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Chapter 260: Retaliating Against Hailey!

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After Hailey was taken away, Cayden chuckled and said, “Haha, a pair of twins actually have two fathers! This is really crazy!”

Jordan was already boiling with fury, unable to vent his anger at all.

Upon hearing Caydens mocking, he immediately walked over and gave Cayden a tight slap on the spot!


Jordan snapped furiously, “Really crazy Explain to me what that means!”

Cayden covered his face, feeling incredibly humiliated because he was being put to shame in front of so many people!

“You… How dare you hit me” Cayden asked, staring at Jordan.

Jordan raised his arm on the spot and gave Cayden two more slaps!



The two slaps caused Cayden to fall to the ground on his knees.

Jordan said, “So what if I hit you Havent you always been very concerned about your status and identity Im now the president of J Corporation and the richest man in the US! You are just the grandson of the president of a company whose market value is only a few billion dollars!”

“Even your grandfather, Arthur, is not a tenth of what I am, and that makes you even less worthy of being compared to me!”

“What do you think How dare you mock me”

“Do you believe that Ill make the Huxleys go bankrupt and become penniless!!”

Cayden knelt on the ground, not daring to speak.

Of course he believed it!

Now, Jordan was the wealthiest person in the country and the most talked about person!

However, after learning that one of the twins wasnt fathered by him, there was nothing he could do!

“I..Im sorry, Mr.


For the sake of his family, Cayden had no choice but to lower himself and apologize to Jordan.

Jordan humphed coldly, not in the mood to go against Cayden and the Huxleys now.

He had to find out the truth now! He had to know the truth about that child!

Jordan walked over to the car and called Pablo immediately after he got inside.

“Pablo, help me find Tyler!”

Previously, Hailey said that the children belonged to Tyler.

Although it was unlikely, Jordan had to confront Tyler to find out the truth now that one of the twins wasnt biologically related to him.

Pablo said, “I heard that that guy went to Thailand after he got castrated.

Ill get my underlings there to help find him.”

Jordan continued, “Go to Orlando and bring Rachel Quinn, Haileys best friend, to me.

Theres something that I need to personally interrogate her about.”

Rachel was just a weak and vulnerable woman, so bringing her over wasnt an issue at all.

“Yes, Mr.

Jordan,” Pablo said.

Jordan recalled what Professor Gunn said just now.

The twins had two fathers because Hailey had slept with two different men in a short period of time.

At that time, Jordan and Hailey were both living in the villa in Orlando, and shared the same bed at night.

However, Jordan would work at Ace Corporation after getting intimate with Hailey in the morning.

Hence, the only possibility was that the father of the other twin had gone to Jordans villa to sleep with Hailey while Jordan was at work.

The thought of it made Jordan clench his fists tightly.

Someone actually dared to barge into his private villa to get fresh with his wife!

‘How many lives does he think he have How dare he provoke me!!

At that time, Jordan had already revealed his true identity, and no one in Orlando would dare to offend him in such a manner!

Jordan continued to order, “Go to Rose Garden Villa in Orlando, where I used to live and collect the surveillance camera footage.

Try and see if you can find the footage from ten months ago.”

“Also, the security officers and guards have to be interrogated.

Ask them if anyone sneaked into the villa in the morning ten months ago.”


Pablo continued to acknowledge, but he nevertheless asked, “Mr.

Jordan, what exactly… happened Could it be that Haileys twins werent fathered by you”

Pablo was not an outsider either, so Jordan didnt have to hide it from him either.

“One of them belongs to me.

The other doesnt.

I suspect that Haileys lover would sneak into my home after I left for work every morning.”

Pablo flew into a rage when he heard that too.

“Damn! Hailey Camden really doesnt know whats good for her! How dare she do that to you! Rest assured, Mr.

Jordan, Ill definitely help you catch that man and skin him alive!”

After hanging up, Victoria held Jordans hand and said comfortingly, “Honey, dont be too upset.

Why dont you go home and take a nap to get some rest”

Jordan shook his head and said, “How can I sleep now Victoria, dont worry about this matter.

Ill send you back first.”

Jordan sent Victoria home before calling Frank to inform him about this.

Frank sighed and said, “I didnt expect that Hailey Camden, a woman from a second-tier family in Orlando, would dare to be so brazen as to cheat on you with another man even after learning of your identity.”


Jordan, dont be too angry.

After all, youve already divorced her, and you dont love her anymore.

Shes at least the mother of your son.”

Jordan said, “Hailey Camden kept me in the dark for so long.

I must take revenge on her!”


Jordan, how do you want to take revenge” Butler Frank asked.

The best way to take revenge against a vain and materialistic woman like Hailey is to make her penniless.

‘Isnt she proud now that the Camdens are now worth dozens of billions

‘I shall turn them back to the way they used to be!

Jordan said, “Undo all of those things Ive done to help the Camdens in Orlando previously.

And, seal Hailey Residences!”

“Yes, Mr.


After giving instructions to Frank, Jordan called Cayden again.

“Mr… Mr.

Steele.” Cayden was a little scared after receiving Jordans call.

Jordan said, “Cayden Huxley, divorce Hailey Camden immediately without giving her a single cent.

Revoke all the contracts and projects that your family has helped the Camdens clinch in the past six months!”

“If you cant do it, Ill do it for you!”

Cayden hurriedly said, “I can do it, I can do it! Ive long disliked that woman, and I wont give her a single cent!”

Soon, in Orlando.

West Lake Villa.

Herman suddenly arrived in the villa in a flustered manner.

Diana was holding Lucky in her arms and listening to the tune happily.

He cursed when he saw Herman, “Why are you so flustered Cant you be more mature like your younger brother”

Herman said, “Mom, bad news! Many companies that we work with have withdrawn their investments and terminated their cooperation with us.”

“The land that Hailey Residences is on has also been bought by someone.”

“What” Diana was horrified.

Hailey immediately said, “Ive already found out clearly.

Hailey has gone to the test center to get the report today.

It turns out that one of the twins doesnt belong to Jordan!”

Diana, who was in her eighties, got a great shock.

“One of the twins belongs to him, and the other doesnt Hailey is such a fool.

Her grandfather went through great trouble to find her such a good husband like Jordan.

Why didnt she cherish him at all!!”

“Yeah, it would have been better if Grandpa had arranged for Jordan to marry Elle.

Elle would never have done such a ridiculous thing!” Herman said.


Diana shook her head and said, “Call Hailey immediately.

I want to speak to her!”


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