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Chapter 254: The Children Are Not Yours!

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“Thats right! You owe us an explanation! Do you think you can humiliate others just because youre rich!!”

“Take a video of this and put it on the Internet so that everyone in this country can see how rude the billionaire president of the esteemed J Corporation is behaving at his rivals celebratory event!”

“Thats right, post it on the Internet! The incident about Cayden setting Arnold Decker and Victoria up has caused Breezy Express to lose billions of dollars! This time, I shall let him have a taste of the power of public opinion!”

All of the Huxleys stood out to yell at Jordan.

Jordan was a cold and skeptical person.

He had come over only because Tim had sent him a photo that was captioned “Luke Huxley and Leah Huxley.”

He came here just to change their names.

However, since the Huxleys demanded an explanation, he decided to give them one!

Jordan stood on the stage, looked at the Huxleys, said, “Hailey Camden is my ex-wife, and the twins she gave birth to are my children.

Whats wrong with me changing their last names to mine”

His words made the audiences jaws drop!

Arthur couldnt believe it and asked in disbelief, What did you say Hailey is your ex-wife The children are yours Isnt Cayden her first husband”

Arthur knew that Jordan, who was currently the president of the J Corporation and the most famous figure of the business industry, would never dare to lie.

Reason being, every single word he says would affect dozens of companies!

Hence, Arthur immediately called out loudly to Cayden, “Cayden, come here!”

Cayden walked over, looking extremely embarrassed.

Arthur asked with a serious expression, “Cayden, is what he said true! Are the twins biologically related to you or not!”

Cayden lowered his head without responding for a long time.

How can he bring himself to do such an embarrassing thing!!

Tim said with a sinister smile, “You want to find out if the twins are biologically related to the Huxleys, huh Thats simple.

Just get the paternity test done.”

Seeing that Cayden was not saying anything, he immediately ordered, “Take the twins to the hospital immediately for a paternity test!”

Cayden hurriedly pulled Arthur to stop him.

“Grandpa, dont, dont.”

Cayden knew that the twins werent his biological children, therefore he would only be humiliating himself by taking a paternity test on them, which he felt was unnecessary.

Cayden teared up aggrievedly and finally admitted, “Grandpa, the twins are indeed not my children.

Hailey was already pregnant when I met her.”


Arthur slapped Cayden on the face and exclaimed, “Bastard! You bastard! Are you an idiot!! You married Hailey even though she was pregnant with someone elses child You actually still want to raise someone elses children”

Shane, who was at the side, knew that Cayden had his reasons for doing so.

Seeing that Cayden had been beaten up into a pulp, his heart ached, and he persuaded, “Grandpa, it was Caydens last resort…”


The sound of another loud slap filled the air.

Arthur raised his hand again and gave Shane a slap on the face.

“So you know about this too! As his brother, you didnt persuade him and even spoke up for him.

Are you two out of your minds!!”

Cayden had already become infertile.

Thats why he wanted to use Hailey and the twins as a pretense.

However, he couldnt say that in front of so many people.

When outsiders discover he has become infertile, he would become a laughing stock.

He would no longer be able to gain a foothold in New York City.

Hence, Cayden had no choice but to explain, “Grandpa, I love Hailey too much.

If you love someone, you should accept every part of them, even if shes pregnant!”

When the guests saw this, they thought that Cayden was really devoted.

“Cayden loves Hailey Camden so much and treats her so well.”

“Yeah, hes actually willing to accept that his wife is pregnant with her ex-husbands child and has even thrown a baby shower for them.

Not all people can be as magnanimous as him.”

Seeing that the guests were impressed by him, Cayden wiped his tears and said to Jordan indignantly, “Jordan Steele.

Youre Mr.

Steele, huh!! Youve embarrassed me in public today, but Ill take it! If not for Hailey, I wouldnt want to raise your children for over a decade!”

“But dont be too smug!”

“Yes, its true that the children arent mine, but you may not be their biological father either!”

Hearing those words, Tim flew into a rage immediately and pointed at Cayden.

He hollered loudly, “Cayden Huxley, what nonsense are you spouting!! How dare you insult Mr.

Steele Do you have a death wish!!”

Cayden yelled at Tim too.

“You dog, you are not fit to talk to me! Youre just a dog belonging to Jordan and me! Youre in no place to interrupt when Im speaking to your owner!”

Tim had defected to Jordan, only because he wanted to pretend to be impressive.

Jordan hated him too, but he would feel comfortable bringing him along to some occasions.

After all, he was already the billionaire president of J Corporation who had a noble status, and there were some things and words he couldnt say or do personally.

Afterward, Cayden looked at Jordan again and said, “Jordan Steele, you and I both know what kind of woman Hailey is.

You havent done a paternity test yet, and youre already so certain that the kids are yours”

Jordan began to have second thoughts after hearing Caydens words!

Cayden and Jordan were probably the men who understood best what kind of a woman Hailey was!

She was a vain and materialistic woman who would cheat on her significant other for money and status!

Jordan would never trust her if he couldnt get the paternity test done!

He couldnt believe a single word they said, and he could only observe the results!

Jordan looked at Cayden and exclaimed coldly, “Ill do it right now!”

“Lets go!”

Jordan assented while Tim and the other underlings followed behind him.


Steele, where do we go now” Tim asked.

Jordan said, “Cayden Huxleys home.”

Tim turned his head and looked at Cayden, “You guys continue with the party while we go to your place to get some business done!”

Feeling extremely humiliated, Cayden clenched his fists and secretly thought,Hailey Camden, I hope you arranged a good show for Jordan.

The twins better not belong to him!

Half an hour later, the limited edition Maybach stopped outside Cayden and Haileys villa.

Jordan stepped out of the luxury car.

As soon as he did, his former mother-in-law, Sylvie, came out of the villa and scurried towards Jordan smilingly.

“Ah, its you, Jordy.

I was wondering what car it was, and it turns out its yours.

This car is really well maintained.

I havent seen it in a long time.”

Sylvie had already found out that Jordan hadnt really been kicked out of the family.

Seeing Sylvies disgusting face, Jordan no longer had anything to say to her.

He asked coldly, “Wheres Hailey Camden”

Sylvie hurriedly said, “Haileys looking after the kids at home.

Jordan, do you know The twins are growing up, and as they do, theyre starting to resemble you more and more.

Their eyes, noses, and lips are so similar to yours!”

“Ive given them several names, like Joey and Jake Steele, Mavis, and Mason Steele, Wilfred and Winna Steele, etc.

Which one do you think is nice Well, in my opinion, any name sounds great as long as their last names areSteele..




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