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Chapter 252: Im The Richest Man in The Country!

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Jordan got up and hugged Victoria tightly.

Victoria closed her eyes, and tears of joy kept streaming down her delicate face.

She was already 31 years old, and although she had been surrounded by many suitors all these years, she always felt that she would end up alone until she met Jordan.

Jordan was in high spirits, too, because Victoria was the best woman he had ever met and also the woman who treated him the best.

When everyone ridiculed and humiliated him for being abandoned by his wife and the Steele family, Victoria was the only one who was willing to stay by his side.

Jordan took out the sparkling diamond ring from the diamond ring box, gently lifted Victorias delicate hand, and put the ring on her ring finger.

Victoria was incredibly touched, and she realized that the ring was not tacky at all.

She exclaimed with some surprise, “This diamond ring… is beautiful!”

The diamond ring was designed by New Yorks top bespoke jewelry brand, Lorraine Schwartz.

It was made of an octagonally-cut 18-carat diamonds that was set in a platinum base.

The toughness of the diamond represented the indestructible love he had for her!

Emily, who was at the side, had already taken out her DSLR camera and assumed the role of the photographer.

While taking pictures, she explained, “Vicky, this diamond ring is worth seven million dollars.

Jordan specially had it custom-made for you!”

Seven million dollars!

Thats as much as the price of a villa in New York City!

Besides, it would take a few million dollars to charter the island too.

Jordan had spent more than ten million dollars just for those two things!

Victoria looked at Jordan in surprise and asked, “Where did you get the money from”

Jordan had already put the diamond ring on Victorias left ring finger.

At this moment, he also had to come clean with her.

“Victoria, Id like to apologize to you.

In fact, my expulsion from the Steele family is a lie, and I have always been a part of the family,” Jordan said.

Emily, who knew the truth a long time ago, also smiled and said, “Thats not all, Sis.

Hes now the richest man in the country, and the corporation, J Corporation, which has been acquiring major companies, was built by him.”

Victoria was completely dumbfounded.

“You were not expelled from the family Does J Corporation belong to you”

J was the initial of Jordans name!

Jordan nodded.

However, Victoria was really exasperated to learn of the news.

“In that case, youve been lying to me all this well If you were so distrusting of me, forget about marrying me!”

As Victoria spoke, she was about to take off the ring that Jordan had just put on her finger.

Jordan hurriedly hugged Victoria and stopped her.

“Victoria, its not like that.

Let me explain.”

“At that time, I learned that Hailey deceived me because she had clearly slept with Tyler, but she lied and told me that she didnt do anything with him.”

“That wasnt it.

She also had an ambiguous affair with Cayden and went on dates with him every day even after she got pregnant.”

“I wanted to divorce her, but before Haileys grandaunt passed, she made me promise her that I wouldnt divorce Hailey.”

“Haileys grandaunt had saved my life, and I didnt want her to leave this world with regrets, so I agreed.”

“As you know, I take promises seriously, and I didnt want to break my promise, so I came up with this solution.”

“I know Hailey loves money, and once she knows that Im broke, shed definitely take the initiative to divorce me.”

Victoria knew quite a bit about Jordan and Haileys marriage.

Victoria knew that Jordan was a good person, and so she didnt blame him either.

She asked, “Why didnt you tell me even after we got together”

Jordan said, “Ive always wanted to find a chance to tell you, but I wanted to wait until Hailey had given birth.

Well, as you know, that woman will definitely come back to haunt me once she knows that I wasnt expelled from the family.”

Victoria nodded, knowing that Hailey had always liked Jordan and left him only because he was penniless.

Once she knew that he was wealthy, she would definitely try to get him back again.

Emily persuaded Victoria from the side, “Vicky, just forgive him.

He may have been hiding his identity, but hes been secretly helping you too.

You became the deputy president of Perry Express because of him too.

Miss Audrey is his younger sister.”

Victoria was even more surprised.

“Miss Audrey is your sister”

Jordan smiled and nodded.

“Yes, shes my youngest sister.”

Only then did Victoria understand why she could easily become the deputy president and then the president of Perry Express!

It turned out that all of this was not because of her good luck or the fact that she could get along well with Audrey, but because of Jordans arrangement!

“Youre so annoying.

You didnt tell me earlier either!”

Victoria patted Jordan gently, but he knew that she had already forgiven him after looking at her expression.

This world is just like that.

If a rich person pretends to be poor, he or she would tend to be forgiven easily.

However, if a poor man pretended to be rich, the woman would definitely break up with him once she found out about it.

She would even lash out at him.

Of course, Victoria was not a money-grubber.

In the next two days, Jordan, Victoria, and Emily enjoyed themselves leisurely.

Jordan and Victoria took a flight back to New York City on the third day of the new year.

Before leaving, Jordan invited Emily to go to New York City and move in with him and Victoria.

He also said that he could arrange for her to take on a high post in J Corporation.

However, Emily, who was quite strong-headed, refused.

She said that she preferred being a flight attendant and flying around the world.

To Jordan, all jobs are equal.

In his opinion, there is no difference between the president of a listed company and a flight attendant who serves guests on airplanes.

Hence, Jordan respected Emilys decision.

When they arrived at the airport, they discovered that there were lots of fans surrounding the place because they happened to have boarded the same flight as a famous celebrity.

Victoria had long been famous and had been on national TV before so many reporters recognized her.

When they saw Victoria, the most beautiful president of New York City, holding hands with a handsome man and wearing a sparkling diamond ring on her hand, they immediately realized that there was something newsworthy and thus rushed forward.

The female reporters probed about Jordan.

“Miss Clarke, Miss Clarke, can you introduce this handsome man to us”

“Someone reported that you have gotten a boy toy whos an idol group trainee.

Is this him Is he an artist”

Victoria couldnt help but burst into laughter when she heard their questions.

She turned to look at Jordan and said, “Honey, someone said that you look like an idol group trainee.


Jordan laughed.

It seemed that he was quite handsome, and he could consider joining the entertainment industry if he didnt run a business.

Jordans status was not what it used to be, and Victoria didnt want the tabloid reporters to write nonsense about him.

Victoria stopped in her tracks and faced the camera and reporters.

She asked, “This is my fiancé, Jordan, the president of J Corporation!”


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