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Chapter 224: Cayden Pursues Emily!

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Ever since the “Five-Pax New York Hunting Team was established, they had never failed a single time.

Not only were they all incredibly wealthy, but they were also men of different styles.

Some were muscular, some were gentle and considerate, some had figures like a celebrity, and some were talented and funny.

Even if someone failed to woo the girls, they could just send someone else, and they would succeed.

However, he did not expect that they would be defeated by the owner of Café Nostalgia.”

The seemingly ordinary air hostess Emily and four people in a row failed, which is too much of a blow to the self-confidence of these wealthy youngsters.

As the initiator of this plan, Cayden had to take responsibility for the members of his team!

Stewardesses had always been Caydens favorite!

On the other hand, a rich scion beside Cayden said, “Cayden, your wife Hailey should be more than four months pregnant, right Youve been holding it in for so long, dont you want to vent the anger on Sophie.

Hailey was actually almost six months pregnant now, and her baby bump was huge.

She was much chubbier than before, and she was completely different then.

Moreover, Haileys baby did not belong to Cayden, so he wasnt interested in her now.

Similarly, Hailey had been pregnant for six months, but her husband wasnt by her side, so she wasnt very nice to Cayden.

Cayden and Hailey had been sleeping in separate rooms for a long time.

Cayden nodded and said, “Emily is not bad.

Yet, all of you failed.

It happens that Ive been holding it in badly lately.

I want to toy with Emily.”

“Mason, have you checked where she will fly in the next few days”

Mason answered, “Yes, shes flying to DC tomorrow and will stay there for a day.”

“Very good, then Ill also book a ticket to DC.”

As Cayden spoke, he texted his assistant to book plane tickets for him.

Arnold, who was at the side, was a bit puzzled.


Cayden, why go to the trouble of flying to DC Wont you have ample time once she returns”

Cayden and the rest laughed.

Cayden chuckled and said, “Arnold, you obviously dont know much.

These flight attendants are young and beautiful women who love romance.

You can get it done in three days if you woo her here but if you go abroad with her, she might sleep with you in one night.”

“They will be very reserved here, but once they go abroad, they will be very liberal.

Besides, theyll have limited time out there, and itll be difficult to meet and maintain a long-distance relationship.

Most people tend to get it on once they take a liking to someone.”

Most women like romantic gestures.

If she were to go to a hotel with a man in a city she had lived in for decades, she wouldnt find it romantic at all.

They could easily find the hotel and the hotel staff knew them too.

There was no romance or a sense of novelty at all.

However, if it happened in places like Paris and London, things would be different.

They would find it fresh, exciting, and unforgettable.

They would even thank the man for the experience.

If they get married and have children in their own city years later, they might just lead a stable life without getting the chance to fly to those countries again.

They would also remember from time to time the romantic experience of meeting someone, holding hands with them while shopping, drinking, and then sleeping together.

Everything would seem so romantic and wonderful…

Those men who invite women on countless dates and movies before winning their hearts would never know how liberal some women can be when theyre overseas.

Cayden was naturally an expert who understood the mentalities of some vain and materialistic women.

Cayden asked, “Emily is an orphan, right”

Mason nodded and said, “Yes, her life is rather tragic, and she doesnt have a powerful family but dont think of using money to get her.

She wont buy it.”

Cayden humphed coldly and said, “People like her definitely need to be shown concern.

Why do you only think of spending money to get girls No wonder youve been failing.”

“Just watch me.

Im the best at dealing with such a poor and pitiful orphan.”

Cayden looked at Emilys picture and already imagined the scene of holding her in his arms.

However, they could leave it aside for the time being and focus on Arnold instead.

Arnold had just learned of their secret and revealed himself to have a hidden agenda.

He seemed to be suspicious of trying to steal business secrets.

Cayden wouldnt let Arnold leave just like that.

Cayden suddenly grabbed Arnolds shoulders and said, “Arnold, come join us for karaoke.

Ill choose a pretty hostess for you.”

Arnold hastily declined, “No, no, Im too old for that.”

Mason said, “Mr.

Decker, you look young, strong, and full of vigor.

Come on, lets go.”

Arnold couldnt outrage them, so he had no choice but to follow them to a private club.

They entered the room and Cayden clapped his hands, after which a row of women appeared in front of the four of them.

“Arnold, take your pick.”

Arnold looked from left to right and still shook his head in the end.


Cayden, you guys go ahead.

I really cant make it.

I have something to attend to at the office.

Ill get going now.”


Mason smacked the table and said, “Mr.

Decker, youve already found out about our secret.

If you dont stay to have fun with us, we wont be at ease.”

Arnold was furious, and he thought to himself,If I had long known that your secret was about messing around with women, I wouldnt have bothered to find out.

Its all Tims fault for giving me unreliable news!

Arnold said, “Mr.

Cayden, its not that Im pretending to be a good man, but Ive always had high standards for women.

I wont take a liking to any woman unless its someone like Victoria.”

Cayden stood up and said, “So you dont like them, Mr.


I get it.

You may take your leave.

Ill definitely find a woman who meets your standards another day.

I promise youll be satisfied!”

Arnold nodded.

“Dont worry, Mr.

Cayden, I wont tell anyone about your affairs.

You guys enjoy as you please.

I never wanted to interfere in the first place.”

After saying that, Arnold left.

After Arnold left, Mason was still feeling very uneasy because the woman in the middle of the photo of the three women had an extraordinary background, and Arnold had already seen her photo.

If Arnold were to spread the word about it, theyd definitely face the revenge of someone else.

Mason said, “Cayden, that old fogy Arnold cant be trusted.

Besides, I suspect he approached you only because he was trying to get some secrets out of you.

He does not intend to jump ship to Breezy Express at all.”

Cayden smoked a cigarette and said, “Of course I know that.

Dont worry, Ill drag Arnold down and make him join us.”

While smoking, Cayden suddenly realized that a tall and slender woman among the row of women in front of them had eyes that resembled Victoria greatly!

At this moment, Cayden suddenly had an extremely sinister and malicious idea!


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