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Chapter 212: Terrifying Jordan!

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Dressed in a black business suit, Victoria seemed highly domineering.

Victoria said unhurriedly, “Actually, Perry Express has not only recruited Japanese girls, but we also recruited girls from Russia and Ukraine.

Currently, we have already recruited a thousand single women who are now undergoing training.

They will start work soon.”

The reporter was surprised.

“Is that so Which city are you going to have them work in Is it going to be New York City too As far as I know, the citizens of many other cities have strongly requested you to send the couriers to other cities.”

Victoria smiled and said, “We will conduct an online poll to see which city has a greater demand.”

“Or maybe we will assign the ladies according to the number of sales we have in each city.

We will give priority to the cities where our services are used the most.”

The reporter continued to ask, “Why do you need to recruit girls from abroad Thats very costly, isnt it If your company intends to recruit more female couriers, dont the local women in our country meet the requirements”

Victoria replied, “We have been recruiting local women to work as couriers, but most of them are unwilling to work such a laborious job under the sun.”

The reporter asked, “Recently, the share price of Perry Express has been rising steadily, and some people are saying that you are aiming to be the top whale of the courier industry, is that right”

Victoria and gave an affirmative answer, “Yes!”

On the same day, Perry Express posted a poll on Twitter— “Which city are these 1,000 beautiful couriers from Ukraine going to land in”

The netizens of each city seemed to have all gone mad as they kept trying to garner votes for their respective cities.

After casting their votes, the men would immediately text their friends in their group chats or call their best friends and ask them to vote too.

Within a day, almost everyone in every major city had already known about the matter.

Perry Express gained free publicity without having to spend a single cent.

Afterward, Perry Express released a statement saying that whichever city in which Perry Expresss services were used the most would be given priority.

The men were even more worked up after the news was released!

They told everyone they knew to stop patronizing other couriers and solely use the services of Perry Express as much as possible!

Some even went so far as to shoo couriers from Breezy Express or other courier companies!

Others posted slogans that read “Boycott Breezy Express, embrace Perry Express, all for the Ukrainian ladies!” everywhere.

These slogans were posted in subways and shopping malls.

Everyone was actively promoting for the sake of increasing the market share of Perry Express in their city!

In the presidents office of Breezy Express in New York.

The deputy president of Breezy Express entered and said, “Mr.

Huxley, something has cropped up again.

One of our warehouses in Orlando has been set on fire, and many of our couriers have quit to join Perry Express.”

Arthur looked sad and worried because he ultimately did not expect that things would develop to this point!

The deputy president continued, “In the recent week, our companys market shares in more than 100 cities across the country have plunged rapidly and gone below Perry Express.”

“Weve been completely defeated, especially in the first-tier and second-tier cities!”

The news spread faster in the first-tier and second-tier cities, so there was a higher chance that the girls would go to their cities.

Hence, the citizens of those cities were much more hardworking too.

Arthur slapped his forehead and said, “Bad news, bad news!”

“In addition to losing market share, even the national news channel and other official media platforms are reporting Perry Expresss approach and praising them.

Thats my greatest concern!”

The deputy president was puzzled too.

‘Why are the official media platforms supporting them”

Arthur said, “Havent you seen the news Theres a 30-day cooling-off period after a divorce application has been filed.”

“Young people in our country prefer not to get married nowadays, and even after theyre married, they are prone to get divorced.

This seriously affects social security and the personal happiness index.

The labor force has also been decreasing year to year.”

“The foreign female couriers working for Perry Express have frequently been rumored to be marrying American men.

This would greatly help with the marriage problems faced by men in our country.”

“Their president, Audrey, is too young.

I didnt expect her to be so impressive.

I finally know why shes doing this.”

The deputy president sighed with emotion and asked, “What should we do next”

Arthur asked, “They can hire foreign women to work for them, but we can too, cant we”

“Relay my message and tell everyone to go around the world and poach some pretty women who are willing to marry American men! We must recruit more than Perry Express has too!”

A few days later, in Houston.

Russell was seated in his office and browsing through the news on his Macbook Pro.

He happened to chance upon the announcement of Breezy Express hiring a batch of female couriers from abroad.

Breezy Express and the other courier companies have all released news one after another that they had hired foreign women to work as their couriers!

Russell let out a long sigh and lamented.

“This is all Jordans doing!”

Jordan told Russell on Gates yacht two months ago that he would solve the issue of American men facing marriage problems and change the position of arrogant women!

He had really done it today.

Countless foreign single women had been sent to the US, and many had married local men!

“What a terrifying guy!”

Russell already knew that Audrey, the current president of Perry Express, was a Steele!

During this period, Russell asked a friend to investigate Jordans family background in England.

Still, unfortunately, this family was too mysterious.

Hence, he hadnt been able to obtain much specific information so far.

For example, he didnt know precisely how old Audrey was, what her status in the family was like, and whether or not she shared the same mother as Jordan.

Russell immediately picked up his phone and dialed Arthurs number.

“Arthur, I saw the news that youve also a thousand single women from abroad.

This is a trap set up by someone, and youre helping him!” Russell said.

Jordans ultimate goal was to get as many foreign women to come to the US as possible.

If he relied solely on his own efforts to do so, it would be too costly.

With the help of Breezy Express and other companies, it would require a lot less effort.

Arthur asked, “Whose trap do you think it is”

Russell answered, “Victoria Clarkes boyfriend, Jordan Steele.

Hes from the same family as Audrey, the current president of Perry Express.

Im guessing that Jordan is behind everything that Perry Express has been doing lately!”

Arthur sighed and said, “Regardless of whether its his trap or not, we have to copy him.

Do you know how much Breezy Expresss share price has plunged in the past month”

“I have something important to do.

Lets chat again another day!”

After hanging up, Russell remained stunned for more than ten seconds.

“Jordan Steele is really unpredictable! Id better not provoke him.

It seems that I have to give up on Victoria!”

Russell was a cautious businessman.

It wasnt easy for him to progress from a live-in husband to the billionaire he was today.

Before getting a clear idea of Jordans profile, he definitely wouldnt dare to provoke Jordan easily or snatch his woman.

Hence, he had no choice but to regretfully give up Victoria.

At this moment, Russells phone happened to ring.

It was a call from his friend, Don, who was far away in England.

Russell quickly picked up.

The person on the other end of the line exclaimed, “Russell, Ive found out who Jordans father is!”


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