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Chapter 239: Victorias Scandal!

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Arnold had been carrying a torch for Victoria and wanting to win her heart for more than just a day or two.

In fact, it had been more than a few years too.

Ever since he met her in Canada and was saved by her when he encountered an almost fatal asthma attack, he decided that Victoria was another close confidante he would have for the rest of his life.

However, Arnold could never win her heart in the past few years regardless of what he did.

Moreover, since Victoria had somehow become the president of Perry Express and Arnolds superior, he stood an even smaller chance.

However, Cayden had now given Arnold the chance to make his dream come true!

Arnold was drinking wine, and he had long stopped bothering about whether or not the woman was the real Victoria.

At his age, he had long understood that the world is full of falsehoods.

Everything that happened in the past is nothing but hollow memories.

However, Arnold leaped towards Victorias impostor, but she was full of resistance against him.


Decker, what are you doing I have a boyfriend.

Please respect me!”

Like a beast, Arnold questioned, “Whos your boyfriend Is he the lowly manager of the training department, Jordan Steele”

“Victoria” answered, “Yes, my boyfriend is Jordan Steele!”

When Arnold heard Jordans name, he gritted his teeth and hollered, “Psht! That freeloader isnt worthy of you at all.

You and I truly belong to each other!”

After saying that, he threw himself onto her again.


The woman slapped Arnold!


At the side, Cayden slammed the table, pointed at the woman, and cursed, “You cheap wench, how dare you hit Mr.

Decker Have you got a death wish!! Im going to beat you to death!”

However, when Cayden was about to hit her, Arnold defended the woman and reached out to stop Cayden.

He wasnt enraged at all and was, in fact, a little surprised.

“Thats right, this is what Victoria is really like! Theyre becoming more and more similar! Hahaha!”

Cayden was thrilled too.

He had personally trained this woman who had long mastered the way Victoria spoke, her mannerisms, and her temper.

Cayden said, “Since this is the case, why dont you take Miss Clarke back to the hotel room, and the two of you can take your time to talk Mr.

Decker, Ive already booked the presidential suite at the Peninsula Hotel for you.”

Arnold took the initiative to down another glass of wine and said, “Okay, Ill accept this gift from you, Cayden.

From now onwards, well have each others back because were all in the same boat!”

Arnold had inadvertently discovered the secret between Cayden and his rich scion friends.

Hence, he knew that if he didnt play along once, they wouldnt trust him.

Besides, he really wanted to get intimate with Victorias impostor, who was right in front of him.

Cayden toasted to Arnold again, and then the four of them left the private room together.

A few minutes after they left, a figure suddenly entered the private room quietly, stepped on a chair, and took away an extremely tiny and inconspicuous camera in the corner of the private room.

The person was Tim!

When they reached the parking lot, Cayden, Nate and Arnold waved goodbye to one another.


Decker, I shall not see you off.

You and Miss Clarke enjoy yourselves tonight.

Heres some medicine, just in case you need it.


Cayden handed Arnold a small bag.

“Okay, lets keep in touch.”

Arnold and “Victoria” left first.

After they left, Nate humphed coldly and gibed, “Finally, this old fogy has been dragged into this, but Cayden, youve spent too much money and effort to pick a girl for him.

You had to change her ID and send her for plastic surgery.”

Cayden laughed and said, “Nate, you dont understand.

Im not trying to drag him down to make him one of us.”

“Im taking this opportunity to deal Perry Express a lethal blow!”

Seemingly deep in thought, Nate asked, “What do you mean”

Cayden said with a sinister smile, “Tomorrow, you will see the news of the president and vice president of Perry Express sleeping with each other, haha!”

7:30 am.

Jade Villa.

Victoria had already woken up and finished washing up by this time.

She had also changed into her Chanel business suit that she often wore.

While she was spraying perfume on herself in front of the mirror, Jordan got out of bed, hugged her from behind, and asked, “Honey, what do you want for breakfast Ill prepare it for you.”

Victoria smiled blissfully, looked at Jordan through the mirror, and said, “I suddenly want to have some chicken nuggets.

Make some chicken nuggets, and well pair them with milk.”

“Alright, Ill get to it now.”

Jordan let go of Victoria and was just about to go make breakfast.



They received a notification on their cell phones at the same time.

Both of them worked at the same company in the same industry now, and thus, they had downloaded the same apps on their cell phones, so it wasnt strange for them to receive a notification at the same time.

Hence, both of them took out their cell phone and looked at what the notification was.

It was a notification from Twitter regarding a tweet posted by a business account they were both following.

The content, on the other hand, gave them both a great shock.

“The president and deputy president of Perry Express share a passionate kiss in the hotel elevator, and walk into a hotel room, hand in hand!”

They tapped it to see that it was a photo of Arnold and Victoria kissing each other passionately in the elevator!

There were also photos of them entering a hotel room intimately, hand in hand!

Jordan froze on the spot because, from the angle and clarity of the photo, the woman in the photo did seem to be Victoria.

The woman in the photograph was even wearing the suit that Victoria was wearing now!

It was exactly the same!

As Victorias boyfriend, Jordan was obviously upset to see those photos!

Victoria also saw them, and she hurriedly put her cell phone down and walked towards Jordan.

She explained, “Honey, I swear, I definitely didnt go to a hotel with Arnold Decker.

The person in those photos isnt me!”

Perhaps, Victoria felt that the woman in the photo really resembled her, and she knew that Jordan might not believe her.

Hence, to get Jordans trust, Victoria got on her knees right on the spot and raised her right hand.

“I, Victoria Clarke, solemnly swear that if I have been unfaithful to you, I…”

Before Victoria could finish, Jordan stopped her and helped her up.

“Victoria, weve known each other for such a long time, and our relationship is so strong.

How can I possibly not trust you”

“This must have been digitally doctored by someone.

I wont be bothered.”

“Thank you.” Victoria was really touched, and she hugged Jordan.

Afterward, the two of them carefully scrutinized the photos and comments again.

Victoria said, “These photos arent digitally doctored.

Honey, look, this woman is shorter than I am, and her hairstyle is also different from mine.

Shes just a woman who looks like me.”

Jordan looked carefully for a few moments and discovered that it was indeed as Victoria said.

“Thats incredible.

Even Emily doesnt have such a striking resemblance to you.

Why does this woman look so much like you”

Jordan was puzzled.

However, Victoria wasnt worried about this issue.

She looked at the comments and found that everyone was aware that Arnold was a married man.

As the vice president of Perry Express, Arnold being embroiled in such a scandal will cause a huge blow to Perry Express, which was currently on the rise!

“The stock price of the company is probably going to plunge!” Victoria said dejectedly.


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