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Chapter 234: Gym Owner, Mr.


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Jordan had just boldly said over the phone that he was going to buy this gym.

Nevertheless, after Kane and Nate mocked him and told him Mr.

Lee wasnt in need of a few million dollars, so Jordan couldnt even buy it if he wanted to, Jordan changed his mind.

He said that he wasnt going to buy it.

In the eyes of Kane and Nate, Jordan was obviously chickening out and simply pretending to be impressive.

So, Kane and Nate couldnt stop laughing with their mouths wide open.

“Hahaha, this punk is hilarious.

Its such a shame that youre not a comedian.”

“Not bad.

You still know to admit weakness.”

Did Jordan really concede

Of course not.

The reason that Jordan said that there wasnt a need to buy it anymore was that Frank said to him:


Jordan, the land of C Gym belongs to our family, and Mr.

Lee is one of our spies in New York City.”


Steele Senior has helped him in New York City before, so you can give him orders as you do with me.”

That was the reason.

When he hung up the phone, he found that Kane and Nate were laughing out loud.

Jordan sneered and said, “Its good to laugh more.

Otherwise, youll only get to cry later.”

Kane laughed and said, “How dare you blow your trumpet here!! In a moment, none of your people will be able to enter.

All those who come in later will be my underlings.

Lets see if you can continue being arrogant when youre facing like a hundred people later!”

“You slapped me once.

Ill slap you back ten times!”

Jordan nodded and said, “Okay, Ill wait for you to give me back ten slaps.”

Ten minutes had passed.

Pablos underlings, who were all professional fighters, were the first ones to arrive.

There were about 30 of them, and half of them were from Southeast Asia.

However, just as they arrived at the door, they were called by the gyms employees.

“Excuse me, are you the people that Mr.

Gayle and Mr.

Harmon have sent” an employee asked.

They answered truthfully, “Were Mr.

Steeles underlings!”


Steele What the hell is that ” The staff had never heard of anyone named Mr.

Steele in New York City.

Hence, he said, “Sorry, the gym has now been taken over by Mr.

Gayle and Mr.

Harmon, and its temporarily suspended.

If youre not their underlings, please leave.”

“Bastard! Ill barge in and see if any of you dares to stop me.”

One of them flew into a rage.

He was the first to rush in but in the next second…


As soon as he got close to the door, the man seemed to be electrocuted.

Soon, Pablo walked towards Jordan and whispered, “There are security measures at the door, and our underlings cant enter.

Should we beat up the employees and force them to open the door”

Jordan did not want to hurt any innocent people.

He just wanted to teach a lesson to Kane and Nate, who had directly hurt Emily.

Jordan said, “No, their boss should be arriving soon.”

As expected, in less than five minutes, a middle-aged man clad in an immaculate suit walked into the gym from another secret entrance.

As soon as he entered, the rich and beautiful women in the gym greeted him one after another.


Lee, its been a while since we met, and youve become even more dashing than before.”


Lee, there are many people outside.

Surely everything will be fine, right”

“Theres a fight over at the pool table.

Take care of it!”


Lee smiled and bowed to his customers.

“Its been a while, Miss Joan.”

“Dont worry, Bella, everything will be fine.”

“Im going to take care of it now.

You guys go ahead with your workout.

You wont be disturbed.”

After Mr.

Lee responded to his customers smilingly, his face became extremely sullen.

Looking at Mr.

Lee storming towards them furiously, Kane patted Nate and said, “Look, Mr.

Lee seems really aggressive.”

Nate laughed and said, “Thats for sure.

Everyone knows that he has the largest number of beautiful female clients, and most of the babes here are celebrities.

Yet, someone dares to cause a stir here in his gym.

That person must have a death wish.

Seems like Mr.

Lee will teach this punk a lesson without our intervention.”


Lee walked over, and Kane and Nate immediately reached out to greet him.





The two wealthy scions were rarely deferential to others.


Gayle, Mr.

Harmon,” Mr.

Lee said with a nod.

Kane quickly complained to Mr.

Lee while pointing at Jordan.


Lee, this is that penniless punk who barged in here to create trouble.

They were yelling loudly, and they even scared your customers away.”

Nate chimed in, “Yes, Aunt Michelle was just working out here, but she got scared away by him!”

When Jordan arrived, Michelle had already gotten off the elevator, and the two were obviously slandering Jordan!

They knew Mr.

Lee valued his guests the most, and anyone who dared to mess with his guests would be unable to bear the consequences.

However, Mr.

Lee walked towards Jordan and Pablo.

Kane and Nate watched from the side, ready to witness a good show.

However, when Mr.

Lee walked in front of Jordan and Pablo, he asked respectfully, “May I ask which one of you is Mr.



Lee had just received a call from Frank and thus, rushed here.

Hence, he had never met Jordan before.

“I am.” Jordan glanced at the other party, “So youre Mr.


“Just call me Little Lee,” Mr.

Lee said deferentially, swallowing his pride.

Kane and Nate froze in place.

‘Little Lee


Lee actually called himself Little Lee in front of Jordan

‘Sir, youre already 40 years old!

Even wealthy scions like Kane and Nate had to respectfully call himMr.

Lee when they met him.

However, he even addressed himself so subserviently in front of Jordan.

Didnt that indirectly mean that they both had to be a notch below Jordan


Lee said fearfully, “I didnt know that you were here, Mr.


Im so sorry for failing to entertain you well.

May I ask what you need me to do”


Lee was in a complicated mood at the moment.

He knew that Jordan had had a feud with the two wealthy scions of New York City, and neither of these two parties was to be trifled with.

However, he had to take a side today, so he chose to stand on Jordans side.

Jordan said, “Just open the door for me and let my underlings in.

You dont have to bother with the rest.”


Lee immediately answered, “Yes!”


Lee then went to the door immediately and ordered the employees, “Remove the security devices immediately!”

Since their boss had issued a command, they didnt dare to disobey and thus immediately removed the security devices.

The thirty-odd people swarmed in.

At this moment, Mr.

Lee also said to the other female customers in the gym, “Im sorry, everyone.


Jordan has to use my gym to handle some personal matters.

Sorry to disturb your workout.

Please make your way out.

Ill provide appropriate compensation for you.”

However, none of the female customers wanted to leave!


Lee, is that handsome young man your friend”


Jordan I cant tell that hes also a scion.

Can you introduce us to him”


Lee, can you talk to your friend and ask him to swing by here to be a trainer every now and then Id like to hire him to be my personal trainer.”


Lee was stunned.

‘What is going on!!


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