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Chapter 211: Men Are In An Uproar!

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It would be a waste of their abilities if their only job was to be a courier.

With their charm, it would be effortless to convince customers to buy the products they were promoting.

Through big data, Perry Express had the information about the personal preferences of every customer, so they would be recommended goods that were suitable for them according to their consumption.

Generally speaking, most male customers will be recommended gym memberships.

In contrast, female customers would be given recommendations to Japanese skincare products.

These gyms and beauty and skincare brands also cooperated with Perry Express, which would profit significantly from the partnership.

Some people may feel that foreign girls would have a hard time promoting these products and services to locals due to the language barrier.

Besides, they have only been in the US for a month, and it would be impossible for them to become highly fluent in English even if they took English lessons 24 hours a day.

However, in this era, the language barrier is no longer a big problem.

They just had to download an online translation app on their smartphones, automatically translating everything they said from Japanese to English and vice versa.

There were many other language pairs, and the app could practically translate any language.

The homebody signed up for an $800 one-year gym membership without any hesitation at all.

The Japanese courier managed to earn a hundred dollars in commission, which was much higher than a couple of dollars that she would make for each parcel she delivered.

“Thank you! I wish you good health and a joyous life!”

The young Japanese lady excitedly did a 90-degree bow to thank the homebody.

He was elated too.

He made a lot of money from game streams, but he usually wouldnt bother dressing up because he was a geek.

He rarely spoke much either.

Sometimes, he would go to the mall to shop, but the clothing store assistants often ignored him.

Sometimes, he would spend lots of money, only to end up being angered!

He had rarely been treated with so much respect.

Someone actually bowed to him to thank him for his purchase!

“The service attitudes of Japanese girls are so much better than the local service staff here!”

On cloud nine, the homebody quickly turned on the translation app that he had just downloaded and said, “Miss, can I buy you a drink before you leave”

The app translated his words into Japanese, and the lady bowed again immediately after hearing his words.

“Thank you for the invitation, Sir.

I would love that!”

The geek was excited, and the two ended up exchanging numbers.

Afterward, the geek immediately started his stream.

He said to the several thousands of people who were watching his stream, “Damn! I solemnly present to everyone- Perry Express! The courier of Perry Express who came to my place just now is actually a Japanese lady!”

“Just now, she personally came to my door to help me send a parcel.

She was gorgeous.

She looks a little like Mina Fujii!”

“You should all use Perry Express instead of Breezy Express in the future!”

However, the streams viewers were still not entirely convinced and were somewhat skeptical at this moment.

“Streamer, how much money did Perry Express pay you to advertise for them Breezy Express will pay you triple that amount.”

“You must be bragging, huh How can the deliverer be a Japanese lady”

“Wake up! Stop dreaming!”

However, to this day, countless people who patronizing Perry Express have met Japanese couriers.

Word about it spread, and soon, the matter made it to the headlines and list of trending topics.

“Perry Express hired Japanese couriers!”

As soon as this matter became a trending topic, everyone on Twitter got into a huge uproar.

“Crap, really They actually hired a foreign beauty as a courier.

I want to order immediately!”

“Cool, how did Perry Express come up with such an idea Hahaha, this is a huge incentive for us.

I absolutely support it!”

“Are these gorgeous Japanese deliverers working only in New York This is unfair.

When will they come to DC”

“Can you distribute a few hundred to Orlando Ill definitely only patronize Perry Express and never any other courier companies.”

“Petition for Perry Express to bring these Japanese ladies to Houston!”


At this moment, the senior executives of Breezy Express were also discussing this matter.

Inside the meeting room, the few significant shareholders were discussing too.


Huxley, Perry Express has recruited 1,000 young women from Japan and trained them in English.

They have also cooperated with many local gyms and beauty salons.”

“The new young president of Perry Express is pretty aggressive!”

A shareholder of Breezy Express said with some anxiety.

Arthur Huxley remained rather composed.

“Ive long known about this matter.

Its just a stunt to please crowds! This young lady in her twenties knows nothing about business!”

“The cost of hiring a single Japanese courier is too high, and a thousand of them cant even cover New York City, let alone the entire country!”

“Dont worry, I bet theyll run out of money soon, and these Japanese girls will head home too.”

Just like that, another two weeks passed.

More and more people learned that Perry Express had recruited Japanese girls.

Almost all of the male customers in New York City opted for Perry Express instead of Breezy Express!

They did so just to be able to say a few words to the Japanese girls!

All of a sudden, a piece of news became a trending topic.

“Game streamer marries Japanese Perry Express courier deliverer!”

The geeky game streamer married the Japanese courier deliverer whom he had only known for two weeks!

This game streamer was quite popular, so the news of his marriage quickly became viral!

“Damn it! This streamer is so lucky! He got a Japanese wife so easily! Im so envious that I want to strangle the fool beside me!”

“I know that streamer, he streams his gameplay of CS, and he earns a couple of thousands of dollars each month, which isnt even enough to buy a house in New York City.

That Japanese girl is willing to marry him even though he cant afford a home”

“You think that Japanese girl is as materialistic as most women here who demand that you have a place of your own before shes willing to marry you The Japanese girl doesnt care about that at all.

I heard that she fell in love with him after he signed up for an $800 gym membership.”

“What Seriously He managed to get a girl just by doing that I can do that too!”

“Petition for Perry Express to bring these Japanese ladies to Houston!”

“Orlando too…”

The men were all in an uproar!

Many of them were backup lovers, and some were basically just being used by the women they liked.

They didnt even have the numbers of their crushes!

Suddenly, a group of Japanese women who were much more sociable and meek had appeared in the country!

They were all attracted!

Even an NBS news reporter came to New York City to interview Perry Express!

Victoria was receiving the interview in the deputy presidents office.

“Miss Clarke, we observed that your company has hired Japanese girls as couriers recently, which has sparked quite a heated discussion among the nations netizens, especially the males.

One of your couriers has even married a local streamer.”

“Can you tell us why you hired Japanese girls to be couriers”


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