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Chapter 236: Learning Of An Important Piece of News

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Nate looked at the seemingly gentle but ferocious gaze in Jordans eyes and said fearfully, “No… No… We just watched a movie together, and were good friends.

I really dont harbor any other thoughts about her!”

Jordan obviously wouldnt believe him even though he was pretending to be a nice guy now.

Since Nate was really short, Jordan put his arm around him and continued to walk towards the strength training equipment.

“Oh, you just watched a movie with her, huh What movie was it”

Nate didnt know what Jordan intended to do, so he simply walked alongside him and answered, “God… Godzilla.”

Jordan continued to ask, “How long was the movie”

Nate replied nervously, “Two… two hours.”

The two gradually reached the strength training equipment area and stopped.

Subsequently, Jordan grabbed a 10 kg dumbbell from the weights rack in the equipment area and handed it to Nate.

“Lift this up for two hours.”

“What Two hours” Nate was confused.

Jordan said seriously, “If you stop, Ill send you to accompany your best friend.”

Jordan knew that Nate had hypocritically cheated Emily out of her feelings to make her hold his hand.

In that case, Jordan would take revenge on his hand and not touch the other parts of his body.


“Theres no point in calling me that.

Hurry up and lift it, or else, Ill throw you out!”

“Okay, Ill do it, Ill do it!”

Nate slowly lifted the dumbbell up before putting it down slowly again.


Jordan began training him as a personal trainer.

Nate started to speed up, but he soon got so tired that he couldnt lift his arms anymore.

However, he didnt dare to put down the dumbbell for fear that once he did, Jordan would throw him over to where Kane was and let him drown in spit.

However, Nate couldnt sustain any longer after ten minutes and dropped the dumbbell on the ground.

Without another word, Jordan immediately proceeded to grab him in a bid to bring him over to the other side.

Nate burst into tears immediately.

“Jordan! Please dont do that, Im sorry! I shouldnt have provoked Emily.

Its all because of that bastard Kane Gayle.

He couldnt win her heart, so he made me do it.

Im innocent!”

Jordan humphed coldly and berated, “Now youre blaming your brother Why did you get Cayden Huxley to court her when you failed to do so yourself! Youre a bunch of good-for-nothings!”

The more Jordan thought about it, the angrier he got, and he kicked Nate hard.

Nate almost couldnt catch his breath and kept coughing incessantly.

“I… Im sorry.”

Soon, those hundred people stopped spitting, and Pablo walked over to report to Jordan.

“Do you want me to pull that punk over” Pablo asked.

Jordan looked at Kane from afar, his face and body covered in saliva.

He looked extremely disgusting.

“Take him inside for a shower, then drag him out,” Jordan instructed.


Pablos subordinates took Kane for a shower, and when he came out all fresh and clean, he knelt down in front of Jordan with Nate.

“Im sorry, Mr.

Jordan, we wont dare to do it again.

Please spare us.”

“I was wrong, Mr.


You are generous and magnanimous.

Please dont stoop to our level.”

The two incredibly wealthy scions of New York City were already petrified after being tormented by Jordan.

As Jordan was not the type to drive others to a corner, he asked the two of them, “Are you going to play this boring game where youll send one of you to replace the one that fails to get the girl”

Kane hurriedly said, “We wont dare to do so again.

I wont dare to woo a girl again in my life!”

Nate also said, “In fact, ever since I got beaten up for courting a girl, Ive long wanted to quit playing this game.

Well disband our group and never do such things again!”

Jordan was still doubtful after hearing his words.

“You got hit after courting a girl Was that girl Emily Who hit you”

Nate hurriedly shook his head and answered, “No, its an owner of a café whos really pretty.

Although shes already a mother of one, she took my breath away the moment I glanced at her.”

“However, when I tried to pursue her, I somehow got beaten up into a pulp.”

“Kane got beaten up by his father too.”

Jordan suddenly became severe.

‘Is the owner of a café who has a daughter, the lady whom I previously mistook for Jamies lover!!

He suddenly remembered that Arnold had secretly taken a picture of the personal locker belonging to Cayden and the others.

On a photo of the lady, Kane annotated: “Strong background, do not provoke.”

Jordan was very curious about his brothers “lover” so he asked Kane, “Your dad hit you Why”

Kane nodded.

“After Nate failed, I also planned to pursue that café owner, but I wanted to find out her background before doing so.

Hence, I asked my dad to help me investigate.”

“Who knows My father slapped me after investigating and warned me not to toy with her.

He said that I could toy with any woman I wanted except her!”

“As long as I do, my family would be finished!”

Jordan was a little stunned.

Kane was a wealthy scion of a family that owned a bank.

According to what Kane said, this womans status was probably superior to his!

Indeed, she was the wife of a wealthy man!

Jordan asked, “What exactly is that womans background like”

Kane said, “I asked my father the exact question, but he told me to just obey him and not touch her.”

“Later on, he was willing to tell me, only when I pestered him incessantly.

This woman is from DC, and she has a very powerful family background.

Its not as simple as any other rich family.”

Jordan nodded.

There were indeed many hidden forces and powerful people in a place like New York City and DC.

Even in Orlando, there was someone like Jordan, the scion of a mysterious but extremely powerful family, who stayed there for three years.

It wasnt that strange that a café owner actually belonged to a prominent family in DC.

Thinking of this, Jordan became even more interested in that woman.

‘Why did Jamie leave his keys here Is he really planning to introduce her to me because he thinks shes pretty, just like what Audrey said

‘But Jamie must know her background.

If I had really pursued her, wouldnt I have been beaten up by her husband, just like these idiotic scions”

While thinking about it, Jordan turned to look at the two of them and then asked, “Did Cayden Huxley also fail in wooing her”

Among the five scions, Cayden was the richest, tallest, and most handsome one.

He even managed to win Haileys heart, so generally speaking, there were few women he couldnt handle.

Kane said, “Cayden chickened out and didnt dare to try his luck with her.

After having some coffee at her café, he returned and surrendered on his own by admitting defeat.

Since our clique was established, shes the only woman we havent gotten any success with! She really isnt ordinary at all!”


Jordan spat on Kanes face again because he hadnt done so even though those hundred people had already spat on him just now.

Jordan said, “What do you mean the only one You people failed to get fresh with Emily too! Do you think that bastard Cayden got it He can forget about getting his hands on Emily for the rest of his life!”

“Yes, yes, yes, I was wrong.” Although Kane had been spat on, he didnt feel a single trace of humiliation at all.

Everything was settled with one wipe.

It seemed that quantity really causes a qualitative change.

After being spat on by so many people, Kane was no longer that affected by the saliva.

At this moment, Nate suddenly said, “Although Cayden took the initiative to admit defeat and did not dare to pursue her, he managed to have a good chat with that woman in the café and even obtained some extremely useful information!”

“What do you mean” Jordan asked.

Nate and Kane answered in unison, “That woman doesnt have a husband!”


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