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Chapter 259: Not Related By Blood!!

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The three peoples bizarre expressions made Jordan tense up again!

There was definitely something wrong!

If the children belonged to Jordan, the staff members of the test center should be happy to tell Jordan the result.

They wouldnt make him panic like that!

Jordan again looked at the paternity test report and then furiously at Professor Gunn and the others.

He exclaimed loudly, “Professor Gunn, tell me honestly, is this test report legitimate or not!”

“Did you take money from Hailey Camden to fabricate this report”

“Do you know what the consequences of lying to me are!! If its just for money, I can pay you a hundred times more!”

Professor Gunn said, “Mr.

Steele, please dont get too worked up yet.

I can guarantee that I have never taken a single cent from anyone, and we can absolutely guarantee you the truthfulness and accuracy of the report results.”

Jordan exclaimed in exasperation, “Since the report is legitimate and the children are mine, what are you pulling a long face for! Cant you stand seeing me happy Are you upset that the kids belong to me”

Professor Gunn sighed and said, “Mr.

Steele, why dont you finish reading the rest of the report”

Jordan was instantly astonished.

‘Finish reading the rest of the report

‘Did I not finish reading the report

Jordan continued to flip through the report, and after turning the third page, he turned to the fourth page.

However, the fourth page was a photo of Jordan, the specialist, and the two babies, which was used to determine their identity.

There was no point in it at all!

However, just after Jordan turned to the fourth page, Jordan suddenly discovered another report!

It was for Leah!

Jordan had done a paternity test with the twins, but he had only read Lukes report and not Leahs!

Jordan froze on the spot and looked at Professor Gunn.

“You mean…”

Professor Gunn took a look at Leahs report in Jordans hand and nodded.

Jordan felt that he had plunged from heaven to hell.

He felt a severe lack of oxygen and great difficulty breathing!

He shivered as he flipped open Leahs report and went straight to the third page.

On the third page: “Based on the available information and DNA analysis results, we believe that Leah is not biologically related to Jordan!”


When Jordan saw the words “not biologically related,” his legs went weak immediately, and he fell backward.


Steele! Mr.


Professor Gunn and the two staff members hurriedly helped Jordan up and sat down while Professor Gunn said comfortingly, “Mr.

Steele, are you okay Please control your emotions, Mr.


You have a successful career and have made a great contribution to society.

There are still many great things waiting for you.”

“Yes, Mr.

Steele, at least one of the children is yours,” one of the specialists said.

Jordan was so angry that he wanted to kill someone!

He would never have thought that twins would have two fathers!

Jordan grabbed Professor Gunns clothes and growled, “Explain to me clearly why this is the case! Are you playing a trick on me!”

Professor Gunn explained, “Mr.

Steele, how dare I play a trick on you”

“The probability of occurrence is indeed very low.

Normally, adult women only ovulate one egg per month, and Ms.

Hailey happens to ovulate two.”

Jordan butted in, “So thats why she had fraternal twins! I understand that, but why would the twins have different fathers”

Professor Gunn said, “Because… Ms.

Hailey might have… in a very short period of time…”


Jordan was so angry that he swung all the tea sets on the table onto the floor!

“Hailey Camden.”

Jordan wished he could kill that cheap woman!

When they were trying for a baby, they were in the honeymoon period of their relationship!

Before Jordan revealed his identity, Jordan and Hailey had a mundane relationship, so it was understandable that she cheated on Tyler!

After Jordan and Hailey became pregnant, their feelings gradually faded.

It was understandable that she wanted to have a new relationship with Cayden.

However, the two of them were in the most passionate and sweetest period of their relationship at that time!

‘Why did Hailey sleep with another man

‘Who exactly is that man!

‘Why did I not notice anything so far

Jordan immediately dashed out with the report in hand.


Steele, Mr.

Steele, calm down!”

The three of them immediately tried to stop Jordan but to no avail.

At this moment, Hailey, Victoria, and the rest were remaining seated and drinking tea.

When they saw Jordan come out, they immediately looked up and saw his ferocious expression!

Hailey immediately realized that the situation was amiss!

“Jordan… Jordan…”

Jordan walked up to Hailey and slapped the two paternity reports onto Haileys absolutely beautiful face!


Hailey was in so much pain!

Jordan said angrily, “Hailey! Explain to me clearly whose child Leah really is!”

Seeing this, Victoria hurriedly pulled Jordan to stop his impulsive behavior.

In fact, the staff of the test center had also expected this situation, so at this time, there were already more than a dozen robust security guards who were stopping Jordan from making a move.

The people at the center had long gotten used to seeing people who would hit their wives after discovering that their children didnt belong to them.

Hailey nervously swallowed the green tea that she had just taken and then picked up the two test reports from the ground to read them.

“Jordan… is Lukes father!”


Cayden, Victoria, and Sylvie were all stunned to hear that.

Seeing Jordans furious appearance, they thought the children were not his.

However, since they were, they were puzzled as to why he was angry!

Sylvie stood in front of Hailey to shield her and shouted at Jordan, “Jordan! Is there something wrong with your eyes!! Its stated clearly in the report that Luke is your son! How could you hit my daughter like that”

Jordan shouted at Sylvie, “Get your daughter to show the next report!”

‘The next report

Like Jordan, everyone thought that since the children were twins, proving that one of them was Jordans child was enough, so there was no need to read both reports.

However, when they saw Leahs report, they were all dumbfounded.

“Leah… is not Jordans child!”

Jordan yelled at Hailey lividly, “Hailey Camden, you shameless woman, you must give me an explanation today! Who is Leahs father!!”

However, at that moment, Hailey suddenly passed out.

“Hailey, Hailey! Someone quickly send my daughter to the hospital.

She has fainted!”

Sylvie shouted in panic.

In order to avoid conflict, the staff here quickly carried Hailey away to the hospital for emergency rescue.


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