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Chapter 230: Jordans Proposal Plan

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Yes, Jordan was planning to propose to Victoria!

Although they had not been together for a long time, their feelings for each other were true and strong.

After having experienced so much with her, Jordan had already determined that Victoria was a woman with whom he could spend the rest of his life.

Besides, Victoria was already 31 years old, and the best childbearing age for women is 25-30 years old.

She was now past her best childbearing age, and in another two years, she would be considered of advanced maternal age.

Expectant mothers of advanced maternal age are at higher risk of facing fetal malformations and increased incidences of genetic diseases.

As a top wealthy family, the Steeles attached great importance to the health of their offspring, so Jordans grandfather had also mentioned this issue to Jordan before.

He told Jordan that he should consider having a baby with Victoria if he genuinely liked her.

It was common for couples to have children before getting married, and some men would wait until their children were adolescents to propose to their girlfriend.

However, some would prefer to get married before having children.

If Victoria had a child out of wedlock, she might be frowned upon by some.

Therefore, Jordan intended to propose to Victoria and have a child with her within a year after they get engaged.

Of course, although Jordan had the intention to propose, he wasnt going to do it right away.

Jordan planned to propose to Victoria after Hailey gave birth.

Haileys estimated labor date was in February of the following year, which was less than four months away.

It just so happens that Victoria had just become the president of Perry Express, so she was extremely busy everyday.

It indeed wasnt a good time to propose.

He would propose to her while she was on leave next year!

However, Emily was surprised to hear that Jordan intended to propose to Victoria.

While munching on snacks, she said, “Wow, Jordan, youre really bold.

Youre actually thinking of proposing to my sister Im not trying to be a wet blanket, but just because Victorias dating you, it doesnt mean that shell be willing to marry you.”

“Maybe she thinks youre young, handsome, and fit… She might just be toying with you, and shell dump you once shes gotten sick of you!”

Emily had asked Victoria about Jordans family background before, but Victoria told her that he had come from an average family.

Although Emily had a good impression of Jordan, she also felt that Jordan wasnt worthy of her sister.

Jordan felt somewhat embarrassed for a while, so he asked, “Do you think Im not good enough for your sister”

Emily nodded unabashedly and said, “Victoria is the president of a company thats worth billions, so you are indeed a bit unworthy.

Why dont you try courting me instead Im just a flight attendant, and we are not that far apart in terms of status.

Were about the same age too, haha.”

Jordan was speechless.

Jordan felt a little awkward.

‘This girl keeps trying to flirt with me.

Is she trying to help Victoria test me

Men who harbored ill intentions might really cheat when theyre faced with such a beautiful girl who was taking the initiative to flirt.

Jordan said, “Anyway, just dont bother if your sister will reject me or not.

Just tell me what kind of proposal she likes.”

Since a marriage proposal is supposed to be a surprise, Jordan couldnt ask Victoria what kind of a proposal she liked as that would ruin the element of surprise.

She would wonder,Huh Why is he asking me this question Is he planning to propose to me

While snacking, Emily gave it some thought and then said, “She did tell me that if the person she fancies proposes to her, she doesnt want it to be in a public place or somewhere thats too rowdy.”

“Itd be good if you could charter an island.

If its just two of you, it wont be too awkward for you if she rejects you.


Jordan was speechless.

‘There she goes again.

Jordan had absolute confidence in himself, and he knew that Victoria was very much in love with him.

Once he proposes, Victoria will definitely agree!

Having received the valuable information, Jordan stopped being kind to Emily as he snatched the bag of snacks away from her.

“Stop eating.

Do you know that flight attendant have to keep in shape Ill eat the snacks for you.”

“Ah, youre so annoying! Return it to me.

I havent had anything to eat yet!”

Emily kept chasing after Jordan, and the two of them were laughing incessantly.

The following day, the two of them washed up and left the hotel room together.

As soon as they opened the hotel room door, they saw that there was a security guard who looked like NBA star Nick Young standing outside.

After asking, they learned that Jordan had subdued the criminal yesterday, and the hotel staff was afraid that someone would come to take revenge, so they specially sent someone to guard their door to protect their safety.

This security guard stood in front of their room for the whole night.

“Its been hard on you.” Jordan and Emily both thanked him.

However, the security guard said, “Its not hard at all.

You guys were getting it on all night, so I wasnt bored at all.”

Then, he looked at Jordan and gave him a thumbs-up.

“Youre really impressive, Buddy.”

Jordan was speechless.

‘Did this guy misunderstand something Last night, Jordan and Emily bickered for a long time and did not go to bed until after four.

“Uh, youve misunderstood… shes my girlfriends sister, not my girlfriend.”

Jordan explained.

The security guard exclaimed.

“Oh, I wont tell anyone, I promise!”

Jordan was speechless, but Emily laughed out loud.

Not only was she not afraid of creating a misunderstanding, she even took the initiative to hold Jordans arm as they walked out of the hotel together.

After reaching the entrance, the two had to part ways.

Jordan had to return to New York City while Emily had to prepare for the next flight.

“Wish you a successful proposal! Bye!” Emily said with a vibrant smile, waving at Jordan to bid him goodbye.

Jordan looked at the naive and lively Emily and suddenly felt that Victorias past sacrifices were worth it.

Emily was now happy and carefree.

Her job wasnt that tiring, and her material needs were met.

Wasnt that what Victoria wanted for her

Still carrying Emilys aroma, Jordan bought a ticket to return home.

Upon returning to New York City, the first thing Jordan did was to avenge Emily!

“Those five bastards, including Cayden, went so far as to treat Emily as prey! Emily even almost let Cayden get it on with her!”

“Once one of them likes her, theyd definitely record videos and share them with others.

That is the significance of their group!

Jordan was also a rich scion, so he knew the purpose of Caydens and his friends gathering very well.

If one of them couldnt succeed, the other would try, and once he succeeds, he would give the one who failed some benefits.

Jordan didnt need to guess to know that they would do that.

“If I had arrived in DC half an hour later.

then photos and videos might have been viewed by all those five bastards!”

Jordan clenched his fist in exasperation because he saw Emily as his sister-in-law!

She was the sister for whom Victoria always protected and had become someones mistress for!

Jordan would never allow anyone to hurt her!


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