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Chapter 229: Weeping Emily!

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The moment Emily heard the gunshot, she was so frightened that her legs went limp.

Jordan, standing outside the door, was just as shocked because he knew how dangerous firearms were.

It wasnt surprising that ordinary citizens carried guns with them.

However, it was shocking that a shooting would occur in a prestigious hotel like the Ritz Carlton.

“I didnt expect it to be so unsafe even in a five-star hotel.”

Jordan was glad that he had come over to look for Emily.

Otherwise, it would be terrible if something happened to her.

The man who had just shot someone dead happened to see Jordan standing outside Emilys door, and he quickly walked over while holding up his gun.

“Hey man, calm down, calm down!”

Jordan tried to calm the man down while reaching into his pocket for his cell phone.

On the other hand, Emily, who was in the hotel room, immediately asked after hearing his words, “Jordan, whats happening outside Is someone shooting with a gun Hurry up and come inside.

Ill open the door for you!”

Emily immediately opened the door, but Jordan stopped her.

“Dont open the door! Lock the door and stay inside!”

Emily muttered, “Jordan…”

At this moment, Emily felt a strong urge to cry, but she didnt dare to let her tears roll down her cheeks.

She realized at this moment that the tall men she liked, who made her feel safe, were not of any help at all.

If Cayden was outside, he would have probably risked getting Emily involved and knocked hard on the door to get her to let him in.

However, Jordan was extremely concerned about her safety and valued her life more than his own!

However, as the saying goes, one should never take on a task without the required skills.

Jordan did so because he had been practicing martial arts since he was little and had trained hard on the battlefield before.

Hence, he had long been experienced in fighting barehanded against an armed enemy.

However, the man completely ignored Jordans warning.

Jordan took out his cell phone and flung it out!

If there were bystanders, they would definitely find Jordans incredible speed and the precision of his angle breathtaking.

His phone darted towards the mans face.

At the same time, Jordan quickly took off the watch on his left wrist.

Whenever Jordan goes out without a weapon, he would surely wear a watch, but unlike those men who wear watches to show off their statuses and pretend to be impressive, Jordan does so for self-defense.

He would never wear watches with leather straps, and all the watches he wore had steel straps.

Only watches with steel straps would deal his opponents a painful blow, thus allowing him to instantly defeat his opponents or buy time for himself.

His watch had a special mechanism that would make it automatically fall off as soon as it was given a hard smack.

Picking up the heavy watch, Jordan quickly flung it out forcefully.

This time, it was flung directly into the opponents gun-wielding hand.

The mans eye was first smashed by the phone, so his vision was blocked too.

He wanted to blindly fire, but he was quickly hit in the wrist by the watch, causing his pistol to fall to the ground.

These actions were almost completed in an instant.

Jordan rolled over, kicked the gun to the side, and knocked the man down with two punches.

A normal person would not be able to remain sober after being punched twice by Jordan- not even Mike Tyson in his prime.

Moreover, they were caught off guard.

Afterward, Jordan called the service staff who had long been hiding to come over and clean up the scene.

When the police arrived, they specifically deployed more police officers to tighten security in the hotel.

Jordan then proceeded to knock on Emilys door again.


Emily opened the door, and when she saw that Jordan was safe and sound, she burst into tears and leaped over to hug him.

She cried, “Thank God, youre okay… If something untoward had happened to you, how would I explain to Victoria Shed definitely be devastated.”

Jordan had never seen a girl cry so hard before.

Jordan gently stroked Emilys hair and tried not to hug her too tightly.

He said with a smile, “Emily, Im fine, arent I Even if something happened to me, you dont have to cry like this for me.

Its our first meeting anyway, and we dont know each other that well.”

Jordan was touched to see how hard Emily was bawling because it meant that she approved of him.

Emily sobbed and said, “You dont understand.

Victoria and I cant experience the loss of our loved ones again.”

“Our father was murdered when he was abroad.”

“Is that so” Jordan sighed emotionally.

He knew that Victoria and Emilys father had passed away abroad when they were young.

However, he didnt know that he had been murdered.

“Has the murderer been found” Jordan asked with concern.

Emily shook her head and said, “Im not sure about this matter, but my sister has been looking for the murderer for years.

However, it seems that she has not given up yet.”

Jordan nodded and said, “Dont worry, I have many friends abroad.

Ill definitely help you guys find the murderer.”

“Okay.” Emily nodded.

Afterward, Emily pulled Jordan into the room and asked him to take a seat.

She then said to him amicably, “Jordan, Im not the kind of girl who would casually check into a hotel room with someone just after knowing them for a day.”

“I dont know how Cayden found out about my life, and he deliberately told me that his parents have passed and then pretended to have met me by coincidence at the mall.

He even used the same name as you…”

“Anyway, there were many coincidences, and they made me feel that he and I are fated to meet each other.

Thats why I…”

Jordan gently stroked Emilys hair and said, “Emily, I know you are a good girl.

Cayden had devised this plan carefully to lure and deceive you.”

“Before that, a few of his friends had already met you, and theyve all gained a clear understanding of your life and your preferences.”

Emily came to a sudden realization and said, “Its no wonder that he even knows what I like to eat! This bunch of scumbags is really malicious.”

Jordan said, “Dont worry, Ill teach those four guys a good lesson when I return.”

“Thank you, my dear brother-in-law! Well, Im afraid that something else will happen at night.

Why dont you stay here tonight instead of leaving” Emily said timidly.

It wasnt the first time Jordan had slept on the ground.

When he went on vacations with Hailey in the past, he had always slept on the ground in the hotel room.

“Okay, Ill sleep on the floor then,” Jordan said.

To his surprise, Emily grabbed his hand and pulled him to the bed.

She said, “What for We can just chat all night or play games.

Do you play PUBG Or MyWorld”


Jordan thought,Isnt MyWorld a game for kids

Jordan chuckled and said, “Lets not play games.

There is something I want to ask you.”

“Go ahead.”

“Some time from now, I plan to propose to your sister.

Has she ever told you what her dream proposal is like Is it on some island or at home Apart from the ring and flowers, what else do I need to prepare”


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