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Chapter 225: Saving Emily!

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“You, come here.”

Cayden called out to the woman who resembled Victoria a little.

The woman walked over obediently and let Cayden look at it carefully.

“The look in their eyes are very similar, but unfortunately, her nose is too flat, her lips are different from Victorias, and her chin looks awful.”

The woman had a square face while Victoria had a smaller face.

She looked like a celebrity and was highly photogenic.

“How about I give you 200 grand for cosmetic surgery” Cayden said to the woman.

The woman hesitated for a moment before asking, “What do you want me to get surgery to look like”

Cayden showed her a photo of Victoria on his phone and said, “Like her.”

When the woman saw Victorias stunningly gorgeous appearance, she immediately nodded and agreed, “Ill do it!”

Cayden smiled and said, “Okay, well change your name too.

From today onwards, you will be called Victoria Clarke!”

Cayden could not get the real Victoria since she was the woman that Russell had his eyes on after all.

However, he could get a woman that resembled her to satisfy Arnolds desires.

Anyway, Arnold will never get his hands on Victoria, so he might not mind being with a woman who resembled her.

Arnold called Tim and lashed out at him as soon as the call got through.

“Tim, are you an idiot! Whats wrong with your ears! What kind of business secrets are there in that locker Im now under their control, and theyre worried that Ill tell on them.

I cant be bothered at all!”

Arnold was enraged.

Tim, who was still in the car with Jordan, immediately asked, “Uncle, arent those photos you took business secrets”

Arnold said furiously, “Thats not a business secret but a wall of honor of the girls that those five kids are pursuing.

Theyre competing to see who can catch up.”

With Jordans instructions, Tim hurriedly asked, “I think the girl on the far left looks good.

There are two crosses, a light red circle and a dark red circle.

What does that mean Has she been taken down by Cayden and the others”

Arnold was overwhelmed with fury, so he couldnt be bothered to explain.

“What are you asking for What does it have to do with you”

Tim said, “Uncle, just tell me, I fell in love with the girl on the far left at first sight, and Im totally in love with her! I also want to court her! Quickly tell me if she has been conquered by Cayden and the others.”

Arnold humphed coldly and asked, “Just you Even the top scions have failed four of them, and you still want to chase Dont daydream.”

“Four failures Those two circles dont represent success” Tim asked.

Seeing how curious Tim was about what the symbols represented, he knew that Tim would continue to rattle on and bombard him with questions until he was told the truth.

So, Arnold merely explained, “No, the check means conquered, the light red circle meant that they had a good chat, and dark red means they had already held hands.”

“Although this girl hasnt been conquered, for the time being, it might be different in a couple of days.”

Hearing this, Jordan, who was in the car, immediately panicked and shot Tim a hinting glance.

Tim was really smart to know what Jordan wanted to say.

He immediately asked, “What does that mean”

Arnold said, “Caydens wife is four or five months pregnant, and the two of them have been sleeping in separate rooms for a long time.

Caydens probably sexually frustrated, and he wants to sleep with this girl tomorrow.”

“They have done a thorough check and gotten a clear understanding of her background and preferences.

Cayden is quite an eligible man, so I reckon this flight attendant will be attracted to him.”

“Tim, dont harbor any designs on her unless you dont mind sleeping with a woman that Mr.

Cayden has slept with.”

In fact, Tim came from a presentable family, and he was definitely good enough for Emily.

The two hung up without saying anything else.

“DC… Cayden Huxley is going to DC tomorrow… No, I have to tell Victoria to inform Emily to keep her guard up against Cayden Huxley!”

Jordan panicked because if he didnt care and let the matter develop, there was a good chance that the young and ignorant Emily would end up getting tricked by Cayden!

Although Jordan hated the scumbag Cayden, he had to admit that he was the type of man that many women fancy.

He was tall, handsome, and rich.

He fulfilled any requirement that women have for men too.

Even Hailey, who had high standards for men, actually fell in love with Cayden even when she was still married to Jordan!

One can imagine how attractive Cayden was to women.

Generally, women wouldnt be able to resist his charms.

Hence, Jordan hesitated again when he was about to call Victoria.

“If Victoria asks me how I found out about this matter, how should I answer”

Jordan found out about the private locker that Cayden and his friends had when he overheard Caydens conversation with Hailey in the hotel room in Japan back then.

If Victoria probed further, this matter would inevitably be mentioned.

Of course, Jordan could also lie to her, but he would have to use countless lies to cover up the lie once he does.

Besides, Jordan and Victoria had never lied to each other.

The fact that Jordan chose to conceal his meeting with Hailey was already eating at him, and he couldnt bring himself to lie to her again!

He didnt want to become like Hailey, who could casually cook up stories and lie to her better half.

It just so happens that after Victoria became the president of Perry Express, she got really busy and had to attend conferences everywhere.

She would be going to the capital in the next few days.

“Why dont I just go to DC to stop Cayden and meet my future sister-in-law”

Jordan really wanted to meet Emily, and another important reason was that he wanted to propose to Victoria!

Before that, he would love to meet Victorias only relative in this world and ask for her consent!

Jordan immediately booked tickets to DC.

Meanwhile, Cayden booked a direct flight to the US.

He managed to get first-class tickets because it was the same airline that Emily worked for.

At 9 am, Cayden arrived at the airport, dressed stylishly.

He attracted the attention of many, but he was wrapped up tightly.

When he got on the plane, he headed to the first-class cabin and sat down quietly.

It didnt take long for the flight attendants in the first-class cabin to whisper among themselves.

“Emily, see that man in the white jacket Hes so tall and handsome!

One of the flight attendants was totally smitten.

Emily was dressed in a red flight attendant uniform with a striped wrap-around skirt, exuding a charming yet dignified aura.

Emily smiled and nodded..

“Yes, I saw him.

Hes very handsome!”


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