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Chapter 232: Abusing The Gym Trainer!

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Kane had gotten used to being arrogant and disrespectful towards everyone so much that he didnt even notice Jordans angry expression.

Still grinning, he said, “Buddy, you should thank me for being able to see Emily Clarke.

Im the initiator of this plan.”

“Back then, I saw Emily on a flight, and thats when I decided to list her as one of our targets of pursuit.”

Kane was all smug and complacent when Jordan slapped him!


Jordan glowered at Kane and chastised, “You scumbag, if you cant win a girls heart, it just means that youre incompetent! Even if someone else manages to win her heart and sends you a photo of it, you still wont be able to deny the fact that youre a good-for-nothing!”

The sudden slap made Kane and Nate both dumbfounded.

Just now, they thought that Jordan was Caydens friend and one of them!

Kane covered his face and suddenly pointed at Jordan, seemingly having come to a sudden realization after getting slapped.

He barked, “Oh, Ive long recognized you! Youre not Caydens friend! On the day of Caydens wedding, you went to his villa to create a nuisance!”

Hearing Kanes words, Nate was reminded of that incident.

At that time, Jordan barged into the villa in his slippers and confronted Cayden right away.

Shane had even exchanged some blows with Jordan.

Suppose Hailey hadnt suddenly intervened and taken Jordan outside.

In that case, God knows how the brawl between Shane and Jordan would have escalated.

Nate glanced at Jordan with contempt and said, “Are you the ex-boyfriend of Caydens wife Oh, my best friend snatched your girlfriend.

Youre the incompetent one!”

“Yes, youre a penniless loser! Who are you to have the audacity to hit me!! Coach Jim! Coach Carl!”

Kane also remembered that Jordan didnt have a powerful background.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have had his girlfriend snatched away by Cayden.

Hence, he began yelling loudly.

Soon, two muscular coaches who were nearly 1.9 meters tall walked over.

They were Coach Jim and Coach Carl, Kane and Nates private trainers.

Generally, gyms would hire burly trainers in order t attract more people to sign up for classes.

These trainers were not only tall, but they were also muscular and good-looking.

The tall, burly, and handsome men walked over and looked at Kane and Nate respectfully.


Gayle, Mr.


Kane instructed the two of them authoritatively, “Coach Carl, Coach Jim, this punk dared to hit me in the gym.

Throw him out!”

The two of them had obviously received lots of benefits from Kane and Nate rather frequently.

Hence, they immediately did as they were told.

One of them walked towards Jordan and said, “Sir, youve violated the rules here.

Please leave immediately!”

Before Jordan even answered, Pablo, who was behind him, took the initiative to interject, “We paid to entire this place, that makes us members too.

Who are you to make us leave”

Kane humphed coldly and barked, “You call that pathetic amount of money, money!! since I told you to get lost, you have to get lost!”

While speaking, the two of them exchanged hinting glances.

Hence, one of the coaches got physical immediately and tried to take Jordan away forcefully.

This coach was much taller than Jordan, and his arms were also much more muscular.

Clearly, he would be able to subdue Jordan easily.

However, the truth wasnt as such.

Just as the coach reached out to grab Jordan, Jordan caught him instead and tripped him, causing him to fall to the ground!

“Dont touch me when I didnt say I was going to leave,” Jordan said coldly.

At this moment, the women in the gym who were on the treadmill or other fitness equipment stopped what they were doing and stood at the side to watch them when they heard the noise.

This was one of the most expensive gyms globally, and the women who could afford to come here were all wealthy women or heiresses in New York.

The coach who was knocked down felt highly embarrassed at this moment!

Being fitness trainers, they often felt a great sense of pride and honor when coaching these wealthy women and heiresses.

After gaining their admiration, these trainers will have the opportunity to sleep with them!

Who wouldnt want to sleep with these women who are usually high up in the air!!

However, Jordan had caused him to be in such an embarrassing state!

“Punk, I was being nice enough not to embarrass you, but you want to continue being so stubborn, huh Fine, since you dont know any better, I wont be merciful to you!”

The coach, who had been knocked down, quickly got up.

He quickly charged towards Jordan, whom he was taller and burlier than!

However, with a light push and pull, Jordan effortlessly knocked him to the ground again!

“Wow, this guy is so impressive.

He doesnt look that muscular, though.”

A girl who was at a distance away was extremely surprised.

Jordan couldnt help but shake his head.

Indeed, the trainer was taller and burlier than him, but he could easily defeat him in a fight.

The muscles of these fitness coaches are gained through eating and training hard in the gym.

However, Jordans skills were honed on the battlefield!

How could the two be the same

It can be said that this fitness trainer has never fought at all, unlike Jordan, who fights regularly and has experienced countless life-and-death situations.

Jordan said, “Gym rats like you may scare kids who havent fought before and cajole women who are boy-crazy.

But youre just a nobody to me.”

“You…” The man who had been knocked down twice already knew how powerful Jordan was.

Kane urged, “What are you waiting for Hit him as hard as you can! Ill bear the consequences! Ill give whoever can beat him one million dollars immediately!

Now that there was a monetary reward, the two fitness instructors immediately attacked Jordan intensely, full of ardor!

When Jordan was in Orlando, he could fight ten people alone.

Now that he was facing only two opponents, it was a piece of cake for him.

Jordan threw out punches at the speed of lightning.

After punching Coach Jim, he immediately punched Coach Carl in the face.

Then, he casually grabbed one of them and threw him over his shoulder, causing him to hit the other trainer!


The two men were stacked together and wailing in pain on the ground.


The two tall and burly fitness trainers were shrieking in misery on the ground.

The women at the side were screaming incessantly, not because of fear but because they were gushing over how suave Jordan was when he knocked them down!

“Hey dude, youre really suave.

Come be our private trainer.

Im willing to pay you $2,000 per session!”

“Hunk, Im also willing to take lessons from you! Can you come to my home and teach me”

Jordan turned around to look at those women, thinking to himself that they were being nonsensical.

Pablo knew that Jordan was extremely powerful and that those two trainers were no match for him at all.

Hence, he didnt interfere and hit him.

Seeing that Jordan had finished his performance, he finally said to the two instructors lying on the ground.

“What are you waiting for Hurry up and get lost!”

The two men climbed up and quickly fled the scene.

“Coach Jim! Coach Carl! Dont go!”

Kane and Nate panicked!

Jordan walked towards Kane and asked, “Are you scared”

Kane didnt dare to speak.

Jordan said, “Unfortunately, youve offended someone I care about.

Even if you get on your knees and beg me, I will not let you off today.”

To his surprise, Kane didnt beg for mercy and instead spat saliva at him!


Kane spat saliva onto Jordans face!


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