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Chapter 258: Paternity Test Results!

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What goes around comes back around.

Ten months ago, Hailey insulted and humiliated the penniless Jordan because Cayden was wealthy.

Now, Cayden had also gotten a taste of being humiliated by Hailey!

Being paid 5 million dollars for a ten-month marriage meant that she would be getting an average of 500 grand a month, which Hailey felt was a huge loss for her.

She had married Cayden because of the Huxleys multi-billion dollar fortune.

Cayden was furious too.

“Fancy you having the cheek to say that you slept with me for ten months! Since we got married, youve been pregnant, and you refused to let me touch you because you said that you were afraid that the fetus would be affected.”

“Which day in the past ten months did you ever let me enjoy!!”

“Also, five million may not be a huge amount, but how much have the Huxleys helped your family ever since you married me Without the help of my family, can your familys net worth increase to several billion!!”

Hearing this, Hailey retorted, “Trust you to have the cheek to bring that up! Ever since your grandfather found out that the twins arent yours, all the companies that cooperated with the Camdens have withdrawn their investments!”

“You caused the Camdens to lose billions of dollars! My grandmother reprimanded me so badly!”

As the two of them argued incessantly, Jordan humphed coldly and exclaimed, “Hailey, oh, Hailey, youve lost more than billions.

Suppose the children are proven to be biologically unrelated to me.

In that case, the Camdens are going to lose all the projects that Ive clinched for you guys!”

“When the time comes, the Camdens will be banished to their original form and become a second-tier family of Orlando again!”

The Camdens glory was actually gained with the help of Jordan and the Huxleys.

Once they leave, the Camdens wouldnt achieve much by relying on Herman and Benedict, who lacked business acumen.

Jordan too didnt want to continue listening to their argument anymore.

He had already waited for the paternity test results for a week, and his patience had long become thin!

Jordan said, “Enough! Im not here to listen to your argument! Hailey, if youre ready, lets go now.”

Hailey also stopped paying attention to Cayden and looked at Jordan obediently.

“Yes, okay, Jordan, I think Id better ride in your car.”

Jordan said, “You guys drive there on your own.

Im taking Victoria with me.”

Hailey muttered softly, “This concerns our children.

What is she coming along for”

However, Hailey still ended up heading to the test center in her Audi, together with Sylvie, who initially didnt want to let Cayden tag along but eventually agreed to let him be their driver.

Jordan and Victoria rode in the Maybach and arrived at the New York City Medical College paternity test center before Hailey and the rest did.

“Hello, Professor Gunn.”

When Jordan arrived, Professor Gunn personally greeted him at the door.

“Its been a long while since we met, Professor Gunn.”

Hailey, too, politely came up to greet the person in charge here.

“Hello, Mr.

Steele and Miss Camden.”

Professor Gunn also greeted the two with a smile.

At this moment, Professor Gunn already knew the paternity test results, so Jordan was trying to get some information from his expressions.

However, the old man, Professor Gunn, knew how to hide his emotions too well.

There was no way Jordan could find out anything from his expressions at all!

Professor Gunns face was covered with an insincere, professional smile as he said, “Mr.

Steele, the results are already out.

Why dont you come with me to take a look at it”


Jordan had also been waiting for a long time and was extremely eager.

Right after Jordan took a step, Victoria, Hailey, Cayden, and Sylvie, also went forward.

At this moment, Professor Gunn hurriedly said, “Sorry, everyone, the test report can only be perused by Mr.

Steele alone, for the time being, so please wait outside in the meantime.

Weve prepared the finest Earl Grey tea for you guys.”

Hailey asked, “I am the mother of the children.

Cant I come along too”

Professor Gunn smiled and said, “The fact that youre the twins mother is precisely the reason that youd know the results without having to look at the report.

Dont you think so”

Haileys expression became slightly unnatural as she said, “Oh, is that all Do you have green tea Id like to have some jasmine green tea.”

Professor Gunn looked at Haileys stunningly beautiful face and exclaimed, “We… do have some green tea!”

Professor Gunn first asked his staff to entertain them, and then he brought Jordan to a laboratory-like room inside.

The room door was heavy, and even Jordan had to exert some force to push it open.

Jordan had read “Acoustic Design and Architectural Acoustics” and knew that the soundproofing effects of the room were excellent.

Basically, if he were to talk, sing, or yell in this room, the people outside wouldnt be able to hear them at all.

The results were extremely private and required such a confidential environment.

There was an unfathomable smile on Professor Gunns face as he took the initiative to introduce the two staff members in the room to Jordan.


Steele, these two are the most professional and outstanding specialists in our center.

Theyre also the ones who performed the paternity test for you and your babies.”

After seeing Jordan, the two men greeted solemnly with respect, “Mr.

Steele, we guarantee that the paternity test results are accurate and fair!”

Jordan had actually investigated the two of them a long time ago.

He knew that they had reasonably clean profiles and had never been bribed.

“Thank you both for your hard work.”

Jordan shook hands with the two of them.

Afterward, Professor Gunn took out the test report and handed it to Jordan!

At this moment, Jordan was highly agitated.

Although he had adhered to a strict strength training regime for years, he found the thin sheets of paper to be overwhelmingly heavy!


Steele, please take a look at it,” Professor Gunn said with a look of dismay.”

Each test report was split into four pages.

The clients name, date of acceptance, basic case details, and names of permitted persons were stated on the first page.

However, Jordan read every single word for fear that there would be mistakes.

Jordan then flipped to the second page.

Suddenly, Professor Gunn spoke up as if to remind him, “The results are on the third page.”

Jordans breathing suddenly became rapid.

After waiting for an entire week for this moment, he actually didnt dare to flip to the third page!

Professor Gunn and the two specialists also began to look serious!

Jordan hated himself for having learned how to read micro-expressions because he already realized something was wrong!

He had sensed that something terrible was coming!

“Damn it!”

His ability to predict made Jordan feel like breaking down for the first time!

However, Jordan decisively flipped to the third page!

The sixth term on it read: “Based on the available information and DNA analysis results, Jordan Steele is Lukes biological father!”


Jordan screamed excitedly!

It was his biological son!

The children belonged to Jordan!

Since the last names of the twins hadnt been decided yet, the children were temporarily named simply Luke and Leah.

“Congratulations, Mr.


Professor Gunn smiled and congratulated, and the other two staff members also followed suit.

Jordan couldnt help but punch Professor Gunn playfully.

“You old man! Since the children are mine, why did you behave so strangely just now I even thought the children were not mine.

You scared me to death!”

Hearing this, Professor Gunn stopped smiling again!

Professor Gunn once again became serious!

Jordan looked at the two staff members again, only to see that they looked grave!


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