walking into the room with her in his arms.

The further in they were, the closer they would be to Jordan!

Jordan also sensed that Cayden and Hailey were walking towards him, so he got somewhat nervous!

However, Cayden obviously didnt realize that there was another man in the room.

He just intended to carry Hailey to the bed.

Hearing the noise, Jordan had already guessed what Cayden was going to do.

However, Hailey pushed Cayden away and said, “You still havent answered me.

Why did you come back so early”

Cayden said, “I came back to get something.”

After saying that, he wanted to kiss Haileys face.

“What do you need to get” Hailey continued to push Cayden away.

Cayden once again said with a tone of ambiguity, “My key.”

“What key” Hailey continued to ask.

Cayden answered, “The key to the golf course in New York Country Club.”

Hailey knew that Cayden and his friends often played at the golf course in New York Country Club.

“What keys” Hailey continued to probe.

Cayden clearly began to hem and haw.

He had no choice but, to be honest.

“We have a private locker there, and I have the key to it.

Kane and the others are going back home tomorrow, and they need to get something from the locker, so Im back to bring him the key.”

Haileys curiosity was piqued.

“Private locker What kind of things do you put in it”

Not only was Hailey curious, but even Jordan also found it rather strange when he heard it!

What kind of private locker would there be on a golf course Even if there was, why did they have to share one

Moreover, there was only one key, and it was safeguarded by only one person!

Jordan guessed that Cayden and his sordid friends might have some secrets to hide.

He had been trying to use proper means to make Cayden get his due punishment.

Hence, Jordan slowly pushed open the closet door to peek through a small gap in a bid to see Caydens facial expression.

Jordan had learned to read micro-expressions so he could infer from the changes in Caydens expressions whether or not he was lying!

Cayden stammered, “Its just some luxury goods we brought back from all over the world.”

Jordan deduced through Caydens expression that he was lying!

‘It seems that it is necessary to check their locker when I get back.

Jordan secretly thought.

At this moment, he was still glad to have discovered Caydens little secret while hiding in the closet!

Moreover, it was a secret that could potentially destroy the reputation of Cayden and even the Huxleys!

However, the next second, he saw Cayden forcing a kiss onto Hailey through the crack in the closet!


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