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Chapter 241: The Huxleys Suffer A Huge Blow!

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From the moment Jordan lured Arnold to check out Caydens locker, Jordan knew that Arnold would be forced to leave the company.

However, he didnt expect this matter to be even more complicated and twisted than he had expected.

Cayden even tried to kill two birds with one stone by harming both Arnold and the whole of Perry Express.

Now, everyone on the Internet was mocking Perry Express.

“Haha, the deputy president of Perry Express is really interesting.

He actually harbors improper thoughts about his female superior!”

“The president of Perry Express is so pretty.

If I were the deputy president, I would harbor designs on her too!”

“He even deliberately sent a woman to South Korea to get plastic surgery to look like his boss and then checked into a hotel room with her.

What a sick movie.


“I take pity on Miss Clarke and her boyfriend.


At this moment, Cayden had also arrived at the presidents office of Breezy Express bright early in the morning to claim credit from his grandfather.

Overjoyed, Cayden said, “Grandpa, have you seen the news I was the mastermind who planned the scandal that Arnold Decker, the deputy president of Pe, is now embroiled in! Haha, now the netizens are all slamming and mocking Perry Express.

Im sure their stock price will plunge when the stock market opens later!”

During this period of time, Perry Expresss stock prices have been rising continuously.

It had already surpassed Breezy Express to become the top logistics company in the country.

However, as the old saying goes, the higher you climb, the harder you fall.

The same applies in the stock market as well.

With such a scandal, the stock price of Perry Express will definitely plummet!

This was an extremely good piece of news for Breezy Express!

Arthur Arthur also smiled and said, “Well done! Ive been overwrought and vexed when Perry Express kept suppressing us and leading us by the nose lately.”

“However, Victoria is Russells woman.

Hes going to be upset when he finds out that you got her involved.”

It was apparent that Arthur was somewhat scrupulous towards his sworn brother!

Cayden laughed and said, “That woman isnt really Victoria.

Its just someone who looks like her.

Rest assured, Uncle Russell wont find out that I was the one who arranged this.”

While he was being smug, a video was spread on the Internet again.

It was the video of Cayden and Arnold in the private room of the nightclub yesterday afternoon!

As soon as the video was released, a huge uproar was once again sparked on the Internet!

“Holy crap! Theres actually such a quick twist! Its not the deputy president of Perry Express, but the grandson of the chairman of Breezy Express who devised this scheme to set them up!”

“Breezy Express is so shameless to have resorted to such despicable and unscrupulous means to deal a blow to their competitor.

They deliberately sent a woman to get plastic surgery to look like the president of their business rival and then instigated the deputy president to commit a mistake.”

“Boycott Breezy Express, support Perry Express!”

Soon, the stock market opened.

The stock price of Breezy Express plunged immediately!

On the other hand, the stock price of Perry Express surged closed with a five percent increase!


Arthur slapped Cayden on the face and berated, “Didnt you say that no one will find out!! Someone has even gotten hold of the video evidence! Punk, why did you make so much trouble for no reason! If youre incompetent, dont get involved in the competition between our company and our rivals!”

Cayden was also dumbfounded to see the quick plunge of Breezy Expresss stock prices.

“How… could I have been tailed by someone Who is it!!”

He could have never imagined that Tim, the chauffeur Jordan had planted as a snitch by his side since a while ago, would be the culprit.

“You… youre really…”

Arthur wanted to continue to berate Cayden, but he suddenly got a dizzy spell, and his body fell backward.

“Grandpa! Grandpa, are you okay Its all my fault.

I was too foolish to have been played out by someone.

Grandpa, simmer down and be mindful of your health.”

Cayden hurriedly helped Arthur back to his seat.

Arthur gradually regained his composure, wiped off the medicinal wine, and lamented with emotion, “Theres a wise man behind this.”

“Wise man” Cayden was puzzled.

Arthur said, “Since things have come to this, its useless to hold it against you any further.

Wed better get this matter settled as soon as possible.”

“Should we hold a board meeting or press conference immediately” Cayden asked.

Arthur shook his head and said, “Before that, we have to call Russell and apologize to him.”

“Victoria is his future wife, and yet, you created her double and gave her double to another man.

Isnt that a blatant insult to him”

Arthur sighed helplessly, picked up his phone, and made a video call to Russell.

The call was quickly connected.

“Good afternoon, Russell.”


Russell was still rather polite.

Arthur smiled and said, “Russell, I believe you have seen the news.

I have to apologize to you for failing to discipline Cayden well, so much that he has done such an absurd thing.”

“Cayden, what are you waiting for Get on your knees and apologize to Uncle Russell!”

Since it was a video call, Russell could clearly see Cayden getting down on his knees.

Cayden said to the camera, “Uncle Russell, I was all muddled up when I came up with such an awful idea.

Please be magnanimous and forgive me!”

Russell was obviously furious to see Cayden, but he and Arthur were sworn brothers after all.

The two had lots of business dealings.

Hence, he couldnt afford to lose his temper.

Russell said calmly, “Forget it, Arthur, let Cayden get up.

Its understandable that young people are playful.”

“Besides, he didnt really touch Victoria and had merely got a woman who looks like Victoria.

Cayden, the plastic surgery that that woman went for is pretty impressive.

I almost thought she was the real Victoria when I saw the photos.”

“Which hospital did you take her to for plastic surgery Remember to send the name to me.”

Seeing that Russell had forgiven him, Cayden finally felt really relieved.

“Yes, Uncle Russell, Ill send you the address right now.”

Arthur turned the camera to himself and asked, “Russell, dont mind me asking but do you still plan to marry Victoria now”

“Shes still living with Jordan Steele, and there seem to be no signs of a breakup between them.”

Russell said with a confident smile, “Of course I will marry her.

Ive always done what I promised to do.”

“However, when I met her, I told her that Id let her have fun for another six months.

When the time is up, she will become my wife!”

Arthur thought about it and realized that the last time he had dinner with Russell and Victoria was in August.

“Six months… Will the time be up in February next year” Arthur asked.

Russell nodded.

“February next year” Cayden was stunned because Haileys estimated labor date was in February too.

Unbeknownst to them, Jordan was planning to propose to Victoria after Hailey delivered the baby!

It was planned for February next year!

Cayden said, “Uncle Russell, Ill be looking forward to your wedding with Victoria.

Ill definitely go to Houston to attend it!”

Russell said with a smile, “Sure, youre utmost welcome.

I gotta go now.”

After hanging up the video call, Cayden secretly thought,Why is Russell so confident that Victoria will marry him once the six-month period is up

‘Victoria and Jordan seem to be getting married soon!”

‘Does he… have some kind of evidence against them


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