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Chapter 240: Ill Just Forgive Her, Okay

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“Honey, I have to hurry to the company to hold a board meeting, so I wont accompany you for breakfast.”

Victoria looked like she was in a hurry.

Jordan nodded and said, “Okay, go ahead, be careful.”

At the same time, Hailey, who was in the villa next door, had just woken up and saw the content of the trending topic on Twitter.

“Wow, “Yeah, Victoria Clarke and Arnold Decker kissed passionately in the elevator Oh my God, Victoria Clarke cheated on Jordan”

Hailey was now seven months pregnant, and her baby bump was large.

Life was rather mundane for her and bored out of her wits every single day.

Such gossipy news was exactly what she needed to perk herself up.

However, she didnt expect to come across any news about her former husband.

She looked out the window and coincidentally saw Victoria driving away in her Porsche that zoomed away swiftly with a whoosh.

Cayden didnt come home last night either, so Hailey immediately walked out of the villa to go look for Jordan in the villa next door.



Jordan opened the door and saw the heavily pregnant Hailey.

Although she had a less svelte figure than before, her face was still as flawless as ever.

She was the most beautiful pregnant woman Jordan had ever seen.

“Why are you here” Jordan asked.

Hailey asked cautiously, “Did you have a fight with Victoria”

“No,” Jordan answered.

Hailey unlocked her phone and asked, “Didnt you guys read the news”

Jordan glanced at Haileys phone screen and said, “Oh, we did.”

Hailey immediately found it rather strange.” You saw the news, but you two didnt even have a tiff Jordan, when have you become so good-tempered that you wont even get upset after being made a cuckold”

Jordan said helplessly, “The woman in those photos isnt Victoria.”

Hailey asked in surprise, “You believe such a lie Youre so foolish.

These photos werent digitally doctored.

There are GIFs and videos to prove its authenticity!”

“Victoria has really cheated on you.

You mustnt trust her!”

Too lazy to explain to her, Jordan said, “Okay, even if she has done it, Ive forgiven her, okay”

“What… what”

Hailey was stunned and at a loss for words.

After deliberating over it for a while, she suddenly swung her tiny fists at him.

“You jerk.

If you can forgive her, why couldnt you forgive me back then!!”

Hailey was now heavily pregnant, so Jordan chose not to lose his temper at her.

He merely grabbed her hand and calmed her down.

“Hailey, can you not bring up our past again”

“And youre going into labor soon, dont get physical all the time.

What if something untoward happens”

Hailey was so furious that she stomped her foot and humphed coldly.

“You still know to show concern about the baby, huh!! Youre not a responsible father at all! Cayden hasnt been home for a long time, and you didnt even come over to keep the baby company and me during the day.”

Jordan said helplessly, “I have to go to work in the day.”

“Your girlfriend is the President of the company.

Even if you dont go to work, she cant possibly fire you, can she” Hailey said immediately afterward.

Jordan didnt want to continue arguing with her.

Instead, he changed the subject.

“Hailey, your baby bump is much larger than most pregnant women in their seventh month of pregnancy.

Are you carrying twins”

Previously, Jordan had heard from Cayden that Hailey was carrying twins, but he hadnt heard it from Hailey herself.

As the babys father, Jordan, of course, wanted to find out if she was carrying twins.

Hailey was clearly surprised, and she asked, “Are you hoping that Im carrying twins Hmph, I wont tell you.

Anyway, Ill be going into labor in a couple of months.

You can come to the hospital to take a look yourself by then!”

Jordan had an expectant look on his face.

Based on his understanding of Hailey, he knew that Hailey was pregnant with twins!

“Okay, I will definitely go to the hospital to visit you,” Jordan said.

Hailey was carrying Jordans child, so he, the father, of course, had to go see his child for the first time!

At this moment, Jordans phone rang.

“Hailey, go get some rest.

I have to get busy soon,” Jordan said, chasing her away.

“Okay.” Hailey pouted and slowly left.

“Let me know in advance before you go into labor,” Jordan said.

Hailey deliberately tried to spite Jordan.

“I wont tell you, just wait to be the last one to see your baby!”

Jordan shook his head helplessly and then answered the phone.

It was a call from Tim.

“What is it”

Tim answered, “Jordan, have you seen the news Dont be angry.

The woman in the photo who has gone to the hotel with my uncle isnt Miss Clarke but a woman whom Cayden had deliberately sent to get plastic surgery to look like Miss Clarke.”

“Shes gone under the knife How did you find out about this” Jordan asked.

Tim chuckled and said, “Cayden wanted to use this trick to deal with my Uncle, you, and Perry Express, but I have the video of him using this woman to seduce my uncle.”

“Jordan, as long as we post this video, itll be over for Breezy Express!”,

Jordan said, “Well done.

What do you want for your remuneration”

Tim said, “I just want to work alongside you.

When youre going to abuse these rich scions again, count me in.

Ill go spit on them or something, hahaha, I just hate how they blow their trumpet and act impressive!”

Jordan laughed and said, “Go to Pablo and be his underlings.

‘”Thank you, Jordan!”

In the conference room of Perry Express.

Victoria walked to the conference room with large strides and a domineering aura.

The other shareholders had already arrived long ago.

“Miss Clarke.”

“Miss Clarke.”

When they saw Victoria coming, the other shareholders all stood up to greet her.

This also included Arnold, the vice president, who was now a trending topic.

“Miss Clarke, Im sorry…”

Arnold looked at Victoria with an apologetic expression.

Victoria was furious, and she walked up to Arnold, raised her hand, and slapped him!


The shareholders in the conference room were all dumbfounded.

Victoria growled, “Arnold Decker, you are the deputy president of President, but you actually did such a thing! Do you know how much damage your actions will do to the company”

“Do you know how embarrassed youve made my boyfriend feel”

Despite being slapped in public, Arnold didnt dare to be resentful.

“Im sorry, Miss Clarke, I will explain clearly to the public that the woman I was with is just someone who has gotten plastic surgery to look like you…”


Victoria slapped him again, making all the major shareholders gasp.

Victoria said, “You are really perverted! I order to satisfy your own selfish desires, you… even got other women to look like me.”

Arnold hurriedly said, “No, it wasnt me who found her but that little bastard Cayden who set this up to trick me!”

Victoria said mightily, “I dont care who did it..

Anyway, Arnold Decker, youre now fired.

From now on, you are no longer an employee of Perry Express!”



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