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Chapter 256: Paternity Test!

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When a person chances upon a dog while driving and honks at it…

There will be showers when the weather forecast reports and the sky is full of gray clouds…

When a 23-year-old Michael Jordan leaps up from the free-throw line and runs to the basket…

Sometimes we dont need to look at what happens in the next second to know the outcome.

The outcome is certain.

The dog will dodge, raindrops will fall from the sky, and the god of basketball will dunk the ball into the basket.

Jordan also had absolute confidence that the children belonged to him.

However, we still need a positive outcome that everyone no longer doubts.

The matter will come to a close when the paternity test report is released.

Jordan and Hailey sat in his Maybach, each holding a baby.

Their destination was the DNA test center of New York City.

Along the way, Hailey actually didnt say a single thing, which was relatively rare of her.

She merely hugged the baby tightly, seemingly getting a little nervous!

When they arrived at the DNA center, Jordan first met with the head of the center, who was a nationally renowned forensic expert.

“Professor Gunn, Id like to do a paternity test with two children.

May I know how long it will take to get the results” Jordan asked.

Professor Gunn had already learned that Jordan had an extraordinary status, so he came to receive him in person.

Professor Gunn said, “Mr.

Steele, your children were just born less than half a year ago.

Generally speaking, we do not recommend paternity testing for children under half a year old.”

Facing the renowned forensic expert, Jordan remained composed and indifferent.

“Answer my question.”

Jordan chose to ignore her advice.

If Jordan and Hailey were still in love now, Jordan definitely wouldnt mind waiting for half a year or even a lifetime!

However, now, Jordan didnt want to wait a minute longer!

Professor Gunn knew that Jordan was the countrys richest man, so he answered very honestly.

Suppose your children get the test done using blood samples, hair samples, or oral samples.

In that case, it will take seven working days to get an accurate identification result.”

Jordan did not know much about this and instead asked, “Its getting a little late.

Cant you hurry up”

Professor Gunn smiled and explained, “In fact, from the laboratorys point of view, it is possible to get the results in eight hours, but according to our procedures, DNA paternity test has to be done twice by different personnel.”

“Especially for outcomes that prove that a paternity relationship doesnt exist.”

“The first round of tests will require two days to be completed, and the other test will begin from DNA sample collection.

That will take two days too.”

“Thats four days, and after the two rounds of tests, well need three more days to do a review of the results.

Thats why the entire process requires seven days.”

“After all, the paternity test is not a trivial matter, and we should be more serious and rigorous about it.

Your relationship will be affected in case we end up making a mistake.

Dont you agree”

Jordan nodded and said, “The time needed is not an issue.

What I want is a guarantee that the paternity test results are accurate!”

Professor Gunn said, “Rest assured, Mr.

Steele, Ive been in this business for decades, and I can guarantee with my reputation that the accurate results will be out in seven days, and I will personally supervise the processing of the report.”

Knowing that Professor Gunn was reputable and authoritative, Jordan said, “Not only do I have to guarantee the accuracy, I also have to guarantee the authenticity.”

“You should be aware of my status.

The Steeles are not an ordinary family, and I cant guarantee that someone wont bribe your staff or something like that in order to inherit my familys assets.”

“Professor Gunn, Ill make things clear first.

If I find out that anyone dares to forge the documents, I wont spare him!”

Professor Gunn also realized how terrifying Jordan was, and he began to feel somewhat intimidated.

“Yes, Mr.


Afterward, they collected samples, signed the contract, and then waited for the results.

After leaving the paternity test center, Jordan drove Hailey and the twins back to the villa.

“Jordan, the report will take a week to be released, so you dont have to be in such a hurry,” Sylvie said.

Jordan said coldly, “Its alright.

I have to go back to accompany my fiancée.

Ill pick you up and go to the paternity test center to collect the results in a week.”

After saying that, Jordan walked back to his and Victorias villa.

Victoria had also been waiting at home.

When she saw Jordan return, she asked anxiously, “How is it Did you get the results yet”

Jordan nodded and said, “We have to wait seven days to get the results.”

Victoria said, “Well, its okay to wait a few more days and get an accurate result, lest theres a mistake and you have to redo everything.”

Jordan was still feeling a little uneasy, and he called Pablo.



“Pablo, keep an eye on every single person at the New York City Medical College paternity test center.

Monitor them and see if there are any suspicious persons in the next seven days.

Keep close tabs on Hailey and Cayden too.”


After hanging up, Victoria asked, “Are you afraid that Hailey will bribe the people at the paternity test center”

Jordan nodded.

“Just in case.”

If Hailey really did something wrong, she might just do that.

At this moment, Victorias phone rang.

It was a call from Russell.

Jordan naturally wouldnt mind.

Everyone had a past; for instance, Victoria wasnt upset about his past with Hailey.

Jordan said, “Russell should have found out that Ive already proposed to you.

Dont you guys have a six-month pact thats due in February too You should make things clear to him.

Victoria nodded and answered Russells call.

Jordan didnt stand at the side to listen and instead headed to the bathroom.


“Victoria, have you agreed to marry Jordan”

Russell might have just watched the news, so he was very emotional.

Victoria replied, “Yes, Jordan proposed to me, and I agreed.”

“Russell, I know you want to marry me too, but our relationship is a thing of the past.”

Russell got emotional and said, “You shouldnt have said yes to his proposal!”

“Weve made a six-month pact.

Why did you say yes to Jordan before coming to me first!”

In fact, Victoria was planning to make a trip to Houston to make things clear to Russell in person that she was still going to choose Jordan after the six-month pact.

However, Jordans proposal was too sudden, and Victoria did not expect it at all.

Victoria said, “Even if I go to you, the answer is the same.

Youve lost, Russell, I didnt get sick of Jordan after six months, and I never will.”

“Jordan is not only young and handsome, but hes also wealthy too.

Hes actually wealthier than you now…”

“Russell, dont blame me for being too harsh with my words.

Theres no way you can compare to Jordan.”

Indeed, six months ago, Russell was much richer than Jordan and even had a higher status than him.

Now, as the president of J Corporation and the descendant of the Steeles, Jordan had long trumped Russell!

To his surprise, Russell still didnt give up even after hearing Victorias blunt and straightforward words.

“Victoria, I understand what you mean.

Hes the man that all women would want to marry, but in this world, all women can marry him, except you!”


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