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Chapter 226: Fallen Into A Trap

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Many women like tall men.

Regardless of looks, guys like Cayden, who were 1.85 meters tall, would receive compliments from women as they walked on the street as long as they dressed well.

Moreover, Cayden was as handsome as a celebrity, so ordinary girls wouldnt resist his charms.

Hence, before getting together with Hailey, Cayden would never bother courting other women.

Pretty flight attendants like Emily would throw themselves at him.

They would ask for his number, ask him out on dates, give him gifts, and even take the initiative to book hotel rooms to sleep with him.

Ordinary men will never know how proactive and lowly women can be when they meet handsome and wealthy men.

They would rather bend over backward for these wealthy men than be in a serious relationship with average men.

Even if they were to date ordinary men, they would act like extremely spoiled brats and call men jerks once they were slightly dissatisfied with something.

That was the reason that Jordan was willing to fork out a large sum of money from his own pocket to bring foreign women into the country.

After Cayden sat down in his seat, Emily quickly came forward and asked, “Sir, what drink would you like to have”

Cayden looked at Emily, wearing a uniform, and secretly thought,Shes indeed quite pretty and elegant.

She seems noble and unlike a girl from an ordinary family.

Its no wonder Kane and the other three have all failed.”

Cayden said with a smile, “Coffee.”

“Alright, Sir, heres your coffee.”

Emily handed the coffee to Cayden, who then thanked her again.

This was the first conversation between the two during their first meeting.

Cayden could have deliberately spilled the coffee on her hand when he took it so that he could have more contact with her.

However, Cayden did not want to pull off such a cliché move.

He had long thought of how to attract Emilys attention.

The flight was about a couple of hours, so Cayden pretended to take a nap.

After about thirty minutes or so, Cayden suddenly exclaimed!

“Dad! Mom!”

When the flight attendants heard him, they immediately rushed over.

They took a look at the person who was screaming, only to see that it was a handsome man in the first-class cabin.

They then became even more concerned.

“Sir, Sir, whats wrong with you”

Cayden kept his eyes closed and seemed as if he was having a nightmare.

Cayden pretended to wake up after being called by the flight attendants and looked as if he was frightened.

“Sir, did you get a nightmare” Emily asked.

While panting heavily, Cayden said, “I dreamed of my parents.”

With a polite smile, Emily squatted in front of Cayden.

She said, “Well be touching down in DC soon.

Are your parents in DC or back home If theyre in DC, youll be able to see them soon.”

“If theyre at home, you can call them when you get off the plane and inform them that youre safe.”

Cayden looked at Emily, who was half squatting in front of him.

He liked the angle that he was looking at her.

In a few hours, he was going to cajole Emily and take her to a hotel room where he could admire her properly!

He was harboring evil thoughts, but on the surface, he seemed to be in misery.

“They… are not in DC nor New York.

Theyre not in any corner of this world…”

Cayden said in sorrow.

Since he really could not make himself cry, he covered his face with his big hand and pretended to be devastated.

This was part of Caydens plan.

Since he knew in advance that Emilys parents had passed on, he deliberately pretended to be in the same plight as her to resonate with him.

It would then be easier for the two to get in touch.

Hearing Caydens words, the stewardesses all covered their mouths because they could tell that his parents had probably passed on.

Emily was the most touched!

Reason being, unlike the other stewardesses whose parents are alive, Emily was the only one whose parents had passed.

Emily looked at the sad Cayden and felt an urge to comfort him, but as a flight attendant, she couldnt talk to the passenger about such personal stuff.

“Im sorry.”

Emily had reminded Cayden of his unhappiness.

“Have some water.”

“Thank you.”

Cayden took the hand Emily handed him and deliberately pretended to be emotionally distressed as he grasped Emilys hand.

“Oh, Im sorry.”

Cayden hurriedly apologized.

Emily smiled, knowing that he had just had a nightmare and was emotionally unstable.

She didnt think he was doing it on purpose.

“Its alright, Sir.”

Cayden was overjoyed, and he grabbed Emilys hand.

Such an achievement was enough to let him annotate the photos in the golf course locker with a dark red circle.

For the rest of the flight, Emily obviously paid more attention to Cayden.

However, Cayden did not ask for Emilys number until he got off the plane.

Instead, Emilys colleague asked for his number.

Cayden had other plans in mind.

He knew that these flight attendants would stay for a day after arriving in DC, and they would definitely go to the luxurious malls to shop.

Another two hours passed.

Emily and her colleague came out of the hotel and headed for CityCenterDC.

There were designer and luxury brand stores on both sides of the avenue.

“Take a look.

These LV bags cost 100 dollars each, and Richard Mille watches are going at a thousand dollars each.”

Emily was astonished.

“Are your bags and watches authentic How come they are so ridiculously cheap”

The man selling the watches said, “The goods are authentic.

I brought them out from the LV store.

I dont have the receipt.

Take it or leave it.”

Emily shook her head, not wanting to get something that was obtained through sordid means.

However, Emilys friend bought an LV bag and also showed it off on Instagram.

“Haha, I got an LV bag for a hundred bucks!”

Afterward, Emily and her friend went to the CityCenterDC, where there were more than 40 luxury brands, some of which were the rarest.

It was the place where all the vain women will definitely go when they come.

So, Cayden was here early to wait for Emily.

His guess was correct.

His prey, Emily, soon appeared in his sight!

Each floor sells different things.

When Emily was about to reach out to touch an English court-style tea set, a familiar large palm suddenly touched her hands.

Emily looked up to see that it was Cayden!

“Hey, arent you the passenger on the plane” Emily was overjoyed.

Cayden, on the other hand, pretended not to recognize her.

“Youre the flight attendant that… flew with me What a coincidence!”

“Yes, its such a coincidence.” Emily also smiled, thinking that the two of them were really fated with each other.

Seeing the joy on Emilys face, Cayden knew that he could easily win her heart and take advantage of her at night.

However, at this moment, Jordan had yet to arrive because of a flight delay.


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