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Chapter 255: Hailey Regrets Again!

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Previously at the hospital, Sylvie had also asked Jordan to make a choice after the twins were born.

She asked him if the kids should adoptHuxley orCamden as their last name.

The only option that was not available was Steele!

She also said that Jordan was just a live-in husband who did not deserve the children to take his last name, even if he was their biological father!

After learning that Jordan had become the richest man in the country, she acted like his mother-in-law again!

Jordan glanced at Sylvie disdainfully, ignored her, and walked straight into the villa.

As soon as he entered, Jordan saw a pure-looking back clad in a white maxi dress.

It seemed that Hailey had anticipated that Jordan would come to her, so she put on an innocent-looking outfit, which was his favorite.

“Hailey Camden.”

When Hailey heard Jordans voice, she slowly turned around.

Although she had worked hard to get back in shape after giving birth, she was still a bit chubby now.

However, that did not mean that she was not pretty now.

Many women think that they have to be skinny to be beautiful.

Some who weighed only 50 kilograms would still insist that they are fat and try to lose weight desperately.

Jordan didnt like girls who were too skinny, and he felt that slightly chubby girls were great too.

Hailey was now slightly chubby, and her legs were still really sexy even though they were thicker than before.

Her facial features were still as flawless as before.

Among all the women Jordan had met throughout the decades of his life, only the mysterious woman in the café could compare to Hailey in terms of beauty.

Besides, Hailey seemed to have grown taller, though it was unclear if it was because of her stilettos.

It made her legs look longer and her aura nobler.

When Hailey saw Jordan, she burst into tears and scurried towards Jordan before leaping into his arms!

At this moment, it was exactly the same as the scene where Hailey ignored Collins pride and leaped towards Jordan during her wedding with Tyler back then!

Hailey threw herself into Jordans arms and hugged him tightly.

She exclaimed devotedly with tears in her eyes, “Indeed, I didnt love the wrong person!”


However, Jordan unceremoniously pushed Hailey to the ground with his left hand!”

‘You didnt love the wrong person

‘How can you say such disgusting words

‘You didnt love the wrong person because Im now the president of a company whos worth billions of dollars.

But if Im just an ordinary person, would you have loved the wrong person

Jordan said coldly, “Hailey, Im not here to catch up with you!”

After falling to the ground, Hailey was still tearing incessantly.

“Jordan, it turns out that you lied to me about being expelled from your family.”

“Why would you lie to me After getting married to me, you lied to me for three years.”

“After remarrying me, you actually lied to me again.

We were married, but you were so shady and insincere.

Dont you think youve mistreated me!”

Hailey actually went on to blame Jordan with resentment!

Jordan flew into a rage and retorted, “Ive mistreated you Hailey Camden, whos the one who let the other person down!”

“If you hadnt cheated on Cayden first and made me a cuckold, would I have put on this show”

“I could have just divorced you, but I promised your grandaunt that I wont initiate a divorce, so you should be glad that you had such a great-grandaunt!”

Hailey said aggrievedly, “Jordan, you misunderstood.

Actually, Cayden had just been sending me home after work during that period.

I didnt cheat on you at all.”

Jordan sneered, “Youve really become silly after giving birth.

Did you forget how spiteful you were to me when you went to my place previously”

“When Cayden was hospitalized, you stayed in his ward for hours.

Dont tell me you spent those hours playing mobile games!”

Hailey bit her lip, not knowing how to defend herself.

“At most, we only progressed to kissing.

Jordan, thats not unforgivable,” Hailey continued.

Haileys mother, Sylvie chimed in, “Yes, yes, Hailey was pregnant at the time, so she was probably just feeling lonely and hence, made that mistake.

It really isnt an unforgivable sin.”

Hailey continued, “Even till now, I havent had intercourse with Cayden yet.

Jordan, as you know, I was pregnant when I met him, and the pregnancy lasted for ten months.”

“Now that Ive just given birth, he doesnt even want to get intimate with me.”

“Jordan, you are still the only man for me.

Can we get married again”

Hailey still wanted to remarry Jordan!

This shameless woman who had betrayed Jordan twice and married three men still had the nerve to say such things!

Jordan had expected Hailey to pester him after learning of his true identity, so he had already proposed to Victoria one step ahead!

Jordan said firmly, “Hailey, you dont stand a chance anymore.

Ive already proposed to Victoria!”

“What You proposed to Victoria She said yes” A chilliness surged in Haileys heart.

Jordan nodded.

Hailey immediately said, “Victoria, that bitch, she must have known that your expulsion from the family was a lie.

Thats why she has been following you around.”

“You must not believe her.

Shes just an old woman who has been someone elses kept mistress.

She is very scheming!”

Jordan couldnt stand it anymore and slapped Hailey on her face.

“Hailey, Victoria is my fiancée.

Please respect her and yourself!”


Hailey covered her face and cried out in misery because she didnt expect Jordan to have hit her because of another woman.

When Sylvie saw how angry Jordan was, she quickly walked to the middle and pulled him to the sofa.

“Jordan, simmer down and talk things over calmly.

It wasnt easy for Hailey to deliver the twins.

She had a close shave with death during labor.”

If Hailey hadnt done so many things to hurt Jordan, Jordan wouldnt have gotten physical either.

He stopped arguing with Hailey and said, “Im here only for one thing, and that is to do a paternity test with the kids!”

“If you refuse again, you should know what kind of treatment and privileges they will lose!”

Before Hailey said anything, Sylvie quickly said, “Yes, yes, well do it.

Since this is the rule of the Steele family, well do it.

The descendants of the Steeles will be able to receive the best education and acquire any company they want in the future.


Sylvie patted Haileys hand and said, “Hailey, dont turn Jordan down again this time.”

However, Hailey was still a little hesitant.

She paused before getting up from the sofa and sitting next to Jordan again.

She hugged him and said, “Jordan, the children are yours.

I can swear to God that I was just trying to spite you when I said theyre Tylers children.

Are you that distrusting of me”

Jordan had actually never believed that the children belonged to Tyler.

Besides, Hailey was indeed very much in love with him at that time!

Jordan said, “I trust you, and I also believe that the children belong to me.

Im very clear that I have telepathic communication with these babies.”

“However, the rules of the Steele family are such that without a paternity test, the kids wont be able to enjoy the treatment and privileges that other descendants do.

They, too, wont have the right to inherit my assets in the future.

Are you sure you dont want to do the paternity test”

As soon as Hailey thought of the fact that the children may not be able to inherit his assets in the future, he immediately agreed, “Fine, well let them do the paternity test!”


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