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Chapter 215: Victoria Becomes Billionaire President

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Audrey pointed at Jordan while saying, “He said that the first time he saw you, he was certain that you were Jamies lover and said that this little girl was definitely our niece!”

Jordan felt incredibly embarrassed and really wanted to find a hole in the ground to burrow into.

‘Audrey, youre vicious to have exposed me!

Jordan was vexed.

‘I shouldnt have brought her over.

If he was facing an average woman, Jordan would not look so embarrassed, but he liked pretty girls, so he often hoped that he wouldnt make any pretty women misunderstand anything.

Jordan looked at the pretty woman awkwardly, at a loss for what to say.

The pretty woman looked at Jordan, frowned, and asked, “Why do you think Im your brothers woman”

Jordan was embarrassed.

What could he say in response

“Its mainly because youre too pretty, youre the type my brother likes… Sorry for the misunderstanding.” Jordan sincerely apologized.

The pretty woman shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly and didnt get bothered by it.

After finishing their coffee, Jordan and Audrey walked out of the cafe.

Enjoying the cool breeze, Jordan wondered, “Its bizarre.

Since this woman is not Second Brothers woman, why did he leave the key here for me to collect it”

Audrey smiled and said, “I think this woman might be a gift left to you by Jamie, just like Hailey in Orlando.”

Jordan was speechless.

“No way Even if it is really the case, he shouldnt be setting me up with a woman whos married and has a child, right”

Audrey said, “Whats wrong with that Dont you men find such women attractive”

Jordan said with an innocent look on his face, “You cant assume all men are the same.

Shes not my type… Besides, I have Victoria, and I wont fall in love with any other woman regardless of how beautiful they may be.”

Audrey smiled and said, “Jordan, youre really faithful and devoted, unlike Dad.

I hope Victoria is also as devoted to you and wont let you down.”

Audrey handed over the position of president of Perry Express to Victoria.

Victoria became the president of a company worth billions.

Suddenly, she was conferred the title ofMost Beautiful President of New York City, which spread like wildfire in the business circle!

That night, Jordan popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate with Victoria.

“Congratulations, Victoria, for becoming the president of a listed company with billions in assets!”

Holding the champagne, Jordan congratulated Victoria.

Ever since Victoria gave up the position of president of Ace Corporation for Jordan, Jordan vowed that he would make sure Victoria gets everything she deserved and more!

Since she had given up the position of president of Ace Corporation, which was worth a few billion dollars, Jordan would compensate her with Perry Express, which was worth dozens of billions!

Today, he finally fulfilled his promise!

However, Victoria did not know that this was all Jordans arrangement.

In fact, Jordan also thought about coming clean and telling Victoria about his true situation.

Since Hailey was pregnant and was due to deliver in a few months, something might happen to the baby if she becomes too agitated.

On the other hand, he also wanted to see if Victoria would look down on him after being promoted and becoming the president of a company worth a few dozen billion.

When she faces more temptations, can she stay true to her heart and continue maintaining their relationship

After all, becoming the president of a company worth a few dozen billion practically meant having whatever she wanted in the country.

Billionaires like Russell and some famous celebrities who are young hunks would all come flocking to her.

She could have any men he wanted!

Its just like how some men tend to cheat after they get rich, simply because there are too many temptations out there.

However, such people are unable to stay faithful and thus, are not suitable for being partners for life.

If you love someone, you should reject all ambiguous relationships for them!

“Thank you.”

Victoria clinked glasses with Jordan and was also feeling really emotional.

“I feel like Im in a dream now.

A little over two months ago, I was still getting rebuffed everywhere in New York City, and I couldnt even find a job.”

“But now, I actually became the president of Perry Express.”

Although Victoria was now the president, she was not a significant shareholder of the company, which was still under the control of Audrey.

However, Audrey gave Victoria a lot of authority.

Victoria suddenly said, “Jordan, would you like to come to the company to help me”

“Sure, with what” Jordan asked.

He was a member of Perry Express in the first place and was also the one who was controlling everything behind the scenes.

Jordan was the one who set the development direction of Perry Express too.

Victoria said, “I want you to be the head of our training department.

You have been to so many countries and are proficient in so many languages.

You can train these foreign girls that we have recruited.”

“Alright, thank you, Maam, I will work hard!” Jordan said with a smile.

Victoria tapped Jordans high nose bridge and joked, “Do a good job, or Ill fire you!”

At the mention of it, Jordan suddenly asked, “Is that young chauffeur Tim still your chauffeur now”

Victoria shook her head.

“Victoria shook her head, “No, I fired him today because he talks too much.

If not for Arnold, I would have fired him long ago.”

“After I fired him, he was really indignant, and he even came to my office to reason things with me.”

Jordan was worried.

“Nothing happened, right”

Young people are generally more impulsive these days.

Jordan was afraid that Tim would behave violently after getting fired.

Victoria said, “He just said a few things, and Arnold soon dragged him away.”

“I found another female chauffeur.

Guess who”

Jordan was puzzled.

“Do I know her”

Victoria nodded.

Jordan suddenly smiled and asked, “Is it Ashley Rose”

Victoria chuckled.

“Yes, it is.

I asked her to fly over from Orlando.

Ive gotten used to her since she has worked for me for years.”

Jordan nodded, feeling at ease knowing that Ashley would stay by Victorias side in the future.

“Right, Honey, Im going on a business trip to LA, and Ill be there for about a week.

Youll have to be alone.”

Victoria said with a smile.

Jordan knew that Perry Express had already decided to send the Ukrainian girls to LA.

Jordan asked, “Is Ashley going with you”

Victoria shook her head and said, “Ashley has just joined us and the induction procedures have not been done yet.

Ill be going over with Arnold tomorrow.”

Jordan was bewildered.

“Why does Arnold Decker seem to be going on business trips with you all the time It cant be such a coincidence, right Does he have a thing for you Is that why he deliberately tags along with you on every business trip”

Victoria paused for a moment and replied, “Yes!”


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