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Chapter 213: Visiting Café Nostalgia Again!

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In Shook Restaurant on the fifth floor of Peace Hotel.

It was a renaissance style restaurant that had existed for more than a hundred years.

In a semi-open booth, Jordan, Victoria, and Audrey were having a feast of oysters, muffins, classic eggs Benedict, and other delectable dishes.

They chatted merrily while enjoying the food.

Victoria was the one who asked Audrey out for a meal today because she wanted to let Audrey meet Jordan more often so that they could have a cordial relationship.

After all, Victoria was now Audreys right-hand man, whom the latter trusted greatly.

In the office, her status was far superior to the other deputy presidents.

Of course, Audrey was friendly to Victoria because Victoria could potentially be her future sister-in-law.

When Victoria was eating, she received a phone call, so she left the room.

At this moment, Jordan and Audrey could finally whisper some secrets to each other.

“Jordan, how have I been performing recently Ive served my future sister-in-law well, havent I” Audrey looked like she was trying to ask for a prize.

Holding his fork and knife, Jordan answered with a smile, “Its not too bad.”

Audrey rested her chin in her hand and looked at Jordan.

“Do you think Grandpa shows favoritism to boys He sent you to train on the battlefield and become a live-in husband.

How exciting and interesting that must be”

“Look at my sisters and me.

All we do is go to school, and after graduating, we have to embark on our business trials.

Now, were getting urged to get married too.

How boring.”

Jordan smiled, knowing that Audrey was an adventurous girl.

“Youll never know how arduous the battlefield and live-in husband experiences were.

Life has been a torment the past few years,” Jordan said with a sigh.

Audrey asked cautiously, “I heard that you were made a cuckold.

Is that true”


Jordan slammed his knife and fork on the table immediately.

“Youre so rude! Is that how you speak to your brother”

Audrey chuckled with a hand on her mouth and quickly apologized.

She didnt pity her brother because she knew he had too many women to choose from.

She felt that the woman who betrayed her brother was pitiful because she had lost the opportunity to marry into the top family with the best resources.

“Who told you about this Was it Butler Frank Or Grandpa” Jordan asked.

Audrey took a sip of red wine and said, “Its Jamie.”

“Jamie I called him several times, but I couldnt get through.” Jordan suddenly remembered something, and he asked, “Hey, Audrey, do you know that Jamie has a lover and a daughter living in New York!”

“Oh my God, are you serious” Audrey was astonished too.

Jordan nodded.

There was no way he could tell outsiders about this, but Audrey was his sister, so there was nothing he couldnt tell her.

Jordan said, “I went to a cafe previously to collect the keys to a villa that Jamie has left for me.

I saw a gorgeous woman there, and I could tell that she was Jamies girl.

She was as pretty as my ex-wife, Hailey.”

“And the little girl is really pretty too.

She must have inherited the excellent genes of the Steele family.

Im certain about that.”

Audrey laughed and exclaimed, “Haha, Im going back the day after tomorrow.

Im definitely going to tell Grandpa that Jamie has an illegitimate daughter in New York, which he has been keeping a secret.

Haha, Grandpa will surely reward me handsomely!”

Jordan suddenly asked in puzzlement, “Youre going back the day after tomorrow”

Only then did Audrey become serious, and she answered, “Yes, I was about to tell you about it.

Im going to hand over the position of president of Perry Express to Victoria tomorrow.”

Audrey had come to New York City to take on the role of president of Perry Express, only because she had to act as a buffer for Victoria to eventually become the president.

It had been two months since her arrival so far.

Although she had spent more than two billion dollars, she managed to raise the stock price of Perry Express to dozens of billions!

At present, Perry Express is already on the same level as Breezy Express!

Hence, she had completed her mission, and it was time for her to hand her position over to Victoria.

Jordan knew that she still had to run the rest of her companies in the UK and other cities in the US, which were actually her mainstays.

Hence, he didnt ask her to stay.

Instead, he said, “Alright then, I wont ask you out alone before you leave.

Ill just bid farewell to you here.”

“Thank you, Jordan.

Indeed, you value our relationship as siblings the most.


Audrey clinked glasses with Jordan, but she was obviously saying the opposite of what she felt, causing Jordan to feel embarrassed for a moment.

He was still keeping up with the act in front of Victoria now, so he naturally couldnt get too close to Audrey.

Less than two minutes later, Victoria was done with her phone call and had returned to the room.

She said to Audrey, “Miss Audrey, Im afraid we have to go back to the office.

The editor-in-chief of the famous Japanese magazineEast Ocean Economics has arrived at our office and asked to do an exclusive interview with us.”

Audrey glanced at the dishes on the table, which had barely been eaten, and said, “Victoria, go back on your own.

Ill continue eating with your boyfriend here.

Weve ordered so much food, itd be a waste not to finish all of them.”

Victoria had always been in charge of receiving interviews because Audrey rarely appeared in front of the media.

However, Victoria was hesitant.

She was worried that the two of them might get into an argument again after she left.

“Jordan, why dont you ferry me back to the office and let Miss Audrey enjoy the meal alone” Victoria asked.

Audrey hurriedly said, “Hey, dont go, theres so much food.

How can I possibly finish all of them on my own Besides, your boyfriend has drunk some wine, he cant drive.

Havent I assigned a chauffeur to you His name is Tim, right Isnt he waiting for you outside”

Victoria shook her head and said, “Tim is too talkative and childish.

I was about to fire him.”

Jordan could tell that Victoria was worried, so he said, “Dont worry, I wont argue with your boss.

Ill leave after having a drink with her.”

“Alright then.” Victoria could finally be at ease after gaining Jordans assurance.

After Victoria left, Audrey began to speak coquettishly with joy.

“Haha, it just so happens that your girlfriend is not here anymore.

Take me out for some fun after the meal!”

Suddenly, Jordan recalled the time when the two of them used to play with each other in England.

At that time, Audrey used to play with him and their two other brothers.

After some thought, Jordan asked, “Do you want to go see Jamies lover”

The one at the cafe Yes!” Audrey was also highly interested.

“But you seem really excited.

I bet youre the one who wants to see her, huh”

“What nonsense are you spouting Shes Jamies girl, dont fool around,” Jordan quickly denied.

However, he had to admit that she was really gorgeous! He couldnt forget her!

“Haha, stop eating.

Lets go right now.”

Audrey immediately took Jordans arm and prepared to leave.

Jordan kept slapping Audreys tiny hand.

“Cut it out, lest others see us.”

“My future sister-in-law has left.

Why are you still so worried”

Audrey was displeased that she had to pretend not to know Jordan when they finally got a chance to meet.

Jordan said, “There are many people in New York who know Victoria and me.

My ex-wife, Hailey Camden, is now in New York too.

If she sees me behaving so intimately with another woman, shed definitely pester me.”

“Hailey Camden… I really want to see just how beautiful she is,” Audrey said with curiosity.

Reminded of Hailey, Jordan said, “Shes pregnant now, and her baby bump is huge.

Theres nothing much to see..

If you want to see a pretty woman, lets go to Café Nostalgia.

That lady is far prettier than Hailey!”


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