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Chapter 233: Summon All The Subordinates!

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Kane spat at Jordan arrogantly and barked, “Why would I kneel down to beg you You must be dreaming!”

“Do you know what my status is My family owns a bank! Go through your familys wallets and see if there are any credit cards issued by my familys bank!”

“Youre just a loser from a lousy place whose wife was snatched away by my best friend, and you dare to speak to me so rudely!!”

“This is New York City! Try touching me and see what happens!”

Kane and the other four scions usually behaved tyrannically in the city.

People of the same age and background were basically their friends or, at the very least, acquaintances.

The reason that he dared to provoke Jordan in such an unbridled manner was that he looked down on Jordan!

However, his actions had thoroughly angered Jordan and Pablo!

Jordan was stunned.

Having fought countless battles, he had never encountered such a situation before.

If Kane had used a dagger or another weapon to attack Jordan, Jordan would have definitely been able to subdue him immediately.

However, he would never have thought that Kane would spit on him.

It was his first time encountering such an unmanly act.

“How dare you… spit on me” Jordan lifted his right palm and wiped it.

At this moment, Pablo was already gritting his teeth and shivering incessantly!

He immediately dashed towards Kane and shouted angrily, “Punk, you must be tired of living! How dare you spit on Mr.

Jordan Ill kill you!!!”

As Pablo spoke, he was about to hit Kane, but Jordan extended his arm and stopped him.



Pablo was confused.

As Jordans subordinate, he really couldnt watch Jordan getting humiliated and insulted in such a manner!

Pablo immediately got on his knees and exclaimed, “Mr.

Jordan, please allow me to kill this Punk who doesnt know any better! Even if I can never step foot into New York City again and be hunted by someone for the rest of my life, I wont mind!”

Pablos words made Kane even more terrified.

In fact, as soon as he took a look at Pablo, he knew that Pablo wasnt a good person.

Compared to Jordan, who was handsome and the same age as him, Kane was even more afraid of Pablo.

Jordan knew that Pablo was showing his loyalty, but Jordan had other plans in mind.

“Youre spitting saliva on me” Jordan turned to look at Kane and asked.

Kane looked at Pablo with some fear and asked, “Ive to spit on him, all right.

What do you want to do”


Jordan surprisingly didnt flare up and instead took out a piece of tissue from his pocket to wipe his saliva.

Afterward, he said to Pablo, who was kneeling on the ground.

“Call all your experts in New York City to come here.

All of them.”



Pablo was feeling bewildered as he didnt know what Jordan was planning to do.

If Jordan wanted to deal with Kane, Jordan or Pablo would be able to do it alone.

He didnt have to ask someone to do it at all.

All of a sudden, Pablo recalled some of the scenes that he had read about in novels.

“The God of War returned home and saw his daughter staying in a dog kennel.

With a single command, 100,000 soldiers came forth and set up 100,000 dog kennels…”

Although the plot was quite silly, it was enough to show the domineering ability of a mighty figure!

Pablo understood what Jordan was about to do!

“Yes!” Pablo stood up immediately and called his subordinate.

Seeing that Jordan had cowardly called for support instead of hitting him even though he had been spat on, Kane felt much more relaxed.

Kane smiled at Nate and said, “Hah, Nate, this kid has called for someone to help him.

We have people on our side in New York City too.”

Nate and Kane laughed.

‘This is our territory.

Hes trying to compete with us in terms of manpower

The two of them immediately made calls.

“Hello, yes, yes, yes, Im at C Gym.

Hurry up and get all of them here!”

“Inform them to bring their weapons to C Gym to help Mr.

Gayle and me!”

After making the calls to get their underlings over, the two of them began to chat again carefully.

Nate asked, “What if his underlings arrive before ours do later”

Kane also had the same concern.

“Its alright.

Ill call the owner of the gym and tell him not to open for business today.

Even if his underlings arrive before ours do, they wont be able to enter.”

Kane knew the owner of this gym, so it wouldnt be difficult for him to get the owner to stop business for a day.

“Hey, Mr.

Lee, this is Kane speaking.

Id like for you to suspend business for the day.

From now onwards, dont let anyone apply for a membership and come in.

Can you let me take over for the afternoon”

“Ill compensate you double of the losses that you incur!”

After hanging up, Kane said to Nate, “Done deal.”

Afterward, Kane proudly said to Jordan, “Punk, dont bother getting your people to come here.

Even if theyre here, they wont be able to come in.”

“If you plan to let them barge in, hah, Im afraid you dont know that the doors have been equipped with security devices.

As long as they try to barge in, they will be electrocuted and pass out.”

Few gyms have such security measures.

They had implemented it only because there were too many beautiful girls in this gym, all of whom were rich.

That was the reason that the owner decided to set up these security measures to guard against lechers.

Not anyone can sign up for a membership at this gym.

Some who looked lecherous or dressed too shabbily wouldnt be permitted entry into the gym.

If they were to barge in, they would be taught a lesson.

The strict requirements and safety of the gym were why more and more pretty women joined the gym.


Jordan wasnt bothered.

Since he had decided to call his men to deal with Kane, they would have to enter.

No one can stop him!

Jordan immediately made a phone call to Frank.

“Hello, Im at C Gym.

Buy this entire gym on my behalf.”

Jordan said coldly.

Nate and Kane heard Jordans words because they were right in front of him.

After hearing it, the two laughed on the spot.

“Hahahaha, you want to buy C Gym Kid, why are you bragging Do you know how much this gym costs This is the best gym in New York City!”

Kane yelled at Jordan.

Nate chuckled and said, “This is hilarious.

A penniless good-for-nothing actually dares to flaunt his wealth in front of us two.

Hes simply trying to teach his grandmother how to suck eggs!”

“Dont tell me youre poor.

Even if you have enough money, Mr.

Lee wont sell the gym to you!”

Kane continued, “Yes, what kind of person is Mr.

Lee He opened a gym and ran it as a hobby.

Its not like he requires those few millions of dollars.

Why would he bother selling it to you!! If you can acquire it, Ill take a piss while doing a handstand!”

Afterward, Jordan said over the phone, “What We dont need to buy it Okay then.”


Hearing Jordans words, Kane and Nate began guffawing heartily again.


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