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Chapter 238: A Woman Who Looks Like Victoria!

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After coming out of Café Nostalgia, Jordan got into Pablos car parked at the roadside.

Right after getting into the car, Jordan asked, “You didnt hit too hard, right”

Pablo said, “No, this cafe owners bodyguard is powerful and capable.

If I didnt bring all the elites here today, Im afraid that I wouldnt have been able to subdue them in a short period.”

“Oh” Jordan did not expect the pretty womans bodyguard to be that impressive.

Nowadays, all wealthy men will go out with bodyguards, but the strength of the bodyguards varies.

Elite underlings like Pablo were bought with money.

Pablo asked, “Mr.

Jordan, have you fallen in love with the woman in this cafe”

Jordan shook his head and said, “Im just curious, and I was testing her.

I keep having a feeling that she is not as innocent as she seems.”

When Jordan pretended to kiss her just now, she was breathing heavily, but there was no fear in her eyes, and she was looking straight at him without dodging.

Jordan was an expert at reading micro-expressions, and he realized that this woman was definitely not simple!

“Pablo, starting tomorrow, send someone to monitor this café and see what this woman usually does and who she sees.”

Jordan instructed.


However, the following day, Pablo called Jordan and said, “Mr.

Jordan, that woman didnt come today, and the cafe is closed.

Theres even a subletting notice on the door.”

Jordan was somewhat stunned.

‘Did she decide to close the café because of what I did yesterday

However, this woman had nothing to do with Jordan after all.

He was now dating Victoria and didnt bother courting her.

Perhaps, like most other people, Jordan and her would part ways forever after just meeting once.

A month later.

In Capital Flora nightclub in New York City.


Decker! Haha, come in and take a seat.”

In the private room, Cayden and Nate got up to greet Arnold.

Arnold was still dressed in a suit and tie, and he was in higher spirits than before.

Cayden greeted Arnold and said with a smile, “Mr.

Decker, is your company on steroids Why is the stock price skyrocketing Breezy Express cant even catch up!”

Arnold smiled and took a seat while a beautiful woman beside him immediately lit a cigarette for him.

Arnold laughed and said, “Thanks to the leadership of the two outstanding beauties, Miss Audrey and Miss Clarke, that we can achieve what we have today at Perry Express!”

“Haha, Cayden, we are also considered old friends, and Im not going to hide it from you.

Ive actually been thinking all these years about when Perry Express can surpass Breezy Express.

Still, I didnt expect it to be so soon!”

Cayden was so furious that he gritted his teeth and cursed this old man.

Nate, who was beside him, had been drinking.

Since the last time Jordan abused him in the gym, he and Kane had complained to Cayden about it.

When Kane and Nate were in the gym, they both knelt down to Jordan.

However, after they left the gym, they started to wonder if they should take revenge against Jordan for the humiliation that they had suffered!

Hence, they went to Cayden to ask about Jordans background.

Cayden told them that Emily was the future sister-in-law of his grandfathers sworn brother, Russell.

He wouldnt be able to bear the consequences of failure if Russell were to find out.

Cayden guessed that Jordan dared to mess with his best friends because Victoria had instructed him to do so.

He didnt want to blow things up because of Russell.

Cayden laughed and said, “Mr.

Decker, you may be a successful businessman, but youre not doing well in love.

I heard that now Victoria completely treats you as a subordinate.”

“Tsk, at this rate, you can never get her.

Which woman will like her subordinate Arent I right”

Nate laughed and said, “Thats right, Mr.

Decker, you and your wife are living separately.

It must be tough being all by yourself.

Cayden and I have specially arranged something for you.”

With a sullen expression, Arnold quickly refuted, “I said, dont set me up with random women.

I wont accept them.”

Saying that Arnold pushed away from the woman who was lighting cigarettes and pouring wine for him.

Cayden laughed and explained, “Of course, Im not sending random women to accompany you, Mr.


“Go outside,” Cayden said to the woman who was quite pretty.

After the woman left, Cayden snapped his fingers, and soon, a woman wearing a professional business suit entered!

As soon as the woman walked in, Arnold stood up in astonishment.

“Miss… Miss Clarke”

Arnold mistakenly thought that the person who entered was Victoria!

However, when the woman came closer, he realized that she wasnt Victoria.

“Shes not Victoria.” Arnold sat down again.

Cayden and Nate both laughed out loud while Cayden patted Arnolds thigh and asked, “How about this one Do they look alike”

Arnold was extremely emotional.

“Yes! They look so alike, especially their eyes, and the way they dress.

Victoria usually likes to wear Chanel business suits too.”

“Amazing! Cayden, how did you do that”

Nowadays, plastic surgery procedures have become unbelievably advanced.

He reckoned that even Jordan, Victorias boyfriend, would mistake this woman for Victoria!

The resemblance was too remarkable!

Cayden knew that Arnold had been coveting Victoria, and he was eager to drag Arnold down.

Thus, she went to get plastic surgery.

The woman who resembled Victoria hurriedly sat next to Arnold and respectfully poured a glass of wine for him, “Mr.

Decker, please drink.”


Good.” Arnold smiled and took the glass.

Then, the woman said, “Mr.

Decker must be tired from working all day, right Let me give you a shoulder massage.”

Although the woman was pouring wine and giving Arnold a massage, Arnolds expression slowly turned from delighted to deadpan.

Cayden could tell what Arnold was thinking.

“Whats the matter, Mr.


Arnold shook his head and said, “Unfortunately, she only looks like her.

Her mannerisms are completely different.

She doesnt act like the boss at all.”

Everyone knew that Victoria was an aloof president of the company who was now Arnolds superior.

There was no way shed speak to Arnold that respectfully.

Cayden slapped the woman who resembled Victoria on the face, but not too hard because he was afraid that he might damage her newly done nose.

Cayden said angrily, “Get out and do it again!”

“Yes.” The woman covered her face and obediently walked out of the private room.

Half an hour later…

The woman pushed open the door of the room again, but this time, she was no longer as deferential as she was just now and was instead more aloof.

The woman did not sit next to Arnold but casually found a seat and sat down cross-legged in a domineering manner.

“Cayden, come and pour me a glass of wine.” The woman instructed Cayden.

Cayden obediently picked up the bottle and walked over.

“Yes, Victoria, you look gorgeous today.

What material is your outfit made of Let me take a look.”

The woman snapped with displeasure, “Outrageous! Your father and I are considered to be of the same status.

How dare you speak this disrespectfully

At this moment, the smile on Arnolds face gradually became unrestrained, and he exclaimed happily, “Yes, this is the feeling! This is what it feels like! This is Victoria! This is the Miss Clarke Ive been thinking abbot! Victoria, Im here!”

Arnolds eyes were like that of a lion as he stared at the woman who looked like Victoria.


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