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Chapter 244: Prenatal Depression!

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[In a world for two, there are too many misunderstandings and excessive entanglements in the world.

Were always afraid of receiving the cold shoulder from the other party.]

[The person I love the most hurt me the deepest, I have no right to choose whether to retreat or not…]

[How can I forget the promises we made to love each other How can I forget your lovely face]


On the way, Hailey kept playing songs that contained duets between male and female singers.

An example would beNeed You Now and many others.

It seemed that every song could reflect the relationship between Jordan and Hailey.

However, when they were about to arrive at the hospital, Hailey played a song namedGreen.

After stopping the car, Jordan asked, “Why did you play that song”

Hailey said, “Nothing, I just think the melody is nice.

Come over here and hold me.”

Hailey was now heavily pregnant, and the hospital was crowded, so Jordan had to hold her at all times to keep her safe.

She went for a checkup at the hospital, but there was nothing serious.

Hailey was still worried when she came to the doctors office with the medical report in hand.

“Doctor, most expectant mothers are sleepy during their second trimester, and they spend their time either sleeping or eating, but Ive developed food aversions.

Ive been getting more and more nervous now that Im nearing the labor date.

Whats going on”

This doctor was a famous obstetrician and gynecologist of this hospital.

He was also a psychologist.

The doctor laughed and said, “Its your first time having a baby, right Its normal to be nervous.”

“But I get nightmares all the time, and I feel anxious everyday.

I even get scared, and sometimes I dont want the baby anymore,” Hailey said.

The doctor said, “You may have prenatal depression.

Is this gentleman the babys father”

The doctor looked at Jordan.

Jordan nodded.

The doctor said to Jordan, “The reason your wife is experiencing these symptoms may be that she has some expectations of you, which you have not fulfilled.

There is nothing wrong with your career recently, right”

Jordan smiled. So thats the reason. There hadnt been any problems with his career lately, but Caydens career has been declining considerably.

“Its not too bad,” Jordan said perfunctorily.

The doctor continued, “If your career is stable and there are no major problems, then it is your wifes emotional needs that are not being met.

May I ask if you are too busy with work that you dont have time to spend with her”

Hailey humphed coldly.

“He doesnt have time for me.”

The doctor quickly said, “See, I was right, wasnt I It must be because you usually spend too little time with your wife.

Thats why she has developed anxiety.”

When Jordan saw Hailey rolling her eyes, he felt aggrieved.

‘I wouldnt spend time with you even if I had time.

Go look for Cayden!

However, Jordan wouldnt mention their complicated relationship in front of the doctor and other outsiders.

The doctor admonished Jordan, “You must pay attention to this matter.

Your wife will go into labor in another month.

This month, you have to take more time out of your schedule to spend with her.”

“Its not easy for a woman to carry a baby for 10 months, right”

Jordan nodded and said, “Okay, I will make more time to spend with her.”

After chatting for a while in the doctors office, Jordan helped Hailey up as they proceeded to leave.

After the two left, the doctors young assistant said, “I think that pregnant woman doesnt look like shes suffering from prenatal depression Shes not in low spirits at all, and instead, she is sometimes excited.

Shes just a little nervous about giving birth, and I dont know why she is.”

The senior doctor laughed and said, “You are still too young.

Work in the hospital for a few more years, and you will be able to tell such things at a glance.”

“Id be able to tell at a glance What do you mean” The young doctors assistant asked.

The doctor laughed and said, “This pregnant woman is probably nervous and scared, not because shes worried about the pain of giving birth, but because shes worried that the baby does not belong to her husband!”

“Huh” The young assistant was stunned and covered her mouth in shock.

As a doctor in obstetrics and gynecology who also specialized in the psychology of pregnant women, he had seen too many such incidents where the baby did not belong to their husband.

Some of the dates were not even right, and the doctors actually knew it clearly, but they couldnt tell the spouses of those women.

The doctor recalled Haileys stunning beauty and said, “This pregnant woman is so beautiful.

She must have many suitors.

Lets see and wait another month.

Maybe there will be a farce in our hospital.”

“Be careful.

Get in slowly.”

Jordan opened the door for Hailey and helped her into the car.

He had taken care of her throughout the journey to and fro the hospital.

He had done an excellent job as her former husband.

Hailey was naturally happy! She enjoyed this feeling!

When she got into the car, Hailey said, “Jordan, you just heard it.

The doctor said I have prenatal depression and need more company and quality time with the babys biological father.

I dont care, for the next month, you have to come to my place every single day and stay with me for two hours.”

Jordan said, “Accompany you for two hours every day Will Cayden agree”

“Besides, your depression is caused by the fact that the Huxleys assets have shrunk to 10 billion dollars.

10 billion is still a lot, dont be so greedy, okay”

Hailey retorted angrily, “Bull**! Im not depressed because of this! I dont love money that much!”

“What is the reason then” Jordan asked.

Hailey bit her lips and suddenly paused.

“Anyway, you have to spend time with me.

You are the father of the baby, so you have to perform your fatherly duty.

I will call Cayden now.”

Hailey dialed Caydens number right on the spot.

“Cayden, where are you” Hailey turned on the loudspeaker.

“Im with Nate and the others.

Whats up” Caydens background noise was rowdy, and he seemed to be drinking.

There were lots of female voices too.

Hailey said, “I just went to the hospital for a checkup, and Ive been diagnosed with prenatal depression.

I need my husband to stay with me.”

“I know, the baby is not yours, and you dont want to serve me, so can I ask Jordan to come over and stay with me for two hours every day”

Cayden thought about it and agreed, thinking that since Hailey was now eight months pregnant, there was no way the two of them could do anything.

“Okay, let him come over.”

After hanging up, Hailey said to Jordan, “Now you can come to my house anytime to keep me company.”

Jordan said, “I still have to go back and discuss it with Victoria.”

Hailey said, “Dont bother, Ill talk to her about it.”

Hailey took the initiative to call Victoria and spoke in a pretentiously coquettish voice.

“Victoria, this is Hailey.

I just left the hospital with Jordan, and were heading back.”

Victoria was also rather polite.

“How did the checkup go Is everything okay”

Hailey said, “The doctor diagnosed me with prenatal depression and said I need more company from the babys father.

As you know, the baby isnt Caydens, and he doesnt care about me right now.”

“Can I borrow Jordan from you for two hours every day so that he can play the piano for me or something Is that okay, Victoria”


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