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No matter how Benedict called out to him, Drew would ignore him.

Drew did not dare to provoke Jordan again.

He had already been beaten twice today, and if he got beaten up a third time, he would be disfigured.

Benedict was Jordans former father-in-law, but now they were no longer related to each other.

Hence, he was afraid that Jordan might turn his back on them and hit him too.

Benedict was different from Herman.

He didnt know any mafia members.

Hence, he picked up his phone and called his daughter Hailey.

“Hailey, are you still at West Lake Hotel”

Hailey answered, “Yes, Dad.

I am.”

Benedict said, “Im at your grandmas place, and weve discovered that a Richard Mille watch thats worth over 800,000 dollars has gone missing.

Jordan must have taken it.”

Hailey barked, “That scoundrel! Its no wonder he has the money to stay in the presidential suite of a five-star hotel!”

Benedict said, “Hailey, your grandmother is furious, and she wants you to bring Jordan back.

I wont go over.

Ill leave it to you.”

West Lake Hotel.

Hailey hung up the phone and exclaimed indignantly, “Great, Jordan, how dare you steal from Grandma Watch how I deal with you!!”

Hailey walked towards the front desk and asked, “Which room is Jordan Steele staying in”

Seeing this, Tyler hurriedly walked up to her and asked, “Hailey, what are you doing”

“What am I doing Im going to bring him back, of course.

He has stolen my grandfathers watch, which is worth over 800,000 dollars!” Hailey exclaimed.

Tyler knew that Jordan definitely wouldnt just comply, and the both of them would definitely argue when the time comes.

They were in a five-star hotel, and his family was in the hotel business in the first place.

What he hated most was people who created trouble in hotels.

Besides, Tyler couldnt afford to provoke the owner of the West Lake Hotel.

Tyler grabbed Haileys arm and said, “Dont go, just call the cops.”

Hailey shook him off and refuted, “Why are you such a coward If youre too scared to go, Ill go by myself!”

After finding out Jordans room number, Hailey boarded the elevator and headed to the presidential suite where Jordan was.


Hailey could not be bothered to ring the doorbell, and she simply pounded the door with her tender fists.

“Jordan, you thief! Open the door right now!”

At this juncture, Jordan had just finished taking a shower and was blow-drying his hair.

When he heard the knock on the door, he turned off the blow-dryer and vaguely heard Haileys voice again.

“Why is this woman still pestering me! She came looking for me again even though we just got divorced!”

Jordan put down the hairdryer and walked over to open the door.

As soon as he did, Hailey was greeted with the sight of Jordan dressed in a bathrobe, his voluminous hair combed behind him.

It was still damp, and his current hairstyle made him look much more handsome than he was when he had bangs.

He also looked more domineering.

Jordans bathrobe was not appropriately worn, and the muscles of his upper body were clearly visible.

“Jordan actually has abs…”

Hailey Camden had always liked men with abs, and despite having been married to Jordan for three years, she never knew that he had such a perfect figure!

“Had I known earlier, I would have made him stay topless at home during summer.”

Hailey felt a little regretful.

In her opinion, Jordan was poor, but he was handsome, and if he had abs too, he would make good eye candy.

“Whats the matter” Jordan asked coldly.

Hailey stopped gazing at Jordans body, and she questioned furiously, “Jordan, did you steal the Richard Mille watch from my grandmas house”

“What Richard Mille watch” Jordan was puzzled.

Hailey snapped, “Youre still pretending, huh!! Theres a watch thats worth over 800 thousand dollars, missing from Grandmas home! You must have taken it.

Otherwise, how could you have the money to stay in the presidential suite of a five-star hotel Even I have never stayed in a presidential suite before!”

Jordan couldnt help but burst into laughter, amused by the Camdens ridiculousness.

They would never offer him any benefits and only go to him whenever it was time to take the rap.

Jordan said, “Miss Camden, I never took a single thing from your family, nor have I stolen any watch.

Please leave.”

Hearing Jordan call her Miss Camden, Haileys heart was filled with sorrow!

For the past three years, he had called her “Hailey” affectionately.

He would sometimes even address her with terms of endearment like “Baby,” “Dearest Wife,” or “Goddess.”

Yet, Jordan now called her Miss Camden.

Feeling aggrieved, Hailey Camden accused sobbingly, “Jordan, youre so heartless! Why are you in such a hurry to chase me away Is there a woman in your room”

Of course, there was no woman in Jordans room.

He wasnt such an easy man.

However, Jordan said, “Its none of your business regardless of whether theres a woman or not.

Were already divorced.”

Hailey Camden was so exasperated that she pointed at Jordan and snapped, “Weve only been divorced for less than an hour, and youve already hooked up with another woman! Youre using the Camdens money too! Youve really let me down!”

Jordan guffawed.

“Hah, so youre allowed to cheat on me while we were still married, but its not okay for me to be with another woman after we got a divorce Whos the unfaithful one!!”

Hailey was speechless.

She stopped talking and barged straight in, intending to find the woman and give her a tight slap.

However, Jordan did not let Hailey step into the room at all.

Jordan said, “Miss Camden, youre not worthy of stepping foot inside the presidential suite of a five-star hotel.

If you refuse to leave, Ill call security.”


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