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Chapter 219: Highest Level Of Playing Someone Out

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In the abandoned factory in the suburbs of New York City.

Tim recounted and then said, “I dont know what Arnold meant byhitting the board to score.

I simply just wanted to irk you.”


Jordan slapped him again, feeling really disgusted by Tim, who had put Jordan through a torturous time in those ten minutes.

“I didnt expect this matter to be a plan devised by you and Arnold.

Hmph, you guys are really brazen to fool me like this!”

Jordan was enraged.

He wouldnt just let it go!

“Take out your phone,” Jordan said to Tim.

“Sir, what do you want my cell phone for” Tim did not take it out immediately.

Pablo kicked him and snapped, “Bring it here as you are told! Dont say nonsense!”

Tim was not a malicious crook, but he had a foul mouth and was too talkative.

However, when it comes to bad guys like Pablo, one would have to be beaten up once for even word of nonsense.

Tim did not dare spout any more nonsense and hurriedly took out his cell phone, which he respectfully handed to Jordan.

“Password.” Jordan said coldly.

Tim learned his lesson this time, “The password is 455667.

What do you want to do with it”

Jordan laughed and retorted, “Dont you like playing me out Ill let you have a taste of your own medicine.”

Jordan said to Pablo, “Get a man to come over and take an intimate photo with Tim, then post it on Instagram.”

Tim swallowed his saliva nervously and said, “You can kill me, but you cant insult me, dont get up to any nonsense!”

However, he didnt resist to protect his dignity.

The two took an intimate photo together smoothly.

Afterward, it was posted onto Instagram using Tims account.

“Im coming out! I like men!”

Tim didnt block anyone on Instagram, and he had many followers, so there was an uproar as soon as he posted it.

Tim knew that his friends would definitely make a big deal out of it!

He wouldnt be able to get a girlfriend easily anymore.

However, that wasnt the worst consequence.

Soon, Tims father called.

“Pick up.” Jordan pressed the loudspeaker button and then made Tim answer the call.


Tims father flew into a rage immediately.

“You beast! What the hell is that thing posted on Instagram Hurry up and delete it before our relatives and friends see it!”

“Several of my colleagues have your Instagram.

Hurry up and delete it!”

Tim wanted to explain to his father, but he looked up at Jordans serious expression and did not dare to do so.

He said, “Dad! Im not playing, thats true!”

“Im sorry, Dad, Im sorry, Mom…”

Tim cried as he spoke.

On the other end of the phone, Tims father suddenly seemed to be out of breath.

“You… you… you unfilial son! Youre no longer my son!”

Tims mother called immediately after his father hung up.


“Son, what exactly is going on Didnt you have a girlfriend before”

“Mom, the girlfriends that I talked to you about before, were all lies.

‘Im sorry, Mom, for bringing you shame.”

The more Tim said, the smoother his speech was.

He had nothing to lose anyway, and he could just explain it when he got home.

He felt that Jordans approach was not ruthless enough as it did not hurt him!

Tims mother said, “Well talk about this when youre back.

Go spend time with your boyfriend and pay attention to safety.”

After saying that, she hung up the phone.


Pablo and his underlings couldnt help but burst into laughter.

Pablo said to Tim, “Kid, you have to thank Mr.


If it wasnt for him, you wouldnt even know your true identity.”

Pablos underlings teased, “Youre awesome, buddy.”

Tim burst into tears on the spot.

However, thats not all.

Another call came in, and Pablo helped to press answer.


“Tim, you scoundrel! Whats wrong with you”

The caller was a girl who seemed to have had a relationship with Tim.

Of course, Tim wanted to explain, but he saw the horrifying gaze in Jordans and Pablos eyes.

He had no choice but to say, “I do have a problem, whats up!!”

The girl on the other end of the line cursed, “Tim, you lied to me.

So much for lying to my husband for you.

Go to hell!”

After saying that, she hung up the phone.

Jordan looked at Tim, thinking that he deserved this because he had dated a married woman.

“Oh dear, if her husband finds out, hell get someone to kill me!”

Tim seemed to be hopeless.

At this point, Jordan walked forward and asked, “Is it fun to play others out”

Tim cried and said, “No, I wont dare to do it again.

I know my mistakes…”


Fortunately, Jordan was the scion of a powerful, mysterious family.

Otherwise, it is impossible to determine the situation that his girlfriend, who was miles away, was in within five minutes.

However, he couldnt punish only Tim.

He had to irk Arnold too, but Arnold was trying to use this opportunity to make Jordan and Victoria break up!

“I have to get Arnold to leave Victoria and Perry Express!”


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