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Chapter 221: Opening The Locker!

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Arnold was the deputy president of Perry Express.

At the same time, Jordan was only the supervisor of the companys newly established training department.

He was only at the level of a department manager.

In terms of position, there was no way he could compare to Arnold because he was Arnolds subordinate.

Therefore, Arnold had been throwing his weight around as Jordans superior.

If Victoria was not around, he would have made Jordan carry his suitcase!

Jordan took Victorias suitcase and gave her a kiss before answering Arnolds question.

“The training is going very well, and the girls are very serious about learning English.

Theyre fast learners too.

If you dont believe me, you can always go over and check on the results.”

Arnold said, “I will definitely go check on them, but I have to go to the golf course now.

Wait for me at the training department at this timing tomorrow.

Ill go over to check personally.”

Although Jordan was indignant, he nonetheless said reluctantly, “Yes, Mr.


On the other hand, Victoria asked curiously, “Since when did you play golf Who are you going to play with”

For many years, the two had known each other, and Victoria knew that Arnold didnt play golf.

Arnold laughed and answered, “No one, Im just going to play alone, haha.”

He couldnt let Victoria know about Caydens secret in the golf course, lest Victoria steal the credit from him.

Victoria was now the president of Perry Express.

Still, she had lesser shares in Perry Express than Arnold, so she was just an acting president.

Audrey was still the one who was truly in power.

Arnold believed that as long as he could do a good job this time, he could request Audrey and the board of directors to make him the president of Perry Express!

By then, it would finally be possible for him to subdue Victoria!

The reason being, most women would be in awe of their superiors!

After leaving the airport exit, Arnold was picked up by his chauffeur.

While driving, Jordan asked Victoria, “Are you heading back to the office”

Victoria held Jordans hand and said, “I havent seen you for a week.

Lets go home instead!”

Jordan pretended to sigh and shook his head helplessly.

“Being a subordinate means you lose your human rights, and you have to go wherever your boss does.”

Victoria hit Jordan lightly and said, “You dont want to go home, right Lets go to the office then.”

Jordan hurriedly laughed and said, “No, no, Id very much like to go home! Haha.”

A week later, in the golf course of Great Mountain Villas.

“Hey, Mr.

Decker, we meet again.

Youve become obsessed with golf lately, huh Ive seen you here thrice this week.”

Cayden was dressed casually and wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses.

Holding a golf club in hand, he walked towards Arnold.

When Arnold saw Cayden, he smiled and greeted, “Mr.

Huxley, I know you come here often, so Ive been coming here frequently too.

Im a beginner.

I have to learn more from you.”

Cayden suddenly found it strange because he and Arnold used to be rivals who were at odds against each other previously.

Yet, Arnold now sounded like he was deliberately trying to get closer to him.

Cayden and Arnold walked to the spot where fewer people were and asked, “Arnold, how have you been doing in Perry Express lately”

Arnold sighed and said, “Dont mention it.

After suddenly acquiring Perry Express and becoming the new president, Audrey left again.

Still, she let Victoria, who has only been on board for two months, become president.”

“Ive been working hard for years at Perry Express, and I have more shares than she does.

Yet, I wasnt chosen to become the president.”

Cayden patted Arnolds shoulder and laughed.

“Haha, Arnold, in my opinion, Audrey is a nutcase.

She first started recruiting foreign women as couriers, causing all of us in the courier industry to have to follow in its footsteps and invest a lot of money for no reason.”

“Now shes making a woman who has never run a logistics company, the acting president.

Victoria Clarke knows nothing.

Shes just a pretty face.

How can she compare to me”

“So, why dont you just leave Perry Express and come to Breezy Express.

Grandpa has been asking me to poach you.”

Arnold was a sly old fox, and to find out Caydens secrets, he must first gain his trust, so he pretended to be interested.

“Did Mr.

Huxley really say that”

“Of course, my grandfather said you are the only one in Perry Express who can threaten us, so as long as we can poach you, Perry Express will mean nothing to us!”


Huxley has really flattered me.

Im not that capable.

Well, but a good bird knows the right place to live in.

If Miss Audrey keeps ignoring my competency, I cant guarantee that Ill stay in Perry Express forever!”

Cayden smiled.

The two often met to play golf together in the following week, and Arnold had already gained Caydens trust.

On a sunny and breezy afternoon, Arnold and Cayden met again at the golf course of Great Mountain Villas.

This time, Arnold was chatting with Caydens friends merrily.

“Arnold, sit here and wait for us while we go inside for a while,” Cayden said.

Arnold wanted to get up too.

“What are you going to do inside Cant I go in with you It seems that you still dont trust me enough, Mr.


Arnold already knew that the locker was inside.

Cayden and his friends laughed.

Cayden laughed and said, “Arnold, this is a little secret between us young people, so just stay out of it.

Dont worry, I definitely treat you as one of us, but were all entitled to our own privacy.”

Cayden patted Arnolds shoulder and then entered with two of his friends, also scions of wealthy families.

After the three left, Arnold unlocked his phone and texted a person who didnt have an avatar in his contact number.

“Theyve gone inside.”

There was a privacy feature where the message would self-destruct three seconds after the recipient reads it.

Soon, the message was automatically deleted.

After just one minute, a strange frisbee-like craft suddenly appeared in the sky above the golf course!

“UFO! Theres a UFO!”

Arnold yelled.

Cayden and his friends were all young people with strong curiosity about UFOs, so they dashed out immediately after hearing Arnold.

When they looked up and saw the frisbee in the sky that they had never seen before, the three of them got really excited.

“Wow! Its really a UFO! Where did this come from”

“Hurry up and take some pictures! Its really amazing to be able to see a UFO in this lifetime.”

Cayden picked up his cell phone and chatted with Hailey via the video call.

“Honey, quick, look at that thing in the sky! Dont you think it looks like a UFO!”

While all three of them were attracted by the strange sight in front of them, Arnold had already sneaked in, only to find that the locker had been locked.

It seemed that those three scions were really conscientious.

Although they eagerly wanted to see the UFO, they didnt forget to lock the locker.

However, Arnold had already prepared a universal key!

Arnold pulled out the key and quickly opened the cabinet door with a click!


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