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Chapter 216: Victoria Retaliates Against Jordan!

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Victoria had promised Jordan that she would not hide anything from him.

But it didnt mean that she would tell Jordan everything.

She had been keeping mum that Arnold had a crush on her, but she wasnt deliberately hiding it from Jordan.

She just didnt want to upset him further.

Too many men adored Victoria, and those men around her, be it successful or not, were definitely all in love with her.

If Victoria were to tell Jordan about every single man who had a crush on her, he would be annoyed every single day.

Hence, Victoria had never mentioned that Arnold liked her.

Still, since Jordan had noticed it and took the initiative to ask about it, Victoria naturally wouldnt deny it.

If it was a hypocritical woman like Hailey, she would probably say, “Oh, Honey, how could that be possible Youre overthinking.

Were just ordinary colleagues.”

Victoria solemnly explained to Jordan, “He did confess his love to me before, but I rejected him outright and told him it was impossible between us.”

“I dont want to work with him either, but he has been in Perry Express for years, so hes a veteran.

Although Im now the president, I am afraid I cant just sack him.”

“Honey, are you uncomfortable with me going on a business trip with Arnold”

Jordan laughed and stroked Victorias hair.

“Of course not.

I trust you.

Its not like Ive never seen that old guy, Arnold.

Hes old and grotesque.”

“If you really want to date an older man, youd choose Russell and not Arnold.”

Only men like Russell could make Jordan feel threatened.

Arnold was not worthy at all.

Russell was also trying to pursue Victoria again, but Arnold was no match for him in any way.

So, if Victoria wanted to date an old man with high status and money, she would pick Russell and not Arnold.

Victoria also smiled and said, “Thank you for trusting me, Honey!”

The most important thing in relationships is trust, especially for couples who are often apart from each other.

Of course, it is undeniable that many couples will face problems when they are in a long-distance relationship.

Hence, a reasonable degree of vigilance is still necessary.

Just like that, two days passed.

On this afternoon, Jordan was training a group of girls from Albania in an office building.

Albania was a small country in Europe.

There were many beautiful girls in this country, and all of them had long legs.

Some of them were still using iPhone 4, and some even learned of the existence of TikTok only after coming to the US.

They were beautiful, but many did not have good enough living conditions.

They werent materialistic and were willing to marry men who had nothing to their names.

Unlike many women in the US, they wouldnt expect a man to own a car and a house before asking for their hand in marriage.

While Jordan was supervising the training, he suddenly received a text message.

It was from a strangers number.

It read:

“Youre the boyfriend of Victoria Clarke, the president of Perry Express, right Hehe, I just saw your girlfriend checking into a room with another man.

If you dont believe me, you can call Victoria Clarke.”

After Jordan read the text message, he was instantly disgruntled.

“Damn it, which bastard sent this! Could it be Cayden Huxley”

Jordan wouldnt believe the content on the text message, but he didnt remember having offended anyone in New York City.

Now, there were only two men who were jealous and resentful towards Jordan.

One was Cayden, and the other was Russell.

As a multibillionaire who was in his fifties, Russell would never do such a childish thing.

It was likely to be Cayden, but Cayden had promised to temporarily make peace with Jordan and no longer provoke him and Victoria.

“Is Cayden Huxley doing so to irk me because Breezy Express has been terribly suppressed by Perry Express lately”

It was possible but based on Jordans understanding of Cayden, he felt that Cayden would not do it.

If it wasnt for the two of them, then this information might be accurate!

It was office hours.

Jordan first sent a text to Victoria.

“What are you working on”

Victoria was still in LA.

When the two of them were on a video call yesterday, she said that there would be two more days before she could return.

Five minutes have passed, but there was still no reply.

Jordan was getting somewhat anxious.

No man would be able to remain calm after receiving a text like that.

Ten minutes passed, and Victoria still did not reply.

Jordan panicked!

He couldnt resist it and felt a strong urge to call to confirm.

Jordan didnt give her a video call right away because it was still within office hours, lest she appear rude if she was in the middle of a meeting with a very important business partner.

The phone rang several times, and Victoria finally answered.

Jordan was overjoyed.

As long as Victoria answered the phone, it would prove that the content of the text message was untrue.

“H… H…Hello, Honey, whats the matter”

Victoria was panting heavily as she spoke.

Jordan immediately had an ominous hunch.

‘Could it be…

“Oh, Victoria, what are you… doing Why are you panting so heavily” Jordan asked.

Victoria answered, “Oh, Im running on the… treadmill at high speed.”

Jordan put the phone to his ear and listened carefully to the background noise on the other end of the line.

There was a somewhat rhythmic noise, but it was difficult to tell if her footsteps were heard when she was running.

Jordan knew that Victoria was a fitness lover.

She was a 30-year-old woman, and it was impossible for her to maintain such a good figure without working out regularly.

Ever since she started dating Jordan, Victoria had been working out more regularly.

“Oh, Im fine.

I just called you because I miss you.

Go ahead with your run.

Well chat tonight.”

Jordan was finally relieved.

However, just as he was about to hang up the phone, he heard a sudden scream from Victoria on the other end of the line!

Victoria exclaimed, “Arnold Decker, what are you doing”

“Hello Victoria, what happened”

Jordan quickly asked.

However, at this moment, the call was suddenly disconnected!

“She hung up Why”

Jordans face turned pale and sullen as he had an ominous hunch!

‘Could Victoria and Arnold really…

‘That doesnt seem to make sense.

Why would Victoria do that

Arnold was inferior to Russell in every aspect.

Even if Victoria wanted to leave Jordan for an older and mature man, she should be choosing Russell instead!

At this moment, Hailey suddenly sent Jordan a text.

“Jordan, what are you doing now I heard that Victoria went on a business trip, huh You wanna grab some coffee”

When Jordan saw Haileys name, he was frightened!

“Could it be… that Hailey told Victoria about what happened between us that night, so Victorias taking revenge on me!”


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