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Chapter 251: The Proposal!

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‘Since the world worships heroes, I will become a hero!

‘Since this society only respects rich people, then I will become a rich person!

In the following week, groundbreaking pieces of news appeared in the local business circle every single day.

“J Corporation has acquired Speedy Express! The change of legal entity has been completed!”

“J Corporation has acquired 80% of the shares of Daily Express with a cash contribution of one billion dollars (including equity transfer tax)!”

“J Corporation has completed the acquisition of several courier companies such as Omni Express and 365 Express!”

“Breaking! Breaking! J Corporation has completed the full acquisition of the takeout company, EatUp, for 10 billion dollars!”

“Breaking! Breaking! Breaking! J Corporation has acquired Ubereats for 40 billion and became the largest shareholder of the company!”

It was near the end of the year, so many employees were on vacation leave and gone home for Christmas and the New Year.

However, those big pieces of news continuously appeared in the business circle!

“Soaring! Soaring! After the acquisition of Ubereats, the total market value of Ubereats has soared to nearly 150 billion dollars!”

“The identity of the chairman of J Corporation remains unknown, but the business world already considers him to be the richest man in the country!”

Hailey and Caydens home in Jade Villa.

Cayden and Hailey were both watching the news with utter astonishment in their eyes!

“J Corporation… What exactly is the origin of this J Corporation How did it manage to acquire so many enterprises one after another!!”

Cayden was emotional and amazed.

Since J Corporation acquired many courier companies, the domestic courier industry was now dominated by a tripartite of J Corporation, Breezy Express, and Perry Express!

Hailey was surprised too, and she remarked, “Why cant I find any information about the CEO of J Corporation This person definitely has a powerful background.

He has acquired so many companies without having to reveal his name, huh”

Cayden explained, “He claims to be an acting president, but now everyone knows that that person is not really the one in charge of J Corporation.”

“J Corporation has become the top corporation in the country, and he has become the new richest man in the country!”

Hailey was extremely tempted too.

“The richest man in the country… oh my God, I really want to get to know this man and find out what he looks like.”

“I hope to have the opportunity to know him…”

At this time, in the villa next door, Victoria had just returned home as well.

She took off her high heels and said with amazement and admiration, “There are hidden experts everywhere.

Have you seen the news of the J Corporation This person is really powerful.

Even Mr.

Walton said that they are no match for J Corporation!”

“He also said that the president of the J Corporation did not just become the richest person of the country today, but he has always been the richest person.

He just didnt want to show his face.

Victoria changed into her slippers and took a large sip of water, still feeling worried.

It was no wonder that Victoria, who had been involved in the business world, must have been shocked by those groundbreaking news every day!

Victoria suddenly said, “By the way, Jordan, my sister just called me to say that she wants to go to the Maldives during the New Year.

Shall we go together”

Many people would spend New Years Eve With Their Families.

Emily was Victorias only sister.

It was rare for the two to meet, so they definitely had to spend the New Year holiday together.

Jordan didnt have any relatives in the country at the moment, so the three of them could gather for some fun.

However, Jordan pretended to be reluctant.

“To the Maldives Thats so far away.”

Seated next to Jordan, Victoria grabbed Jordans arm and shook it.

“Come on, Honey, lets give in to Emilys wishes.”

“Well, okay.” Jordan then reluctantly agreed.

“Thank you, Honey!” Victoria gave Jordan a kiss on the cheek and then stood up.

“Im going to take a shower!”

Watching Victoria leave, Jordan smiled sinisterly and thought,Silly sweetheart, you still dont know that it was my idea to go to the Maldives, do you Hehehe.

Indeed, going to the Maldives for New Years Eve was Jordans idea!

He had already chartered an island in the Maldives a long time ago!

Jordan wasnt planning to go there just for a holiday trip for the New Year but also to propose!

Emily had said that Victoria would like to be proposed in a quiet environment, so Jordan chartered the island for the proposal!

Jordan had planned to propose at the beginning of the year.

Besides, Jordan was about to come clean with Hailey and tell her that he was the president of J Corporation!

He wanted to tell her that he had not been expelled from the family at all.

Before Hailey could learn the truth, he had to let Victoria know first, or it would be too unfair to her!

New Years Day, Maldives.

It would have been freezing in New York City at this time.

However, in this part of the Maldives, it was rather warm.

They just had to wear short-sleeved clothing because the temperature here is between 26-31 degrees all year round.

“Victoria! Jordan!”

At the airport, Emily skipped towards them, clad in a lightweight short dress.

Victoria thought Emily and Jordan were meeting for the first time, so she introduced, “Emily, let me introduce you to…”

“Hey, you can save the introduction.

We are already familiar with each other!” Emily quickly said.

The last time Emily and Jordan met, they spent a night in a hotel in DC.

“How do you know each other Isnt this the first time you two are meeting” Victoria asked curiously.

Emily laughed and said, “Well, theres something called Instagram.

We video call each other on Instagram all the time, right, Jordan”

“Yes!” Jordan nodded.

Victoria looked at Jordan with a suspecting gaze and questioned, “Why are you always in a video call with my sister Have you taken a fancy to her”

“No…” Jordan said with an innocent expression.

“Haha.” Looking at her sisters jealous look, Emily grinned happily and said, “Vicky, quit being jealous.

Lets go to the hotel.”

The three of them took a cab from the airport to an island named Vommuli.

When they arrived on this island, Victoria found it somewhat puzzling that there wasnt a single person in sight even though there was unlimited scenery.

There were no tourists or service staff.

Strolling around the island, Victoria discovered that the island was beautifully decorated.

There were signs everywhere that read, “Will you marry me”

“Oh dear, someone has chartered this island.

Lets hurry up and go somewhere else to have fun.”

Victoria realized that the island must have been chartered.

Otherwise, it was impossible for there to be no one around.

However, just at this moment, Jordan suddenly took out a diamond ring from his pocket, got down on one knee, and proposed to Victoria, who was clad in a white maxi dress!

“Will you marry me”

Victoria instantly covered her mouth and froze in shock!

“Did… did you set this all up”

At a glance, Victoria could tell that a wealthy young scion had chartered the island to propose to his girlfriend since there was a sense of romance all over the island.

She just didnt expect that the person who chartered the island was Jordan, and the woman being proposed to was herself!

“Marry him! Marry him!”

Emily kept clapping her hands at the side.

Victoria was so touched that she burst into tears.

Then, she looked at Jordan and gave him her answer.

“I do.”


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