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Chapter 263: The Biological Father Is Someone Else!

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Jordan frowned and asked, “What did you say You didnt take Hailey to the hospital”

Seeing that Jordan was questioning Rachels words, Pablo also immediately asserted his dominance as a gang boss.

“Rachel Quinn, if you dare to lie to Mr.

Jordan, the consequences are going to be serious!”

Rachel said with a look of helplessness, “I wouldnt dare to lie to you, Mr.


I ended up in this situation today because I offended you.”

“I would never dare to lie to you again, Mr.


Based on her micro-expressions, Jordan felt that Rachel wasnt lying.

Or rather, given her current condition, he knew that she wouldnt dare to lie.

Jordan continued to ask, “Youve never been to the hospital but did you tell Hailey that Im infertile”

Rachel hurriedly explained, “I swear to God, I definitely did not say that about you.

It was Hailey who said it.”

“What did you say” Jordan was once again surprised.

Rachel said, “At that time, she had just remarried you, and she desperately wanted to get pregnant with your child because she had betrayed you and was afraid that your family would not approve of her.

She wanted her child to allow her to inherit the Steeles assets.”

“However, you two had been sleeping in the same room together, and she still wasnt pregnant yet.

So, she got really anxious.

On several occasions, she asked me why I hadnt gotten pregnant yet, and she asked if it was because you were infertile.”

“I laughed and asked her what she was being so anxious for because getting pregnant wasnt that easy.

Besides, I also said that since you could defeat ten people alone, youre definitely healthy and are in excellent physical condition.”

“Oh, I remember.

She took the initiative to mention that you had undergone surgery and even dragged me there to take a look.

However, I didnt have the time, so I didnt accompany her.”

Jordan was stunned.

All of a sudden, he didnt know who she should trust.

The stories said by the two women were different, but they both liked to lie.

Jordan suddenly put down the wine glass, no longer as weak and without fighting spirit as he was previously.

However, he smiled and said to Rachel tentatively, “Rachel, you really are a master of lies.

You can actually lie through your teeth with a straight face.

I really admire you.”

Rachel said with a helpless expression, “Mr.

Steele, we have known each other for not only a day or two but three years.

Dont you know what kind of person I am”

“Yes, I may be man-crazy and feel an urge to flirt with handsome men whenever I see one, but Ive always been a woman of principle!”

“I once accidentally slept with a young hunk and got pregnant with his child, but I resolutely decided to abort it! I cant let my husband raise someone elses child! I cant deceive him like that!”

Jordan nodded.

He was very clear about this matter.

Rachel continued, “Mr.

Steele, you always say that Im not a good woman.

May I ask, how have I treated you in the past three years”

“During those three years that you had been Haileys live-in husband, all of Haileys friends were mocking you and sneering at you.

Have I ever looked down on you before”

Jordan stayed silent and recalled that Rachel was the nicest to him in those three years.

Haileys other friends would ignore Jordan whenever they met him, be it in the mall or elsewhere.

Even if they knew him, they wouldnt say hi to him.

Rachel was different.

She would take the initiative to greet Jordan happily all the time and treat him to meals and drinks.

Jordan had always thought that Rachel was just lusting over his good looks.

However, after he thought about it, he realized that Rachel had met and slept with many handsome men before.

Besides, he was her best friends husband, so even if she treated him to a hundred meals, there was no way she would ever make any progress with him.

That just meant that Rachel was really not a terrible person.

Rachel continued to defend herself, “You always say that I led Hailey astray, but you know what Hailey was the one who egged me on the first time I cheated on my husband!”

“What did you say Thats impossible.

Hailey was so innocent at that time.

Theres no way she would ask you to do such a thing!”

For some reason, Jordan actually defended Hailey.

Rachel said, “Hailey is only innocent on the surface.

In fact, shes more ruthless than I am! Shes even greedier than I am! If she was really that good and I was really that horrible, why did she choose to make me her best friend when she can have countless friends”

Birds of the same feather flock together.

If Hailey really didnt approve of Rachels behavior, she wouldnt have been Rachels best friend for so many years.

In other words, Hailey and Rachel were the same as each other!

The difference was that Hailey was way too beautiful.

She was the girl of every mans dream.

She had to maintain her image and showcase only her beautiful side.

Only then could she make the boys continue fantasizing about her and loving her.

Rachel was different.

She was average-looking and had very few suitors that she could reveal her true self to.

Seated on the couch, Jordan thought about it for a long time.

He smoked a cigarette and recalled the memories he shared with Hailey.

He suddenly felt that Hailey was much worse than Rachel!

“Yeah, how can an adult who was born to a wealthy family and graduated from a prestigious university be led astray so easily Hailey Camden is a wanton woman to begin with! Shes a terrible woman!”

Jordan hurriedly asked, “Is Haileys first love her high school classmate whose wife had passed away and is now a single father”

Rachel thought about it and said, “First love, high school… Oh, there is such a person, but he just got married, and his wife is doing fine.

He doesnt have any kids at all.”

That was different from what Hailey said.

‘Which one of these two is telling the truth!!

If what Hailey said was true, Jordan could only blame himself for his own failure to keep Hailey in love with him.

It was a matter that could pass once they accepted it.

But what if Rachel said was real!

Leahs father could be someone else!

Jordan asked Rachel, “What is the name of her first love Do you know where he lives”

Rachel said, “His name is Wilbur Kay.

He lives in Green Haven estate.”

Jordan pinched his cigarette and stood up immediately.

“Lets go to Green Haven estate immediately!”

Jordan wanted to go to Orlando to see Haileys first love and then ask if he was the father of Leah!


Pablo immediately grabbed Rachels arm and took her to the car.

Victoria wanted to tag along, but Jordan refuted, “Victoria, stay in New York.

Ill handle this myself.”

“Okay.” Victoria also knew that she would only be adding on to the trouble if she were to go over.

She decided that Jordan and Hailey should handle their relationship affairs on their own.


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