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Chapter 235: A Hundred People Spat Saliva!

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Lee did not know that Jordan had already knocked down two of his personal trainers.

Jordans heroic stance was like that of a movie star as he subdued his taller and stronger opponents in just a few moves.

The female customers had long been attracted to him.

The wealthy ladies were, of course, worried about their safety too, but they stopped being worried after Mr.

Lee arrived.

The character and interests of the wealthy women who chose to work out here could be guessed easily.

There were many high-end gyms in New York City.

Of all, why did they choose this one

It was obviously because the personal trainers here were really dashing.

Since they were boy-crazy and adored handsome men, they obviously wanted to know Jordan through Mr.

Lee after seeing how dashing and ferocious he was.

Moreover, he seemed to be from a prominent family.


Lee chuckled and said, “Since you dont want to leave, for now, you may stay and continue working out.

I guarantee you wont get hurt.”

As of this moment, Pablos initial batch of underlings had already scurried in and arrived in front of Jordan.

They exclaimed loudly in unison, “Mr.


“Wow, this handsome man is so domineering.”

“Haha, this gentleman is interesting.

Ive seen many other wealthy scions who have underlings but rarely are there this many foreigners among the underlings.

The wealthy women were sipping on their drinks and enjoying the show.


Jordan nodded at them.

When he turned around, he discovered that this group of women was gawking at him from afar.

A girl who was drenched in sweat and had her hair tied up into a bun waved at Jordan and greeted, “Hello.”

Jordan knew that this was a gym, which was considered a public place of a private nature.

He was well-mannered, so he definitely considered the interests of others before doing anything.

Hence, Jordan took a few steps towards them and said, “Ladies, what is going to happen next may cause you discomfort.

Why dont you guys go home or go take a shower instead You guys seem to be quite tired from training.

Youre all drenched in sweat.”

The young woman with a ponytail, whose figure was slightly inferior to Elle, laughed and said, “Handsome, youre really funny.

This is the first time were meeting, and you want me to go take a shower.

Haha, I think I look the most beautiful when I am sweating, dont you think so”

The girl with a ponytail actually verbally flirted with Jordan on their first meeting.

She wasnt the only one.

There was also a woman whose age was around 35 years, who was ogling at Jordan like he was her prey.

“Hunk, let me give you a piece of advice.

Why dont you forget about it If you fight him, youll end up in trouble too.”

“Yes, a little compromise goes a long way.

I want you to be my personal trainer,” said another lady who maintained her youthful appearance and didnt look her age.

Jordan looked at the few chatty women and thought,I finally know why Kane and Nate come here to work out all the time.

‘Forget it, since theyre not scared, well let them watch.

Jordan walked over again.

Although he was still quite far away, Kane began to retreat incessantly, “Jordan Steele, what are you trying to do!!”

Jordan walked to the original position and stopped.

He chuckled and said, “You dont need to be nervous.

Not all my men are here yet, so you can continue relaxing for a while.”

Jordans revenge would not start until everyone was present.

Soon, another twenty minutes had passed.

“Strange, why havent our underlings arrived yet”

Kane asked Nate in bewilderment.

Nate also wondered, “It shouldnt be.

They said they were nearby a while ago.

They should be able to reach in ten minutes.

Ill make a call and ask them about it.”

“You dont have to!”

Pablo suddenly said, “Your underlings have already been dealt with by mine when they met downstairs.”

“What do you mean” Kane and Nate didnt dare to believe that it was true.

‘Did they not make it to the entrance of the gym

At this moment, another batch of people arrived aggressively.

There were about seventy-odd of them!

They walked in quickly, many of them stained with blood, which frightened all the wealthy ladies and heiresses!

The seventy-odd people who stood in front of Jordan greeted in unison, “Mr.


Jordan looked at them and counted the number of people, only to find that there were more than a hundred people.

They were all of Pablos subordinates in New York City.

“Well, everyone is here.

Lets start.”

Jordan suddenly walked towards Kane!

Kane kept moving backward until he reached the pool and table tennis table, where there was no longer any space to retreat.

Leaning against the wall, Kane swallowed saliva nervously and spoke in a shaky voice.

“You… you guys, dont mess around! My men will be here soon.

Nate and I have called at least 200 people! All of you here add up to a hundred at most.

We wont get killed by you!”

One of Pablos underlings who entered said with a smile, “I can knock down the bunch of losers you called with one punch each.

Each of us here can defeat ten people each.

Whats so strange about 70-odd people hitting 200-odd people”

With more than a hundred underlings, Jordan continued to walk towards Kane.

Kane said nervously, “Jordan Steele, dont try anything funny.

There are lots of customers here.

If you hit me, youll go to jail too!”

Jordan laughed.

“Kane Gayle, if I wanted to hit you, I would have done so just now.

Rest assured, I wont hit you now.”

“Didnt you spit on my face just now Im a fair person.

Since you spit on me, each one of us will spit on you too.”

After saying that, he said to the underlings, “Get moving.”

Pablo had long understood.

He instructed, “Spit on this guys face.

Remember, you must spit on his face!”


With a command from Jordan and Pablo, the hundred Southeast Asian professional fighters charged towards Kane!





Kane was bombarded with mouthfuls of spit!




“Damn it, its sticky mucus!”


Kane kept yelling, but he didnt even dare to say anything because if he opened his mouth to speak, the spit might land straight in his mouth…


Those female customers in the distance hurriedly took a shower and left.

The scene would indeed cause some discomfort to these women who cared a lot about their appearances.

“You spit on me, huh”

Jordan sneered and looked at Kane.

‘You dont know any better!

At this moment, as Kanes good friend, Nate, walked towards Jordan and said gently, “Buddy, Kane is the son of a banker after all.

Creating trouble wont do any good for you!”

“Forget it, lets all talk things over calmly during a meal.

Itll be on me.

Lets be friends, okay”


‘Indeed, hes a scion who has gotten used to being arrogant.

This guy can barely save himself, and hes still pleading for his friend

‘Do you think youre safe

Jordan looked at Nate and questioned, “I heard you held Emilys hand.

Is that true”


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