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The business card was a Swiss metal business card embellished with diamonds, with a black background and yellow letters.

The diamonds used in a single set of business cards probably exceeded 30 carats!

Simply put, each business card was worth 1,500 dollars!

Besides, business cards were definitely printed in sets.

Ace Corporation had specially customized a set of business cards for Jordan, which cost almost as much as a house in a third-tier city!

Chief Lee took the business card and was instantly shocked to see the dazzling diamonds on the card.

Jordans name was indeed stated on the business card!

Chief Lee looked at the contract again and confirmed that the shares that used to belong to the former president of the Ace Corporation had indeed been transferred to Jordan.

However, the police officer beside him asked, “Chief, could it be a fabricated contract”

It was normal for contracts and business cards to be fabricated.

Having been police officers for so many years, they had already gotten used to seeing it.

Chief Lee said, “Can we find your information on Heavens Eye”

Heavens Eye was a business query tool that included the information of 200 million social entities nationwide, and data like corporate backgrounds and the information of business owners could be found on it.

Jordan smiled and said, “The founder of Heavens Eye is Dr.

Alex Murphy, who is my second brothers former classmate in college.

Due to the fact that I havent officially taken over the position yet, I asked him to hide my information because I dont want others to look up information about me before I do.”

“Since you guys believe the data in Heavens Eye, Ill ask him to help me reveal it for a while.”

After Jordan finished speaking, he picked up his phone and dialed a number.


Murphy, how are you doing lately Well, a police officer in Orlando would like to see my data in Heavens Eye.

Can you unhide my data for ten minutes”

After chatting with Dr.

Murphy, Jordan entertained the police officer and had a cup of tea with them.

After just one minute, Jordan received a text, and he then said to Chief Lee,

“You can check Heavens Eye now.”

Inputting Ace Corporation into the search bar of the “Heavens Eye” app, Chief Lee saw Jordans name in the personnel section of the company immediately!

“Jordan Steele, CEO of Ace Corporation!”

Not only was Jordans name on it, but his profile photo was on it too.

The person in the photo was exactly the same as the person standing before them!

However, the police officer next to Chief Lee still had his guard up.

“Could it have been done by a hacker”

There were many hackers on the Internet, and one could hack into an app and tamper with the information on it.

Jordan smiled and said, “I initially didnt want to flaunt my wealth, but since you guys still dont believe me, Ill have to do this.”

Jordan opened the text message interface on his cell phone and handed it to Chief Lee.

Chief Lee took the cell phone and saw that it was a transaction alert from a bank.

“Amount: 90,000 dollars

Date: April 20, 14:22

Account Number: *6582

Type: Quick Payment Withdrawal

Remaining Balance: 1,553,494,532 dollars”

When Chief Lee and the police officer beside him saw the long string of numbers, they were dumbfounded!

“You have… more than a billion dollars!”

The two counted for a long time before figuring it out.

The bank card was given to Jordan by Butler Frank yesterday because Jordan and Hailey had signed a prenuptial agreement to keep their assets and property separate.

Hence, Hailey Camden had no right to inquire about the real assets that belonged to Jordan during the divorce.

Jordan looked at the stunned police officers and said, “Sirs, this is only one of my cards, but I fear the amount in it alone is more than the total value of all the Camdens assets combined.”

“Do you think Id steal a watch thats worth merely over 800,000 dollars”

Only then did the two people stop doubting Jordan.

They had heard of the Camdens before and knew that they were just a second-rate family whose net worth was just over millions of dollars.

Yet, Jordan had more than a billion dollars in just a single card alone!

Since he was so rich, there was no need for him to steal from the Camdens!

Chief Lee asked curiously, “Mr.

Steele, you should be the noble heir of a wealthy family, right So why were you willing to be a live-in son-in-law of the Camdens”

Jordan answered helplessly, “It was arranged by my family, so I had no choice but to obey.

I hope that you two can keep it a secret for me, especially from the Camdens.

I dont want to have any other involvement with them anymore.”

Chief Lee nodded frantically, “Rest assured, Mr.

Steele, this matter concerns your privacy.

We wont disclose it to others.”

“Im sorry to have disturbed your rest.

We should go now.”

Jordan also got up to see them off.

“Its alright, take care.”

Two minutes later, the two police officers came down to the hotel lobby from upstairs.

Hailey and Tyler Collins immediately walked over.

Tyler Collins was puzzled to see that Jordan had not come down to the lobby with them.

He asked, “Sirs, why didnt Jordan Steele come down with you Did he resist arrest Send more men with guns and teach this punk a hard lesson!”

Chief Lee glared at Tyler Collins and warned, “Mind your language! If you hurl any vulgarities again, Ill take you back to the police station!”

Afterward, Chief Lee looked at Hailey and said, “Mr.

Jordan said he didnt take any watch belonging to the Camdens.

So I think youd better go home to check again and see if youve left it somewhere.”

Hailey protested, “How can you believe what he said!! If he didnt steal anything from our family, how did he get the money to stay in a five-star hotel Hes just a pauper who delivers takeout!”


Hearing Haileys description of Jordan, the two police officers were speechless…

‘Is there a pauper in this world whos worth billions of dollars


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