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Chapter 223: Caydens Confession Plan!

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Yes, its the man who launched the manned rocket to space a while ago.

He is the richest man globally, and some people call him the “Iron Man” of the real world.

His horizons, vision, and thinking, are far beyond that of other businessmen.

Acts like colonizing Mars, traveling by rocket, and building the Hyperloop may seem crazy to ordinary people, but he was determined to make it a reality.

When he first founded SpaceX, he had looked for Jordans grandfather, who was impressed by him and invested a large sum of money in his projects.

However, Jordans grandfather decided to stop the funding because the expenditure was getting out of hand.

The Steeles lent at least four billion dollars to him.

Hence, to attract Cayden and the others this time so as to Arnold sneak in smoothly to see the items in the locker, Jordan borrowed a “UFO” from Elon Musk.

Elon Musk naturally agreed to such a trivial matter, and he even exchanged some pleasantries with Jordan.

Elon Musk asked Jordan, “Do you want me to take you out to have some fun”

Jordan asked, “Where to”

Elon answered, “To space!”

Jordan snapped, “Get lost!”

Like a top salesman, Musk told Jordan, “Come on man, the era of manned spaceflight has already begun.

You just need to pay $100 million to enjoy space travel!”

Jordans grandfather had instructed Jordan and his siblings to turn around and leave as soon as they saw Musk and avoid him as far as possible.

Reason being, Musk used to borrow money to fund his space projects that burned too much money.

Jordan chided Musk over the phone, “Trust you to have the nerve to ask me for money.

You havent returned the four billion that you owe my family!”

Musk said unabashedly, “I will pay you back on Mars after we successfully immigrate there!”

Jordan cursed and then hung up.

At this moment, Cayden and Hailey were admiring the UFO that had appeared out of nowhere.

However, Hailey was only interested in luxury homes, cars, and clothes.

She knew nothing about UFOs.

She asked softly, “Are you playing golf with Arnold again”

“Yes.” Cayden nodded and was about to ask Arnold to also say hello to his wife.

However, when he turned around to take a look, Arnold was no longer there!

Cayden immediately hung up the video call and exclaimed in shock, “Why is Arnold missing!!”

The next second, Cayden and his friends immediately scurried inside and happened to see Arnold standing beside their private locker!

Arnold panicked when he saw Cayden rushing over.

However, he was experienced enough and immediately said with a calm smile, “Whats the matter Has the UFO flown away”

Cayden sized up Arnold and suddenly realized that Arnold had deliberately tried to get close to him recently, probably because of a hidden agenda and not to jump ship to Breezy Express.

Cayden said with a sinister smile, “Arnold, you came in here and unlocked our private locker.

What were you trying to do Investigate on me”

Cayden was rather polite.

A friend standing behind him immediately cursed, “Why are you invading our privacy!!”

Arnold chuckled and said, “Mr.

Cayden, you misunderstood, the UFO was flying at a very low altitude just now, and something got into my eye, so I unknowingly walked over and ended up here.”

“I didnt open the locker.

It was always open.

Did you guys just forget to close it in because you were rushing to see the UFO”

A wealthy scion said, “Impossible! I remember clearly that it was closed when I left!”

Cayden walked up to Arnold and asked, “Did you take a photo of our things”

Although what was hidden in the locker was not a trade secret but just the photos of beautiful women, the contact couldnt be leaked to others.

Those who the top scions were attracted to were absolutely gorgeous, and generally, they were all already attached.

Their boyfriends or husbands were usually extremely powerful figures.

Once they mess with other mens wives, they wouldnt be able to suffer the consequences.

Arnold took out his phone and handed it to Cayden.” I really didnt mean to barge in, much less take pictures.

If you dont believe me, Ill let you check my phone.”

Cayden took the phone and checked the photo album, messages, and many other apps to confirm that there were no photos and no messages sent to other people.

However, Cayden was not a fool, and he was aware of the self-destruction text message function in some apps.

When Cayden saw that the matter had been exposed, he patted Arnolds shoulder and said, “Hey, its not really a big deal.

Since youve seen it, theres no harm in telling you because youre one of us.”

“Cayden…” A rich scion clearly didnt want Arnold to know about their affairs.

Cayden stretched out his hand, indicating that he knew his limits.

After that, Cayden introduced to Arnold, “Have you seen the pictures of these girls in the locker These are the ones that a few of us tried to pursue but failed.

We met them in different parts of the world.”

“You should also know that we rich scions are generally very arrogant, and well stand up for a car that failed its age.

“The rest have caught up.

We can take a short video or something to give our dejected brother a thrill.”

Arnold took a look at the three photos.

‘No wonder the first symbol of each photo is a cross.”

Arnold asked, “What is the meaning of the symbols on the photos”

Cayden explained, “The cross means failure to even get to talk to her, let alone the rest.”

“This light red circle means we had a pleasant chat, and we can go out for tea or a movie.”

“This dark red circle means that youve already gotten intimate.

Cayden pointed to the two circles on Emilys body and explained.

Cayden looked at Emily and said, “The leftmost girl is a flight attendant that Kane met long ago.

No matter how he tried, he couldnt get her to come out.

In a fit of anger, he wanted us to explain.”

“Yes, Mason could at most hold her hand, and he got blocked afterwards.

What a sensitive girl.

He was referring to the suave guy behind him who was less than 1.7 meter tall.

Mason said with indignation, “That bitch Victoria pretends to be aloof.

Ive had so many women, and who does she think she is How dare she reject me!”

“Cayden, youre 1.85 meters tall.

You must conquer Emily Clarke.

We have all failed, so were depending on you now!”

Cayden looked at the sweet photo of Emily in her flight attendants uniform with an evil smile!


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