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Chapter 237: What A Familiar Feeling

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“She doesnt have a husband”

Jordan was surprised because he had been curious about who the female café owners husband was since he met her.

At first, Jordan also suspected that her husband was his brother, Jamie, but she denied it vehemently.

Hence, Jordan thought that she might just be an ordinary married woman who has a daughter.

However, Kane and the others said that this woman didnt have a husband.

“What do you mean she doesnt have a husband Did she get divorced, or is she widowed” Jordan asked.

Kane shook his head and said, “Were not sure, but after Cayden returned, he has been regretting his decision to marry Hailey, and he kept saying that he wouldnt have married Hailey if he had met that woman earlier.

He even said that she was truly the one for him.”

Nate said, “Yes, Cayden is already married now, so he doesnt dare to flirt with that woman.

After all, she has quite an impressive family background.

If she finds out that hes toying with her despite being a married man, Cayden will receive his retribution.”

Jordan was a little surprised because Cayden was considered to have dated many exquisite beauties.

Yet, that woman had the ability to make him regret.

It seemed that she was indeed attractive.

Jordan was also getting even more curious about this woman.

“Okay, you guys can go back.

Dont get up to such nonsensical things again in the future.

Otherwise, Ill have a thousand people spit on you next time!”

Jordan warned the two of them.

“Yes, we wont dare to do it again.”

Kane and Nate got up and frantically walked out of the gym.

These two wealthy scions of New York City had never been so humiliated before.

After the two left, Pablo walked up and asked, “These two punks have been taught a lesson.


Jordan, do you want to go teach them a lesson”

Jordan looked at the time and said, “Theyre just a few punks who are not qualified enough for me to teach them a lesson one by one.

You may just send someone to go teach them a lesson.

Now, take a few people with you and accompany me somewhere.”

“Yes!” Pablo answered respectfully.

Jordan chatted with Mr.

Lee for a while and Mr.

Lee gave Jordan a lifetime diamond-tier VIP membership card that would allow him to come here and spend as much as he wanted.

After walking out of the gym, Jordan got inside a car and set off to Café Nostalgia in the suburbs of New York City.

Jordan would like to see this woman again!

The last time he met her, he thought she was pure and lovely, but after learning that she was the daughter of an extremely wealthy family, he felt that she was pretty unique.

How could a rich girl of her status open a small cafe in the suburbs

Jordan reckoned that it wouldnt be an issue for her to rent the most expensive shopfronts in New York City and set up a hundred stores.

Filled with doubts and curiosity, Jordan pushed the door to enter.

Jordan entered the café alone while Pablo and the other underlings stood guard outside.

Ring ring…

The Japanese Edo windchime hanging on the door once again reminded the woman of the arrival of a customer.

There were still no customers in the café, only the woman and her daughter.

‘The first time I was here, there were no customers.

The second time I was here, there were no customers either.

This time, there still arent any customers.

Only then did Jordan realize that this was not a coincidence.

Even if it was in the suburbs, the coffees here were extremely expensive.

They cost 20 dollars a cup.

However, the womans beauty was enough to attract lots of customers.

Thinking about what Nate said just now about getting a beating, Jordan realized that there was definitely someone protecting this woman and her daughter in the vicinity!

If someone were to develop lustful thoughts and tried to pursue or harass her, that person would be beaten up into pulp the moment he leaves!

That was also why Jordan had Pablo stand guard outside to find out if there was a bodyguard.

“Welcome.” The woman smiled.

This time, she was wearing a high-waisted bustier dress, still exposing her long and fair legs.

It was now close to November, and it was already cold in New York City.

Jordan said smilingly, “Hi, here I am again.

Youre wearing so little.

It seems that I got to see your excellent figure all three times I was here.”

As Jordan spoke, he pointed to her long, straight legs.

His words may sound disrespectful, but he was here with the deliberate intention to flirt with her.

He really wanted to know what kind of result he would get if he tried to pursue and harass her.

‘Perhaps, this is what Jamie is looking forward to seeing, huh

Jordan had been trying to get in touch with Jamie, but he hadnt been able to contact him.

Hence, he thought that Jamie was just too busy with his training to answer him.

However, Jordan learned that Jamie had contacted Audrey in private, but he ignored Jordans messages.

The pretty woman did not feel offended.

Instead, she smiled and said, “Thank you, most women like to look good.

Besides, the temperatures arent that cold yet.”

“Would you like to have a vanilla latte as usual”

Jordan glanced at a spot that was far away and saw that her daughter was already sleeping.

Hence, Jordan boldly walked forward and inched very close to the pretty woman, who retreated incessantly until she no longer had any space.

“What… are you trying to do” The pretty woman leaned against the wall and asked, running out of breath.

Jordan did not expect this woman to be that nervous.

Strictly speaking, if there were bodyguards outside, her heart wouldnt be beating so rapidly.

Jordan propped himself against the wall with one hand, slowly lowered his head, pretending to want to kiss her.

He said softly, “You still remember my previous order.

Do you have a crush on me”

“I heard that you are divorced.

Should we date each other”

The pretty woman was breathing heavily, her body quivering nervously as she stared deadly at Jordan, but there was no horror in her eyes.

She looked at Jordan without blinking as if she hadnt had the chance to look at him before this.

At that very moment, Jordan heard the sounds of fighting outside the door.

However, those sounds soon disappeared.

A smile appeared on Jordans face, and he finally pulled away.

“Im sorry, Maam, I didnt mean to offend you just now.

I just wanted to test if there was a bodyguard outside your door.”

“Youre gorgeous, and many rich scions are harboring designs on you.

Besides, youre the woman Jamie has arranged to meet me.

I have to pay attention to your safety.”

“Im relieved to know that you have someone to protect you.”

“Oh, by the way, dont take what I just said seriously.

I have a girlfriend, and Im going to propose to her next year.”

“Ill have coffee here another day.

I have to get going now.”

Jordan took out his cell phone and scanned the QR code to transfer $4,000 to her.

Pablo should have subdued her bodyguard outside the door, so the money was considered medical expenses.

Ring ring…

As the Edo windchime rang again, Jordan disappeared from the pretty womans sight.

However, after Jordan left, she was still leaning against the wall, not moving a single inch.

She suddenly closed her eyes and said to herself with a smile on her face,What a familiar feeling…


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